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  1. Hello, browsing the forum I came across this subject and I found the idea very funny. So I got caught up in the game. It took me so long (thanks to the "fill" function of paint which doesn't fill much.) That I didn't even have time to play. But I had fun making this drawing even if I did not have time to finish the painting as I would have liked. Happy birthday bullet 🎂
  2. By cons, what differences are there between the BF 109 G-6 (collector) and the BF 109 G-6 "late"? The collector version will not lose interest? With the Ju 52/3m and the Polikarpov U-2VS you want to offer slightly different planes. So I launch the idea: the addition of an Horsa planer. 😁 By cons I do not see how to use it. 😀
  3. We agree that "Fortress on the Volga" is not available in French ?
  4. Because it's 60 € ^^ ' Because I did not know if the aim was the same in TC. Because I'm afraid of getting tired quickly; the tanks look beautiful but once the discovery of the interiors passed I do not know if I will manage to apreciate the gameplay over time. Thank you for your return. Nevertheless, about the mouse, I made a test without using it (by directing the turret only with the keys of the numeric keypad) and I get the video which is in this topic : https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960/discussions/0/1629665087666364548/
  5. As I said, I'm talking about free tanks. These being no longer updated by the devellopeurs for the moment, it is possible that the behavior of the aiming is not correct. In TC, the aim may be good but having not yet bought this module (every day I hesitate to take ^^), I can not check for myself.
  6. Ok, thanks for the answer. (I said "tank" by habit but I understood correctly , sorry ^^ ')
  7. It's a shame (although understandable) because currently I find the free tanks unplayable (because of the new aim) and so it does not make you want to buy TC since I do not know if the aim behaves in the same way in . Otherwise, the 2 collector tanks will be bought separately or they will also be available in a premium version of TC?
  8. This is something I would like to see since the Yak-1b is available in a collector's plane.
  9. Merci pour la traduction
  10. Il me semble déjà avoir vu en jeu la surchauffe des armes.
  11. A propos du serveur Vercingétorix, il faut demander une autorisation pour aller dessus, se signaler ou il est libre d'accès tant qu'on a le mot de passe ?
  12. Malgré le non choix d'IL-2 : BoS, (c'est mieux les réduc' sur un jeu à 1€ bénéficiant déjà de 25% de remise) il est tout de même à -40% pour encore 24h. C'est déjà ca.
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