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  1. Merci, c'est effectivement moins pénible comme manipulation. (Ça peut être un peu long en fonction du nombres de fichiers que vous avez à re-sauvegarder). Je n'ai rien supprimé non plus et je n'ai pas vu de perte de données.
  2. Erf, du coup, il faut le faire pour chaque mission d'une campagne scriptée n'est-ce pas ? Y a pas un moyen plus rapide que des les charger/sauvegarder une par une je suppose ?
  3. In the same way that a player playing a fighter (plane) turns in circles above the airfield to be defended, the player who will control an AA will get close to the AI vehicles to be defended. And since AI vehicles generally don't move (on multiplayer servers), the player shouldn't have too much distance to travel. So in my opinion, a player who takes an AA vehicle will take it for the duration of the mission (or his life) and not for 5 minutes only. And since these vehicles can still attack ground targets, if he is really bored, he can go and destroy those targets. (But the ride may be long)
  4. In my opinion, it will be like a bomber for example. The pilot drives, and if you want to use the weapon, you change positions. If you stay a pilot, the AI will fire automatically when a plane passes within range, like a gunner now.
  5. 1: Yeah! 2: What will be the range of the flak? (for comparison with GAZ-MM) -----
  6. Very nice. Very good video. Very pleasant to look at, well edited. JU-52, air drops, the night all. ❤️
  7. For the second time, it no longer works. And for you ? EDIT : I restarted Steam and it's now good. The fact that I opened Steam overlay during loading has perhaps not helped the first time.
  8. Thank you, on the other hand, your video does not work with me. The image remains fixed from the 9th second until the end.
  9. Indeed, I had not thought of it.
  10. The good point is that I will spot the others better. 🙂 The bad point is that they will spot me better. 🤔 I feel that my JU-87 is going to have difficulty coming back from mission. 😨
  11. It's earlier than i thought 😃 Thx.
  12. We just have to wait and we will see for ourselves when we have this new marking on our PC ... Jason has nothing to gain by lying to us ... if he says that spotting is better than before, it is.
  13. After being attacked by 3 enemy fighters (my gunner shot down 2), I made a forced landing but at least we're alive.
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