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  1. Humm, yes and no. ( This answer is very useful!) 😄 Yes because you can turn your turret 360 ° without any problem, you just have to hold down the key. You will not have a jerk(*), it will be fluid. No because there is acceleration at the start of the movement. (If the movement was represented in graph, it is not a line but a curve). Second point that bothers me, it is not possible (in my eyes) to be precise when you want to shift your viewfinder slightly. You will have to tap so as not to move it too much (like when you are in a tank without a turret and you try to line up the gun on the enemy by rotating your tracks). (Even with full zoom) *I have great doubts about the translation of this word. I hope this is neither vulgar nor perverse. 😅 Yes, you don't need to have a joystick to use direct mode, it's not very clear. (I do not answer the rest of your question because you seem to have found)
  2. Yes, in direct mode. (So you have to select "joystick" in "Tank Turret Control")
  3. For me, the game has some issues there. The Track IR is generally nice but as you mentioned, in some situations it becomes painful. Without Track IR, there is no more this painful side on the other hand, you cannot move the camera when you alternate the views (when you stick your face to the windows / periscope). I don't understand why you have to "choose". Why can't I move the view with my mouse without Track IR? As I had already said in another subject, they would have to add a free look to be able to look around us without "leaving what one has in hand"
  4. Who was the Russian tank pilot with whom I had a firefight between 4:20 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. (approximately. UTC +1) ? I was in Pz. IV G in the field, next to the Russian troops (1120) It was fun. 😄
  5. the travel time to join the front troops is correct from my point of view. And getting back to base is often even faster so there is no need to disconnect in enemy territory (if your engine is running, of course). For the depots it is something else, I consider that it is not for the tanks to take care of them because these objectives are not designed for them, they are much too far. (It's always annoying to see planes attacking front toops since these are the only real objectives achievable by tanks (even if in fact, the bugs prevent them from being achieved. 😄)) Sorry for my english, google translate.
  6. I tried (I also tried the pedals) and came back! 😃 It's not easy I think. On the other hand, it is probably more immersive. I have the impression to first adjust the horizontal then the vertical* whereas with the mouse I do both at the same time. I think I'm not very good at coordinating my actions 😁 *This is probably what they were doing at the time.
  7. In this game, I died without really understanding how. I have the feeling that it is the shell which kills me although it passes over me. In the video showing the gameplay, I get killed by Navigator-IL62. This player is the one I face in the video. My death occurs as its shell hovers over me. In the replay, I have the impression of dying when the shell passes even though it is much too high and continues on its way. On this screenshot (taken on the same map) while shooting a plane I realized that the house had a much too big hitbox for it. So I wonder if that might not be the cause of my death in the videos. I also put the track (Your forum is very painful to use, could it be remedied?) TC.rar
  8. As shown in the screens below, the shadow is incomplete in internal view.
  9. I only noticed this bug with the right track icon. When the right track is cut, the icon indicating its state should be red (alternating with gray). However, this icon remains green. In the chat, we see at 17:11 that the right track is destroyed. In the technochat, on the right, we see that there are 8 minutes of repairs left. I also have two questions. If, during the repair, I close the hatch or change my post (to become a gunner for example) while leaving a hatch open (that of the commander for example), the repair starts again at 10 minutes, is this normal? Second question: Is it normal to be able to repair the tank when a hatch is open but the man who occupied this position is dead?
  10. In game, press "Esc" then "settings" then "basic options", then check "Virtual instruments". Your GUI should not be hidden. If your game (or the server) is set to normal difficulty you will have a lot of information but if it is set in expert you will only have the compass and the G indicator. The virtual instruments take a few seconds to display so if you play a quick game don't be surprised that they are not displayed at the start although your settings are good.
  11. Bonne année à toi également, bienvenue. 😁
  12. I wanted to check again. At this distance, impossible to miss, yet the truck remained intact. And since I am not the only one to have observed this phenomenon, there is therefore a problem. The same thing, having moved around a bit : Another problem I noticed was that I shot tanks and tank trucks that had an intact skin. After my shots they were on fire, their skin was black and broken. However, they did not appear in my statistics.
  13. I shot 4 different trucks I believe, none were destroyed but maybe there was each time a destroyed object between my target and my gun. 🤔
  14. Yesterday I tried to destroy the troops on the ground but it was impossible for me to destroy these trucks: I therefore could not achieve this objective. (unless there was something else to destroy but I don't think so) Otherwise, the leftmost spawn point for German tanks (which can be seen on the 2nd screenshot) is not optimal. Indeed, I appeared on a slope (not the best) and already damaged. Spawning us on level ground will solve both problems.
  15. Hmmm? I am not sure I understood. 😅 Start a new topic "TC - Damage Bug with Free T-34" for example in the section linked below. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
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