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  1. I'm talking about the fact that when I go from the tank commander station (and looking through binoculars), to the gunner station, the turret automatically spins causing me to lose my target. I show you a video to better understand. (you don't have to watch the entire video, it's always the same). https://youtu.be/umhFfvqaww8
  2. Speaking of bugs that I hoped to see corrected in a speaking topic of an update however not seemed totally inappropiate but I'm not sure you can understand this when I see the examples you used to make the first remark to me.
  3. Sorry, I (stupidly) thought I had the right to express myself. 😔
  4. Nothing about the tank turret which turns on its own when changing position. Nothing about the default locking gun. Too bad, maybe next time.
  5. We all know the x8 doesn't really exist. 10 minutes of repair in x8 will become 7 minutes. For my part, as long as it remains an OPTION, I have no problem with it, after all, we already have an option for engine preheating. This weekend, in multiplayer, I had to wait 10 minutes for repairs, near the CP, in an open area ... well it was a little stressful (but it was good eh), it's more painful when you damage your engine on trees invisible in your territory because you know that there is really nothing to do except wait (in enemy territory, you stay on your guard and scan the s
  6. I do not know anymore. Perhaps some still remained intact. Thank you for your answer, I had not thought of these targets. I was in my territory but it seems that a damaged tank (but not destroyed) is considered destroyed at the end of the game even if we end the mission at our spawn. If I look at your statistics (and your life of more than 50 hours), you should have died a long time ago (unless I'm wrong). These stats bugs are therefore not dated only 2/3 days ago. The CPs are uncovered and the enemy receives a message when captured. I have captured some of them but I k
  7. Ah ok, I thought the name of the server was just "BULGARIAN ACEs" 😅 Ground troops (tanks, trucks) spawn and despawn / clip. There are really a lot of units, maybe that's where the problem is.
  8. Erf, sorry, it's my fault. The different screenshots are not connected. They are just there to illustrate what you can see when you are in a hedge (a fairly dense cover) and how another player can see someone in a hedge (a fairly sparse cover).
  9. No, but if you want to take screenshot, you can always record your game (Left Alt + R) and then watch it later (in flight recorder) . This way you will be able to take screenshots of your tank shooting.
  10. Question:I have never really been interested in statistics in this game but looking at my statistics page yesterday, I see that my 2 sorties in tank are considered as "destroyed tank" whereas I ended the mission with a tank in working order and my side of the front line. Was it because I was too far from the spawn? ------------ Yesterday evening, with two other German tanks, we went to where the Russian troops were. There seemed to be only carcasses. I spent several minutes looking for a target that was still alive without success. I don't know if this is a bug or if the last
  11. I believe the default key is "i". Otherwise you must also be able to remove them by unchecking the "virtual instruments" box when you do "escape" and "basic option" (I say that in my head, my game is not started). Otherwise the "h" key is used to hide the graphical interface. (I don't know if it's the default key any more)
  12. Certainly our smoke can make us spot as well as the dust that we leave but the real problem is this famous "forest cover" since in reality it does not really exist. Add to that the fact that the trees don't seem to be blocking projectiles; under cover under the trees you are more vulnerable than you think. What you see : What your ennemies see from "a distance" : EDIT : I know that there has been maintenance of the forum but really, it would be asking too much to make it enjoyable to use? I've been hanging o
  13. I don't think I've ever been a victim of air revenge. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist, I'm just saying that my personal experience would tend to say that no, air revenge is not a common thing.
  14. By modifying input files I managed to configure my rudder to get what you describe. Unfortunately, the file is reset at each restart of the game, so I dropped the idea and it is commage because it would be more immersive with pedals.
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