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  1. Got this problem today. Tried alt-tab. No joy. Game does respond to keyboard (things like P for pause, view changes), but not the escape key. And that's after a 45minute career flight in which I downed two or maybe three jerries. Meh. I'm in VR by the way and on earlier flights the menu *did* work!
  2. I love how you guys, both devs and community keep the old il2 spirit alive. And not on life support! This thing is as alive and kicking as ever! So спасибо вольшое one and all, and here's to a glorious future! 🍻
  3. I flew a couple of QMB fights, and it's excellent. Out of the park @Jason_Williams and team! I love how you managed to loose no performance at all. Game is as fluid as ever. Excellent!
  4. Dear devs, Allow me to congratulate you on another truly excellent iteration of our beloved sim. It is grandiose. Between the superb refinements of the damage model and the tweaks to dogfight AI, I just had the greatest bout of BFM ever. Those fritzes sold their skin very dearly, clawing for angles and altitude with a very lifelike tenacity. They died ever so convincingly, making seeing their engines burst into flames very satisfying. Thank you!
  5. So did tante Ju start as AI only or was that flyable right off the bat? I would gladly pay for a flyable dak and wait patiently a good long time for her too.
  6. It wasn't a criticism really, just an observation 😉
  7. I have also seen them completely F up their energy management and plow into the earth at mach 3 with their hair on fire after trying to dive down upon me.
  8. Superb! Those clouds, just outstanding! I am high as a kite on the flight I just had. Failed the mission, lost my flight lead, but treading those sanctified halls of cloud was... an experience. Thank you guys! I also like what you guys have done to the AI. The huns were more creative in their manouvering, including going vertical. Blasted a hun trying a hammerhead! haha what a fool.
  9. Hi y'all, I am quite daunted by the FMB and don't really have the time to learn it. Could somebody who has already done so share their Rheinland 'airquake' dogfight mission file? Just planes (airstarted) and that gorgeous new map. Hope I aint asking too much or in the wrong place. Thanks, schurem.
  10. It's not that hard and its a neat little feature. Geez.
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