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  1. Hi y'all, I am quite daunted by the FMB and don't really have the time to learn it. Could somebody who has already done so share their Rheinland 'airquake' dogfight mission file? Just planes (airstarted) and that gorgeous new map. Hope I aint asking too much or in the wrong place. Thanks, schurem.
  2. It's not that hard and its a neat little feature. Geez.
  3. Nederland [neigh durr lah-nd], known to others as that place the Dutch buy their weed, holland (though holland is only the westernmost one third of the country) or The Netherlands. Now if you really want to impress a dutchman, correctly pronounce Scheveningen. [s[insert a g that sounds like you're hawking up a good spit]hay vuh ning uhn]. https://forvo.com/word/scheveningen/ We say kah naa daa
  4. CTD == Crash To Desktop. The program has stopped working and just stops. BOHICA, it's SNAFU.
  5. I tried this on my rift CV1 but while the sun ran and gave vr like output to the screen monitor, the headset never switched away from the room thing to the game.
  6. Brief description: fighter relocation flight keeps circling. Detailed description, conditions: at the end of a phase of the Moskva campaign, my squadron was being relocated to внуково. I was in the number 4 position. We took off, but about 30km away from the first waypoint lead started circling. He flew straight for a bit after making these weird circles and then did it again. These long A to B flights are boring enough without these weird AI bugs. I flew to the new airfield, landed and was dinged with a "mission failed".
  7. I have a button set on my HOTAS to VR view reset. Now if i want to move the viewpoint forward, I lean back a little and press it. Voila, fixed. No need to take off the HMD or anything. Easy.
  8. yeah man, was fighting some 110s in a MiG-3. Shooting at their engines / wingroots. One of em went FOOM! and blew up all over the place. Fun times 😄
  9. Getting a hard on, it must be close 😄
  10. Looking good there! can't wait to get my mitts on the new map! (well I can wait, and I will, its just a figure of speech you know..)
  11. Yay! thanks mate! Found my little red fokker! Why this iconic if perhaps not 100% historic livery isn't the default one baffles me.
  12. Anybody made the iconic Red Baron's steed yet?
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