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  1. Brief description: fighter relocation flight keeps circling. Detailed description, conditions: at the end of a phase of the Moskva campaign, my squadron was being relocated to внуково. I was in the number 4 position. We took off, but about 30km away from the first waypoint lead started circling. He flew straight for a bit after making these weird circles and then did it again. These long A to B flights are boring enough without these weird AI bugs. I flew to the new airfield, landed and was dinged with a "mission failed".
  2. I have a button set on my HOTAS to VR view reset. Now if i want to move the viewpoint forward, I lean back a little and press it. Voila, fixed. No need to take off the HMD or anything. Easy.
  3. yeah man, was fighting some 110s in a MiG-3. Shooting at their engines / wingroots. One of em went FOOM! and blew up all over the place. Fun times 😄
  4. Getting a hard on, it must be close 😄
  5. Looking good there! can't wait to get my mitts on the new map! (well I can wait, and I will, its just a figure of speech you know..)
  6. Yay! thanks mate! Found my little red fokker! Why this iconic if perhaps not 100% historic livery isn't the default one baffles me.
  7. Anybody made the iconic Red Baron's steed yet?
  8. What I havent read anything about so far but what really makes *me* happy is the round of optimisation you guys did. Not only could I turn shadows from medium to high, the "HUD" no longer takes a third of the framerate away! I no longer have to guess at what the radio is saying! (tho I did learn some russian from that; istrebitel is fighters, bombardirovshik is bombers and na tushku is RTB) So cheers on y'all for making an awesome game better!
  9. Damn they sure did "give 'em hell" in that napalm vid. Terrifying.
  10. uhg. Worst part of being a public commercial company: customers. I sometimes feel ashamed to count myself among them. Looking forward to the new graphics improvements and the Camel. Keep it up guys, and Jason, don't let the {censored}s grind you down.
  11. zis secret wunderwaffe vill win us ze war Heinz! I swear!
  12. 'old mon verre de vin Jean-Claude, I got this
  13. Hi, I am running a store-bought version of the game through steam. Yay for the no-login patch! There's a problem however: once I have run the game and exited it, it remains in the "running" state in the steam library. Somehow it does not close off properly. The game can not be run again until the box is rebooted. I am running it in steamVR using an oculus CV1. Le update: I ran a little experiment: this time I clicked the VR button on steam, manually starting the steamVR services. Then I started Il-2. It ran, I slew a bunch of messers and it exited properly. Next I clicked the VR button again to stop steamVR and clicked Il-2 again. It pops up a window asking if i want to VR. Of course I do. game runs. Messers get slain. Game is closed.... and it hangs in the running state! Conclusion: The game does start the steamVR services propely, but does not manage to close them off, leaving them running and in an "occupied" state. I dare say a bug has been found. Good luck fixing this. I know it's no show stopper, but it is mildly inconvenient. DxDiag.txt
  14. sweet. i am elated with the dutch livery for the spit! update came as a bit of a surprise to me. you guys are plugging away there! O7
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