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  1. I'm in the same situation as you apart from that I did buy my VR stuff yet. Only spent a few hours with it so far, mainly because my glasses were too big and the Samsung Odyssey+ isn't know to be the most comfortable VR headset, but also because I'm still not ready about my GC, which I think I will update soon now. Bought VR about 5 months ago. It's a overall a very nice VR for its competitive price. And you can upgrade the comfort. Didn't play Il-2 for about 1,5 or 2 years now (!) I miss it sooooo much. And in VR it will be a blast for sure. I didn't even try. I will need pleeeeenty of advices too. Reading the forums isn't an easy thing as the guys speak a acronym-based language I most of the time have no idea about. 😄 Sometimes it's quite like trying to listen to a Zergs' conversation. *Later you prolly will be very interested in the Migoto's mod, very precious* My only advice would be not to deal with an old GC like me, as it will be harder not to experiment sickness due to low FPS. (though again, I didn't try with Il-2, only Assetto Corsa till now). Black Friday I'm looking at you.
  2. Yeah I see what you mean : They look super-modern... for WWI ! 😂 Still I like them for that also. But I much prefer the Dewoitine D.520, Arsenal VG.33 and Lioré&Olivier LéO.451...
  3. I have no knowledge about french pilots/crews who did fight for germans, if you have some informations/sources I'd be happy to learn more. To me there were only french pilots/crews who didn't leave Vichy regime (plenty of those of course) and therefore were working for Vichy but not for the germans. Then when germans invaded the free zone of Vichy regime, maybe some did that ? But if you talk about north Africa and so on it was another story : Vichy regime had to be considered as a neutral, post-defeated country, and so, even if I'm glad that the Allies did what had to be done, it was a violation of the disputable legitimacy of it. There sits all the complexity of such a situation. But french pilots/crews, at that very specific time, weren't fighting for the germans, they were fighting against anyone willing to take the control of their country's colonies. Here I'm not 100% sure you're still talking about air warfare, but I didn't say that. I just said the germans had the best fighter worlwide available in combat at that time. Then IMO there were 2 real counterparts about to come, the D.520 and the Spit. But the former came late and the latter entered production that late and was in a so low number that it didn't fight above french territory during BoF because british didn't want to take part of the BoF with their gem (apart from some covering the Dunkirk Dynamo operation I believe ?) What can mostly be said is that the french pilots/crews were used in a very bad way by their commanders. That and numerous problems that french didn't manage to deal with. Still they performed quite well, even if the "1000 kills myth" is a... myth, they did lowered the german potential quite a bit. But I agree that the MS.406 wasn't that bad comparing in the 109, still it was fairly inferior. Because they were in the same boat, facing a tremendous force. Then we agree overall.
  4. Really, what's the point of such a disrespectful joke towards the french/belgian/dutch crews who have been lawndarted and sacrificed against the german Flak by their commanders, fought 6 weeks against experienced pilots riding the best fighter available at that time over some demoralized invaded countries ? Then if you really talk about the french planes that have been requisitionned after the BoF/Benelux, what's the point when we're talking about BoF ?
  5. It's an interesting idea.. Still I don't get why people seem likely to think a BoF would not be good commercially wise. It just doesn't make sense to me, for the reasons I explained earlier in this thread. I just don't get that.
  6. No problem mate, I just wanted to prevent a wrong idea from sitting in the "usually-likely-to-bash-frogg-eaters" heads..
  7. Guys, please, once again, we know the french campaign started with very few D.520 (I wrote it myself several times in this very thread and others did too) BUT it was provided to the air groups very fast also, comparing with the overall industrial capacity of the country at that time which was raising (very late and) very fast, thanks to the war economy and the spreading of the involved factories (numerous of the facilities were still safe from the german advance). So that this particular fighter is known to have been able to bring down about 150 german planes for 54, D.520 to the counterpart, and even if ever it was hugely overrated due to overclaim, it will still be an important number, so that this plane IS an iconic one of the BoF. Don't spread the idea that it was a very marginal plane in BoF.
  8. Where does that statement come from please ? That number doesn't look to match anything, apart from the fact that this plane just entered mass production when the germans were crossing the west borders. As said earlier, there were only a few of them on May 10th '40, but they were 351 shipped out from the factories by the armistice date (and 437 built or nearly finnished). By the way, we're talking about Fall Gelb and Fall Rot, which means we're talking about quite low numbers, not like Barbarossa !! So that even a few dozens of active planes is enough to be considered substential. Even germans didn't have thousands and thousands of 109-E neither... As far as I remember - sry I don't have any source right now - it was only roughly 12 MS.406 that had been upgraded to 410 standards, not 74, during BoF. You may confuse with Finns I imagine ? Some were converted by Vichy regime also.
  9. Whatever it would be in base or premium but it has to be in a possible BoF. I don't know what you mean by "popular", but it was, as it was the best french fighter at that time (with the Arsenal VG.30-33 which was way too late entered in "production"). There were several air groups that were equiped in D.520 so it's elligible, if we consider we talk about early war quite low numbers anyway.
  10. I don't know how you did those profiles, but they look so professional and gorgeous. Still the MS.405 wasn't entered "mass" production, should be replaced by the MS.406, Potez.631 might be too by the 691 or 693, we also need the Bloch MB.150-152 and the Spitfire MKI and maybe the Koolhoven F.K.58 if possible. On the IIIe Reich side, of course the Bf 109 E-3, E-4, Bf 110 C2, Do 17, He 111, why not an Italian MC 200 Saetta..
  11. Yeah, that's not so fair about all those people but I think he just didn't express himself as he wanted, his point only was about the land borders I guess, not about the sacrifice aspect.
  12. I just was saying that AFAIK, there's a thread answering your questions somewhere in this forum.
  13. Really ? 🤨 Man you come, spit on the topic, spit on the french people, you bring nothing... Ok great.
  14. This topic has been covered yet. Maybe do a search ?
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