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  1. Oddly, in the 6 fighters flight that I lead, one keeps being late with an erratic navigation at the back, even while he's not damaged and I regularly give order to follow me. But things now are a lot better. Looks like AI slowly accepted that I become the leader of the air group.. 😅
  2. Solmyr

    A-26B For Sale in Canada.....Eh! =o)

    Giving my 2 cents that we won't spare enough.. 🤩
  3. Not likely to happen, of course, but not really exception neither. Of course 4 kills or more the sortie was a marginal efficiency in the proportions of the whole air war, but among thousands and thousands AC kills it was still represented. I've read many many stories of a pilot becoming an ace in one day in dedicated litterature. So his point imho keeps valid : it was possible in reality (even 9-10 kills), for all nations and not only Germans, and I doubt you could do that in 3.008. And yes, I speak about quite confirmed kills, not claims. Yes I also noted that happening to me or ennemy AC more often. I guess that's a good thing. As said above by several people, I think 3.008 DM is better now overall but it seems obvious it (or weapons efficiency or both) needs tweaks on certain aspects in order to make it even closer to reality, though it's a tad early to make a "definitive" opinion.
  4. Solmyr

    Hey Fellas, doe's BOX support full motion sims..?

    Wouldn't you be a classic cars enthusiast in Assetto Corsa by any chance ?
  5. I moved to last nVidia driver yesterday evening, for now it seems I'm gaining something in smoothness so I'll keep it untill bad things happen. @lefuneste Hey mate, by any chance do you think it would possible to extend your great mod so that trees and buildings could hide ground objects labels too ? I often RTB on the very desk in order to avoid Flak/AAA potential effective aims but I still can see the ground objects when they should be masked. Then I sometimes should be surprised to discover ground objects at the last moment. Also, maybe an option to get only the aircraft exact type added within a certain low distance from player plane, say 200m for exemple ? Would be wonderful if ever ! Again, I love your mod, couldn't fly with those arcadish numbers, aircraft type information from 3kms, and arrows around the screen anymore. Thank you very much !
  6. Hey fellas ! I knew about that problem quite long time ago but does anyone know something about Devs work on this ? In my career it's a tad immersive killer and in combat it leads to some problems. Edit : Looks like my topic could be unclear ; I mean when the player, in a career, is the flight leader, AI keeps doing its routine exactly as if they were in charge of the decision, and even better, players gets tell off when he does anything that isn't in the planned route.
  7. It's almost 4 yo. Still under warranty though, as I had a 5 years one. About drivers, my actual one is : 388.13 EVGA (Card manufacturer), after selecting my specific card, suggests DLing 341.95 (That looks to be an old one !) nVidia offers to DL 417.22 I'm a bit lost here. Edit : Sry to pollute the thread a bit lefuneste, wasn't my intention of course. Excuse me for that skid..
  8. Bad speed evaluation : those I-16 just were passing the wall of heat. ^^
  9. Graphic card is factory-overclocked by a small margin. But that's not what I can commonly define as an OC.
  10. Yes, I searched on the web and it looks like it could be something like that, or DirectX related, or graphic drivers.. Happened only once for now. But that worries me for sure. 😕
  11. I just lately found that note, was very happy to know the devs had worked on it (many players complain about that quite huge prob) and even if most of my own problems are more or less gone now, I wanted to try that new setting possibility. So I opened that startup.cfg file to find that it was set to 10.000000 yet... 🤨 I don't understand. Could someone enlighten us plz ?
  12. Solmyr

    Cockpit/Engine noise way too loud

    It probably should even be louder.. Really ? It looks very loud to me, even pretty annoying when AI bombers are managing succesful bombings..
  13. Hey there ! Just got a crash while I was RTBing in my career (see image). Do you think it could be MOD related ?
  14. Solmyr

    Just started Career

    But you can customize the difficulty level.. I guess that you even can set an invincibility. You also can set less traffic and less skilled AI I believe. You should even be able to do that directly into your actual career.