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  1. Not really surprised that he considered upgrading his GC.. And that's a hell of an upgrade here !
  2. ? Do you mean you're blind once it's on your head ? Or is this an unguided joke ? (Don't see any condenscending there, but asking because of your rig in signature.. Or is it outdated ?)
  3. Solmyr

    Toying with the idea of VR

    Hehe, I hope I could see what I do preferably !
  4. Solmyr

    Toying with the idea of VR

    Thank you for your input but actually that does matter. This depends on if the HMD flips, or has frontal cameras (and if, can they provide a clear image of what is front of you in the real world), or nothing. As a Microsoft FFB2 user, I do need an access to my keyboard.
  5. Solmyr

    Toying with the idea of VR

    This looks promising ! Still we hear from time to time some guys with more discouraging speaks... Even here in this particular topic ! A positive aspect to me is that I was experiencing some abnormal stutters yet due to [FFB2 + TiR5] combo yet. So getting rid of TiR5 in Il-2 should be a good thing in the end for me, being a user of the "Mother of all joysticks". 😄 By the way, could anyone here explain how he looks to his keyboard while flying with an Odyssey+ on the nose ?
  6. Solmyr

    Toying with the idea of VR

    Hello guys, I'm swimming to join the VR ship right now. Ordered an Odyssey+ @300$ (375 euros with taxes etc because I'm French and Samsung doesn't like european people unfortunately). I know that my GC will be a serious bottleneck, but my plan is to experiment until end of november and grab a new GC for black friday, and I bought it not only for Il-2, but also for racing sim (Assetto Corsa, only classic cars). I hope it will be good enough for "small" and "gentle" environments, f.e. few AI, no MP, low settings..
  7. Won't be of a nice help, but I've heard in a serious review that the Pimax 5K was requiring a GTX 1080 minimum.. Looks to be a demanding HMD.
  8. Plz guys, how with the Pimax 5K can you see your keyboard ? Is there a frontal dedicated camera in it ? Can it slide ? Flip ?
  9. I too would very like to know your thoughts now it's a bit of time you got it. Question : How with the Pimax 5K can you see your keyboard ? Is there a frontal dedicated camera in it ? Can it slide ? Flip ?
  10. But then you can't see enough your keyboard so ?.. 🤨
  11. I read that it provides a "radar" feature and a "window in window", but I'm not sure you can customise the way you're looking at the reality around you. Any Vive Pro user input plz ? Still a Vive Pro pick would be costly : 500 for the HMD itself, + [150x2] for the old generation trackers.. 800 euros ! Not to mention that I'd be well advised to upgrade my GC too, for at least a 1080Ti... 😓
  12. Really the non-Pro does it but the Pro one ?! Damn it. I was lurking at a 500 euros offer for Vive Pro, but those weird guys don't sell the headtracking seperately it seems. That's ridiculous. Does anyone know if Pimax 5K will do the job ? Will it have a front camera ? It doesn't look like by the pictures..
  13. Plz guys, Can someone tell me if it's possible to see our actual environment thanks to the Chaperone technology ? I do need to have some looks at my keyboard, so will I be able to with the Vive Pro ? I read that it provides a sort of immediate obstacles warning, but can it just film what is in front of it via a sort of "push-to-film" button, like a "push-to-talk" button for a headset ? Thx.
  14. Solmyr

    Hype about ME262

    Exactly. I never understood why plenty of historians (maybe "low-grade" ones though) always depicted the (Hitler's) choice to make her a interceptor and bomber as one of the worst strategic decisions, even fancy, that seriously contributed to Germany late war bad situation. I really can't get that. Attacking a B-17/B-29 stream, ok, but pretend to dispute the overall air superiority thanks to the Swalbe, niet ! Beside that, being able to launch bombs on the ground practically without enduring any threat...
  15. Solmyr

    PTO/Korea/ETO... next il2 expansion thread?

    But you don't see thousands of soldiers in Stalingrad yet, neither even transports through the Volga, do you ? Refugees will never be depicted, and maybe even infantry, so.. It's an air warfare sim after all.