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  1. I am amazed to see that my old gtx480 is not any worse in handling BOS then the gtx960 with the new i5 4590. Going to return the 960 and save money till i can afford 970 :D
  2. Well, maybe its historical that we have 800m cloud layer covering 70% of map
  3. Anyone know the reason why they removed the FW from 80% of the missions on WOL?
  4. yea i have win 10 and i did have to reassign everything. FPS was at 20 or even 18-19 when attacking someone low over ground now its around 45 and i went from balanced settings up to high.if im just cruising around i get stable 60FPS with vsync on. I think I will put my old gtx480 back, just to see how it runs BoS with this CPU.
  5. I can say the 4590 i5 has made a big difference . Only problem I have now is since i intalled the new MBO my joy wont work in BOS (works in windows and DCS) t16000m
  6. going to buy new MBO and probably some i5 cpu but i dont want to spend more then 300euro, any suggestions? and what about the more powerfull i3s are they worth considering?
  7. Thank you very much for advice. I see you play DCS (I need MiG21 wingman)
  8. But im afraid the CPU is the bottleneck here and then I will be at 20FPS dogfights with gtx970.
  9. Thanks, do you guys know if this game uses more or only one core of the CPU?
  10. I dont want to spend so much money on hardware but it seems i might have to if i want to play with reasonable FPS, but the gtx960 should be enough to run BOS on balanced settings on good playable frames. i mean for 200E its a good card yes i did disable them , MBO is ASUS P7H55- M PRO
  11. I already tryed that and for some reason my motherboard wont allow me to go higher then 2,92ghz(2,8 ghz is normal), but yes im asearching online for a way to OC it as I said i already play on balanced settings.
  12. Yes i get that in multy on WoL, its not much better in singleplayer maybe few FPS, what i really think is strange is when i go form balanced to ultra i lose a few fps on average not even 5 i would say
  13. its no problem, I can return the GPU within 30 days for no reason, god bless Germany :D
  14. Hi guys!!! I wanted to share my configuration and the FPS i get when in low alt action with multiple planes, and I wanted to ask you to sare your configs and what kind of performance you get. i7 860@ 2,92ghz gtx480 (bought gtx960 today gave me 0!!! improvement over the very very old gtx480) 8gb ram Balanced settings 20-25 Fps in low alt fights and a bit better at higher alt. I hoped the gtx960 would give me some 20-30 % better FPS but nothing, maybe it is bottlenecked by the CPU?
  15. GUYS!!! i keep getting some error message on login 10005 please update there is a newer version... but nothing is updating, do I have to mnually start the update??
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