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  1. I should have dug a little deeper I just posted about this, rather disappointing that this isn't included.
  2. So I just added Flying Circus and I already own Rise of Flight. I get the impression that there is much that is shared between these titles but some features have been left out. Particularly with input curves; Rise of Flight deals with this by allowing you to customize inputs for individual aircraft you can build trim into the controls while BOS/FC barely gives you curves at all. Not so much a problem in more modern types with trim wheels but for early aircraft they had to put tabs on the surfaces and you adjusted them as needed or in the rigging. For instance, the DVII can be a brick and requires a bit of back stick until it gets going but the Dr.I will go nose up Hard at almost any throttle setting, I'm fully aware of what Triplanes will do but on a spring loaded joystick this is very taxing on the wrist, flying around holding the stick forward the whole time. Short of devs giving us this feature in the game are there any solutions to this? Too bad I can't take my input profile out of ROF and stick it in my Dr.I folder eh?
  3. My Steam account is linked, so why am I downloading 22 GB? should it not just be there? Did I do something wrong?
  4. Okay I changed game name on the non-steam and the steam version and this is now my Steam account name since they now match and I guess I need to apply for a refund and delete the other. seems like it's buggered otherwise
  5. Just for clarification, Stabilizer Trim changes the incidence of the horizontal stabilizer (the forward part) by raising and lowering the leading edge as opposed to a tab on the trailing edge which drives the elevator up or down
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