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  1. Just learned that this, very important feature is still missing from the game, which I really feel like is a grave mistake by 777, esp. now with the release of Flying Circus. In Flying Circus' predecessor, Rise of Flight, each aircraft has such wildly different control responses that the ability to apply different joystick response curves for different aircraft was/is an essential feature for an enjoyable experience in that game since these early aircraft came with no form of in flight trimming capability. And since it's been said that the FM's from RoF have been directly brought over into FC, I really would've thought the addition of different joystick response curves for separate aircraft would have to come with it. Sadly however it seems that it didn't.
  2. Depended on the propellant types used. I remember reading a US report talking about how the Germans used low flash propellants, and that as a result German guns produced little to no visible muzzle flash, making it hard for US tankers to spot a German tank firing at them. By comparison US, British & Russian guns apparently produced a very large visible muzzle flash. The report was a major one prepared for Eisenhower at wars end regarding how US armor stacked up against German armor, and I clearly remember the part about the flashless propellants, as well lots of other stuff about how the German tanks were found to have better optics, AP rounds etc... Well that's a bummer. Feel that is quite an essential feature that's been lacking for a while now, and I remember it being pretty key in Rise of Flight if u liked flying more than just one aircraft all the time. Should be a priority feature at this point IMHO.
  3. Been away for a while, but with these early birds lacking any form of trim I sure hope we've finally gotten the ability to set up different curves for different aircraft now then?
  4. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    And by that you've just proven you that you either a) didn't understand a thing or b) are just simply fond of making up stuff I'm done with this. The way some people behave on this forum really makes me question their motives for being here.
  5. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    All your saying now is that you don't want to understand, you'd much rather willingly misinterpret what someone else writes.
  6. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    But you're now making up a claim that was never made, and I'm not really sure why you feel the need to do this? I'm pretty sure that for most people it's quite clear that flying a flight sim representation of an aircraft is not the same as flying the real thing, and I made that pretty clear too just incase someone misunderstood me the first time.
  7. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I'm pretty sure you've misunderstood what I wrote then. For example I'm not saying we can fly the real aircraft because we can fly a representation of it in a flight simulator game, not by a long shot. What I'm saying is that since we are able to practice all sorts of situations in our virtual aircraft as often as we like, and can go right to the edge and beyond without any fear of losing our lives in the process, many of us are bound to eventually become more proficient in our virtual aircraft than most WW2 pilots were ever given the time or opportunity to become in their real aircraft before being sent into combat. I never said they couldn't become proficient, what I'm saying is that those of us who play this game a lot can become more proficient in our virtual aircraft than most WW2 pilots were in their real ones simply because we can practice any situation as often as we like and explore the very edge of the flight envelope at any point without consequence whilst the real pilots back then simply didn't have that luxury. (As a result people also tend to fly a lot more aggressively/recklessly in flight sims than what was actually done in real life) As an example the average Me262 pilot got 1 hours worth of instruction before his first flight in the type, and barely a couple of hours worth of actual flying under his belt before being sent directly into combat. Needless to say you couldn't expect anyone to become particularly proficient in any type of aircraft in such a short space of time. Meanwhile we simmers can simply load up a any imaginable scenario that we desire and practice our gunnery and flying until we've figured out all the best possible methods of approach to any given scenario.
  8. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Not really, I'm basing it on my experience flying it in the previous installments where it was none other than dominating any map it was allowed on unless serious limits were put on its number of available spawns. It's all about practice, as once you get used to the lower velocity of your guns you will be one of the biggest threats in the sky. People forget that we get the opportunity to keep practicing in these birds (we aren't ever grounded due to lack of fuel etc.) and can push them to their limits without the fear of losing our lives in the process should we exceed them - luxuries the real pilots simply didn't have. As such were are bound to become more proficient in the aircraft than the majority of the pilots who got to fly it during the war, and as a result we will also end up flying a lot more aggressively in general, in any of the WW2 fighters, than the real pilots did.
  9. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Yeah it would definitely be hard for the German props on the maps where the XIV was included, but I feel the Me262 would balance that situation by forcing the XIV's to always have to look over their shoulder.
  10. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I vote yes. The Germans are getting incredibly powerful aircraft in the Me262, 109K4 and Dora-9, thus it's only fair that the Allies are treated the same and the Spitfire Mk.XIV fits that bill. Furthermore the Spitfire Mk.XIV's were operational in sizeable numbers at the point of Bodenplatte, thus I see no point in leaving out this aircraft. Finally it's about time this aircraft is featured in a WW2 flight sim
  11. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Should the Spitfire Mk.XIV be added as a collectors plane to IL-2 Bodenplatte?
  12. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I didn't know we had such a section, but in that case any moderator is welcome to erase this and make it over there. EDIT: and just as I make a new one in this section this one is moved haha 🤣🤣
  13. Panthera

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    So here it is, the poll you've all been waiting for! ( 😋 ) Should the Spitfire Mk.XIV be added as a collectors plane to IL-2 Bodenplatte? https://www.strawpoll.me/15855589
  14. Panthera

    Can't boil the water in the Spit IX :-)

    Yes that is indeed a bit strange, makes you wonder how or wether they at all have modelled the effects that changes in airflow has on the radiators cooling capacity.
  15. Panthera

    Comparing the MG151 to the ShVAK ingame

    Well I don't think you necessarily need to involve fluid dynamics in order to satisfyingly emulate blast damage to the level needed in this game. It could be as simple as giving a projectile a spherical damage zone which then just sort of eats pieces out of the target it impacts pac man style, or at least damage any components within the zone of the sphere. I see that as more simple than having to model hundreds of fragments flying around, but I have no experience with game engines so I'm just guessing.