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  1. A remake/new "Tie Fighter" would be awesome, but the game in the trailer.....
  2. L3Pl4K

    Me 262

    Die von dir angegebenen Geschwindigkeiten, sind in etwa die gleichen wie Spiel. Mit einer Turbine kommt man auf ca 510 km/h auf 300m Höhe.
  3. 1 Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro+ 2 20.4.2 WHQL 3 Yes, after the start of the client, in the first flight everything is fine. In the second flight it is like in the picture.
  4. Gave ATI you any clue, how long it will take for them, to solve the problem with a updated driver?
  5. Is it possible, to create MP missions for 84 players they perform better(less packet loss etc.) than the current missions of the server holders? Is it possible for the dev team to create a basic packege of missons?
  6. Apart from the graphics problems on AMD Video cards, is the performance improvement very nice, keep on.
  7. 1 Vega64 2 20.3.1 3 -maybe like picture 3, flickering squares at wings and some cockpit surface - picture 4 if i look past the side of the propeller/front 4 No in low level flight sometime a black spot(shadow?) under the plane. 5 No 6 No Mods etc.
  8. RTX 2060/ RX 5700 have better feature Set(DirectX Tier) than 1080 or Vega 64. Vega 64 had the worst Performance/Watt of the 4 cards. So make your decsion between RTX2060 and X5700
  9. Does this mean, the game switch to deferred shading in the next update?
  10. https://kupdf.net/download/quotldv4000-10quot-munitionsvorschrift-fr-fliegerbordwaffen-teil-10-1944_59a8686cdc0d605c02568edf_pdf Page 27 for 1943, Page 29 for 1944
  11. M Geschosspatrone Gl´spur/Brandgranatpatrone L´spur in 44, in 43 only M Geschosspatrone
  12. Vulkan would be awesome, but it is not an easy task for a small developer.
  13. Besser wäre eine schlechtere Treibstoffqualität.
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