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  1. Nice video, but without cats😥, hope your special fans will breathe fire and brimstone.
  2. Throttle complete back. Press and hold the ignition button. If the turbo is running at ~2000 rpm, move the throttle gently to ~20 percent. If the turbo is running with 3000 rpm, release ignition button.
  3. http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/Messerschmitt/Me 262/Me 262 A-1/Me 262 A-1 Bedienvorschrift A-2.pdf Works more or less.
  4. Cool update, especially the bug fixes and general improvements.
  5. Weil das Rad die Reibung/Leichtgänigkeit der Schubregler beeinflusst?
  6. Is a reduced maximum core clock a try worth? I had no problems yet, but a comrade of me.
  7. Checked temp on Stalingrad Winter Map with the temp gauge on the 110 G2. Approximately -15°C. If this manual is right(page 50): http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/engines/germany/jumo/jumo-213/flugmotor-jumo-213-a-1-u-c-0-entwurf-zu-einem-motoren-handbuch.html we should have 1.42ATA and not 1.32ATA like ingame, at full throttle.
  8. Im Winter scheint noch ein Fehler im Spiel zu sein.
  9. Vergleich doch mal hiermit. Die D9 im Spiel scheint recht gut getroffen zu sein.
  10. You should be in mind, that both can be wrong. A5 depending on altitude and A8 in general.
  11. Hallo Han, in context of the test report: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/BMW_VB_126.pdf posted by Papafly in FM Forum, are the temperature of A8 strange. This A5 has an Engine with the increased boost, we have in the A8. Engine and cooling should be equal. On page 5, point 3 Zylinderkopftemperaturen: Geflogen wurde dabei mit, va=265-270 km/h, die Kiemenklappen waren auf "Stellung 3" geöffnet. It was flown with va = 265-270 km / h, the gill flaps were opened to "position 3". This is for 2700 U/min and increased boost pressure. If i try*1*2 this on Stalingrad summer, i get a overheat message at approximately *1= 2100 *2=3100m. *1 83 %fuel after start, outlet shutters 75% opened va approximately 270-280 km/h 2400 rpm and 1.32 ata *2 83 %fuel after start outlet shutters 75% opened va approximately 270-280 km/h 2700 rpm and 1.58/1.65 ata P.S. Values corrected. Maked two faults. First mistake, A5 Outlet flaps Stellung 3 is 75% ingame. Second mistake, taked stalingrad autumn, to match temperature at page 6, but i must take summer, to get close to temperature from diagramm page 7. I am sorry fot that.
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