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  1. It will be a month since the last one in a couple of days...
  2. To the devs, since you seem hellbent on not giving us the Pacific, can you give us the British Wildcats, Hellcats, and Corsairs that were in operation during that time period? Maybe even carrier operations? Maybe you can develop some stuff there that can be reused for the Pacific...
  3. It doesn’t fit the theater timeline as well, but I hope to see an Me-109 G-10 to finish off the 109 variants at some point.
  4. Exactly, makes no sense. For those saying it wouldn’t be realistic either because the game engine can’t handle 800+ bombers in the air for a realistic mission, well there was thousands of aircraft in the air at any given time over Europe during ww2, but that’s not simulated in IL-2. Should we not have the IL-2 game at all then because it can’t be simulated? That “game” can be played all day. It’s just an excuse people tell themselves to feel better about not having what SHOULD be there.
  5. While I'm a huge fan of the IL-2 series and sad the Pacific theater setting wasn't announced after everything that WAS told to us in the past.... what in the actual **** is up with all the unplayable heavier aircraft like the B-26 and C-47? What is up with this trend? First it was the B-25 in Bodenplatte and now the C-47? I can understand the B-26 with the lack of flying ones, but lack of C-47's and B-25's...? Come on. Of all aircraft these two should have been playable!
  6. Hello, I've noticed IL-2 keeps constantly freezing and not responding when attempting to start missions since the latest update. Career mode is completely unplayable due to the fact as well. :(
  7. This is wonderful news! Very happy with the chosen air frames. You all are awesome, having a wonderful time with Bodenplatte as well!
  8. Will the Bodenplatte map be released in the update at the end of the month?
  9. Hello, I just wanted to suggest that adding information on airfield runway length and what kind of surface it is (paved, dirt, ice, etc) to the in-game maps (quickstart, campaign, in flight maps, etc) would be very useful now that we have the Me-262 in game and in other aircraft with heavy weapon and fuel loads. It would really go a long way to have the appropriate information readily available to use aircraft properly. You really have to do a lot of digging online and in user created documents at the moment in order to find out whether a runway is paved, dirt, ice, etc and what the runway length is and unfortunately that information is just for one map.
  10. Exciting news! Will the Bodenplatte map arrive with the rest of the aircraft next month?
  11. I did not know that, that's very informative. Glad to hear we will eventually get it if all goes well. I've always liked the B-25 a lot. Thank you!
  12. I really hope there is a playable B-25 at some point. The fact that it hasn't been made flyable is puzzling. Lots of B-25's still flying IRL and there is no realistic rendition of one in any current simulator at this point.
  13. What are the concrete runway equipped airfields in IL2 that the Me-262 can operate from? The Me-262 wasn't operated from grass fields, right?
  14. I've noticed a bug with the "Battle of Bodenplatte" and some "Battle of Kuban" aircraft only. Any controls that are dual mapped to both the keyboard and a jostick/HOTAS, won't work if you try to use the keyboard commands instead of the Joystick/HOTAS.
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