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  1. I've noticed a bug with the "Battle of Bodenplatte" and some "Battle of Kuban" aircraft only. Any controls that are dual mapped to both the keyboard and a jostick/HOTAS, won't work if you try to use the keyboard commands instead of the Joystick/HOTAS.
  2. Legitimate question, I was actually shocked tonight when I shot down an opposing human player in a BF-109 in multiplayer!
  3. Hi everyone, so I have been having a problem with Co-Op missions since they have been added to the game. I can never join games my friends host and they can never join mine. The only error message I get is something along the lines of "unable to connect", with no further information displayed. I've hypothesized about it possibly being a UDP issue, but does IL2 not automatically connect through the appropriate open ports? If anyone could help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Are drop tanks not modeled, because the fuel system is not modeled very in depth? I went to switch fuel tanks today in the P-47, but couldn't find a button to do so. It was odd watching my auxiliary tank drain first, instead of my main tank lol.
  5. Looks like we're not getting a Dev Diary or the P-47 today: https://imgur.com/jgajYUa
  6. Will the Wings of Liberty server eventually start hosting the Battle of Bodenplatte map and aircraft set when it becomes available?
  7. Yes, BUT it does power the aircraft's systems. A developer would be able to learn the movement speed and full range of motion of its control surfaces and landing gear. They would also be able to learn how the controls and various equipment operated in the cockpit, just to name a few. If the gaps in knowledge are filled with any other known documentation or information, maybe we could get an accurate enough aircraft.
  8. Since there is airworthy A6M2's, A6M3's, A6M5's and one Ki-43 that I know of, couldn't the developers just make those aircraft as flyable on the IJN side? For the US side they could make either the F4U, F6F, SBD Dauntless and TBF Avenger flyable, since airworthy examples exist for those. That's 8 aircraft right there. Everything else that lacks data could be AI. That's just my take though. EDIT - There is at least one Yokosuka D4Y Judy dive bomber that actually runs. The dev's might have to make the flight model out of wind tunnel test data like the DCS team is using to fill in the gaps, but it looks like everything else needed is there.
  9. Is that a post war scheme? I thought the ones that participated in World War 2 looked like this:
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