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  1. I bought the Pimax4K two weeks ago in a sale and i won't recommend it to anyone interested in simulations. It uses gyroscopes instead of head tracking and the drift is more than annoying. I don't know if it is a problem with the current software, my rig or the device but i have also serious problems getting it to work at all. It can take several restarts of the computer until it is recognized and it can take several minutes until it gives up and the 'where is my PI' message pops up. When it finally runs it is stable so far. But what made me putting it down is the refresh rate of only 60 Hz, in DCS i had sometimes only 30 Hz and that is simply not enough to use it for more than a few minutes. I have no experience with a Rift or a HTC Vive but every review i read or watched told the same regarding image quality, the Pimax4k should be much superior. If this is really the case i don't even want to try a Rift/Vive as i find the image quality of the Pimax far from satisfactory to use in a simulation. I used it in Assetto Corsa but quickly gave up as i was unable to see the next corners early enough to slow the car down. Flying a helocopter in DCS close to the ground (Nevada) was OK, but the low fps and bad tracking made me sick. So before anybody orders such a device i would seriously recommend to check it out beforehand, if possible.
  2. Well, i don't think he did much wrong, the simple fact is, this game scales not so well. Around Christmas i upgraded from a 2600k stock speed/ATI 280X to a 6700K@4.4GHz / Asus 980Ti Strix and i gained about 10-15 fps in IL2 BOS, went from 60 to ~75 in similar circumstances. Just to compare, in Assetto Corsa my fps nearly doubled, 70-80 to 140-150.
  3. Hi, perhaps you have a security suit running blocking the game exe from connecting with a server. I had this problem in one of the last updates. Had to create a custom rule for the EXE. Check your virus protection, if it is blocking IL2. i hope, this helps. cheers
  4. ... not every country has the same decimal separator ...
  5. Just a little bit of real world footage ... https://youtu.be/u9BqmW4KIdw
  6. Hi Xenunjeon88, regarding the freezing UI, perhaps check, if you didn't unintentionally install the 32bit Java runtime on a 64bit system, had that as well. After uninstalling 32bit Java and installing 64bit Java everything is fine, got this tip from the PWCG subforum. And you don't have to close the prg, just Alt Tab after finishing the mission. Never had a problem with that. But the long loading times are a mistery for me as well. After the bar reaches the right side of the window, which takes about 20-30 s. while loading from a SSD, i still have to wait for ~2 mins. until the mission starts. Not sure what happens, when, regarding to the progress bar, the mission is already loaded. Most of the other problems are AI related and won't change with PWCG, perhaps the devs need to address this to make this game a little bit more single player friendly.
  7. Try against the Pe-2, there the difference is huge. I also didn't notice much difference when going against He-111 and i still have a hard time to believe that they have the same flight model as the player when i see what they can do with 100% fuel and two 1000kg bombs attached to the plane.
  8. I tried different values on static trucks and with durability 1500 even the light MGs from the Lagg can destroy a truck very easily. I can't see much difference up to a value of 1500. When i switch to 2000 i can't kill the truck even with the 23mm gun ?!? BTW, why can you change the value only in 500 steps?
  9. Hi all, i was testing the static group damage models and the resulting mission is probably good enough to share. Single player, with combat, on the Stalingrad map. No waypoints, just do as requested in the briefing: Good evening junior pilot. Mainenance reports, repairs on your oxygen system are done. Your task is to check the system. Take off and climb over the airport to at least 4000m. Your wing leader told me, that you still have problems with crosswind landings, so this is also a good opportunity to train this as well. Make four landings after the oxygen check. After the Luftwaffe attacks two days ago we replenished our AAA assets and they know that as well so we don't expect any trouble. We have strong winds from the north east so you have to taxi to the far end of the runway for takeoff. Report back after your test. Have fun TestFlightInTheEvening.zip
  10. Hi samson, yes, would be better, but the mission takes even without this about 30mins to complete. Another reason is the limited room on the Lapino map. I chose the map deliberately to keep the edit/test cycle short. It takes about 4 minutes on my system just to open the editor, save the mission and then open BOS and load the mission, and it took literally several dozen cycles to get the timing of some of the events right. I started the mission with the full Stalingrad map but to open the full populated Stalingrad map simply took too much time, perhaps someday i'll try to create a template mission with the full map where only a small region is populated but only if i have more experience with the general possibilities of the editor, otherwise the trial and error takes simply too much time.
  11. Hi all, thx for the positive feedback As my first mission, this was mostly to learn the FMB and to give others a working sample. @comes: last week i didn't know how to put icons on the map, so i just described in the briefing what to do. There is a city to the SW of the airport where the division HQ is located, look for activity there. I added some icons and changed the subtitles a little bit and i also made the mission with a 50% chance a little bit harder, at least in all my test runs it was more like 100% Essentially the same mission from last week with a little bit more guidance and a little bit more challenging. Some questions: - is it possible to make the appearance of icons dynamic? - is it possible to change the height ( and thickness) of the cloud layer? AnotherOrdinaryMorning_V1.zip
  12. Hi all, my next single player mission, this time with combat. In this mission i wanted to test ground combat, so expect some rough edges. In the beginning my fps are about half of what i normally have, gets better as soon as the first ground units are destroyed. You are flight lead of a pair of 109F, waiting for something to happen. Start up the engines and take off on the red flare, stick to your orders. Here is the the mission briefing: Good Morning! You all know, the situation is grim, we have to retreat. The division HQ, located in the nearby city to the SE, will relocate to a safer position starting 1100. Our wing will transfer to Lapino in the early afternoon, we will cover the Ju87, which will also relocate to Lapino. During the night we lost contact to our troops north of us, perhaps artillery cut the wires again. Forward observers reported engine noise from the north, just to be sure a pair of gunbirds will do an armed recon of the region. You and your wingman are on 5 min alert. In case of an emergency the staff from the division HQ will try to reach Lapino by car and take one of the He111. In this case your task is to cover them until they are safe. Dismissed. I hope you have fun. PS: is there any mission out there where i can learn how to show signs and info on the mission map? AnotherOrdinaryMorning.zip
  13. Hi guys, here is my first try in mission making. I've had no experience with the editor and it took me the better part of the Sunday to get to the current state. No combat, just some sightseeing on the beautiful Novosokolniki map. You start cold on an airport in the morning, no waypoints but some flights to practice formation flying. Unfortunately i was not able to find out, how flares work and i also didn't get the train to start moving, perhaps an issue with the map. A lot of trial and error until the different taxi waypoints worked like intended, i hope this helps other starters over the first hurdles. CU NovosokolnikiFam.zip
  14. Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work, last weeks must have been extraordinarily taxing, so try to relax a little bit.
  15. Yes, it's true that you can outclimb and outspeed a Stuka, He111 or Pe-2 in a fighter but the moves those planes do, with bomb load of 500-1000kg still attached !!!, makes me wonder, if they really use the same FM as the player, especially in regards to G load and structural integrity. They simply don't behave like big, heavy planes and that is a major distraction. I really, really hope, that there is a lot of improvement regarding AI in the release version of the game.
  16. And, given hat the release is really this month, i would guess that they still have enough things they would like to polish but simply had not enough time. So i would guess, ( or better hope ) that there are some patches post release. Perhaps not every week, but surely more than one within the next six month. And with the release done they can start telling us all the things they plan for the future. so perhaps even more euphoria ...
  17. Very nice mission, the one where you have to resupply Pitomnik. After reading the briefing i took a Stuka with the big guns and tried to kill some tanks but was shot out of the sky before i reached my objective. Then i took a 109 and climbed high above the Kessel, ~5km, good visibility, so no sneak attacks. Perhaps later we will have different attack points, makes life for ground pounders a little bit easier Did you deliberately set the turbulence so high? I found it very difficult to keep the nose of the Stuka steady down low, if not impossible. After the mission i tried the Stuka in the QMB with turbulence set to 1 m/s and even then it was nearly impossible to hit tanks with the big guns and i would estimate the the turbulence setting in your mission is at least 2 or even 3 m/s. Looking forward for the things to come, thank you.
  18. Really great map and a nice change from the official map with the more naturally looking settlements. And not to forget the new map objects, will they be available later on in the FMB?
  19. Great find, thx PS: you have to add the underscore manually, it is missing in the link ...
  20. still ~20mins to go, time was UTC ...
  21. Hi, another nice detail is the modeled propwash(?). After the IL2 intercept i landed the 109 and taxied to the parking positions. Then i tried to maneuver the plan under the camo nets but clipped my right wing. After that i tried to pivot on the left gear with brakes and lots of throttle, watched it from 3rd person and when i pushed the throttle forward the broken wing was blown away! That was one of those 'What?!?' moments that make this game so brilliant ( and makes me overlook some other stuff ... ) Really good job devs, thx
  22. Hi, quite easy to see what's inside a plane if you go into external view while on the ground and then play with the scroll wheel zoom. This way you can kind of move through the model and see what is inside. The Lagg has no engine, the 109 has. Wonder why ...
  23. Hi, managed to hit soviet AAA with cannon and MG and got nice explosions with secondaries but the gun itself survived, perhaps it is set as indestructible. The icons on the guns never vanished like they do when the trucks are destroyed. Also fps hit over Stalingrad, down to ~20-25 where i previously had ~35-38, but it looks gorgeous. AAA is also very nice, really good job Seems the 109 with bomb racks ( 250kg) is now a little bit faster, last week i had a practical max speed of 485km/h, this week i'm up to ~500-505 km/h but still slower than the Lagg 3 with bombs, 37mm + 2x100kg ~515 km/h. Did the bomb racks really took so much away from the top speed? And it seems the 250kg and especially the 50kg bombs do very little damage, was never able to kill a tank with one of the 50kg and i have to be very close with the 250kg to kill a tank. BTW, is it possible to fly through the framings( right word ?!?) of destroyed factories? My plane always explodes if i try and i'm sure i didn't hit the structure.
  24. +1 It would be so nice to have clearly distinguishable landmarks like small villages or groups of farm houses so you know exactly where on the map you are. This way you get a 'feeling' for the terrain you fly over and it would make navigation much easier, especially for low and slow flying planes like a IL2 ... Perhaps this could be solved via some community effort? Isn't it possible to create groups in the editor? So why not define some parts of the map to populate by community members via the editor and then choose from the offers or even make a poll like the one for the skin? Perhaps it would be even possible to use the ROF editor? I'm sure, if the base objects are available, some creative members of the community would handcraft really beautifull villages. Assuming that the time to create such villages is the limiting factor and not some other engine related reasons, that is ... What do you think?
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