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  1. So how does the D9 fly? This will be my weapon of choice against the Tempest and hopefully soon to come Spitfire Mk. 14.
  2. DSR_T-888

    ME 262

    I'm more excited about the firepower of 4x30mm rather than the actual performance of the aircraft. This means there will be no follow up passes to guarantee a kill which is something all BNZ planes yearn for.
  3. Prepare to get a lot of flak for a completely reasonable comment.
  4. No F-86A and the F-86F as a collector? 😕
  5. DSR_T-888


    P-47 is just too much fun right now, its easily the best dogfight ATM. You can literally out dogfight a I-16. Imagine if we had the P-47N, even lower wingloading, faster rate of roll and +200hp. We'd literally be helicopters.
  6. The P-47 should be significantly faster than the G14, I'm assuming K4s aren't regulated. I honestly can't be bothered flying the P-47 at high altitude with the 5 minute limit. A dogfight at high altitude can take up to 10 minutes so it really just makes more sense to drop 100% flaps and fight on the deck. There also aren't any B-17's so there is no real purpose being at high altitudes.
  7. Once you step out of manual boundaries everything is purely subjective. This is exactly why they are hesitant to change their system. No matter what we do there will never be a concrete solution to this problem. If this were a political spectrum it would be a step in the direction with most people's views. Anyone pilot that doesn't have water injection or some 10 minute limitation(Fw-190A8) still isn't going to be happy, but happier than before. It helps but its not helping the planes that need it the most. If you buff one plane you've got to buff them all for the sake of consistency. There is evidence of the P-51D running WEP for 15 minutes and if a P-51 can do it surely a Spitfire can do it. Then who's to say a Tempest can't do it? Why would it not be logical to assume German pilots being vastly out numbered and in desperate situations were pushing their planes up to 20 minutes at time? In my opinion just give everyone a 15 minute limit, assuming sufficient cooling. The A8/D9 and K4 don't blow up soon after their manual limit, the P-47 gets to use all of its WEP and the Merlin simply based off the P-51 running for 15 minutes straight. Sure its not concrete evidence for all the aircraft and yes it makes for some what corny gameplay knowing everyone has the exact same limit for balance purposes, but in my defense for this we assume perfect air frame quality for all planes which can be argued as fair game play too since the German pilots would not be happy with sub par airframes due to wartime conditions. But most importantly we can all agree its a hell of a lot more realistic than your engine blowing up immediately after the limit stated in the manual. Also in combination with the same recharge time of 3 minutes.
  8. That's actually pretty impressive, imagine a P-47M :O. However I'd never sacrifice the 4 guns especially with the new damage model.
  9. You know what the P-47 was not known for in real life? Ailerons ripping off at high speeds and nearly uncontrollable elevators(not through compressbiltiy). Worse than that of the Bf-109 as a matter of fact. Oh, the P-47 was known for diving and zooming! But wait it was all just a myth. If the P-47 does something well it wasn't known for, unrealistic. If the P-47 doesn't do what it was known for, it was a myth.
  10. Yeah. fun is the perfect word for flying the P-47. There is nothing better than trolling these poor 109 pilots who aren't expecting you to put up a fight. I find that because they don't think you're competitive you end up being priority for the easy kill. So I end up have 2 Bf-109s trying to dogfight me and 1 Fw-190 boom and zooming me. Oh yes, one gentle burst and you'd cripple any fighter. What do you set your convergence to? I set mine to 220. I've tried experiencing with 450+ as I thought I could "snipe" my enemies. It was possible to a certain degree but once I got to sub 300 I couldn't hit shit.
  11. Contrary to popular belief the P-47 is actually a better turn and burner than it is a boom and zoomer(In IL2). In Aces High you get both worlds. The P-47 Aces High was dubbed the Thunderspit because of its ridicolous flying characteristics with full flaps. When more people start to utilize the flaps in this game I think we'll see the same complaints. There's an envelope where the P-47 is superior to any Bf-109. Think of it like a MiG-15 vs an F-86A. Bf-109 pilots wont use there vastly superior power to weight ratio to out perform you. They think diving and zooming is taking advantage of their superior rate of climb. Most of the time they'd rather turn fight which makes them as effective as a Bf-109G6. Even if they pull in the vertical from turning fighting after realizing they can't get an advantage (because freedom flaps ), its too late since you can prop hang like no other plane in the game. You don't necessarily have to keep your speed up all the time. Try dragging your opponent into a dogfight if they are on your six (assuming reasonable separation) by entering a shallow high speed turn. Once the Bf-109 is close enough yank the stick and drop flaps. You are guaranteed to out turn them significantly and they will never have enough deflection for a firing solution. If they continue to turn just keep turning inside them until their speed is equal to yours and then its an even dogfight. If they pull up instead follow just enough for a decent spray then break off before you get dragging in a energy fight. You may find them on your 6 again so dive to gain speed and repeat step one. However most pilots seem to panic and continue the pull up into a loop so they don't get shot. Which is a mistake because you're more likely to score hits.
  12. Before the patch you felt the power of 8 fitties. Now all planes are neutered.
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