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  1. A base rate of climb of 20m/s with the potential of 150 octane. The P-38 already starts to out climb P-51 at 3000m. The person who made this chart probably doesn't have the collector planes.
  2. When sarcasm channels someones inner hate for an inanimate object.
  3. Yeah, I thought the P-47 was smooth, but the P-37 is <3. The roll rate and the elevator authority is great too.
  4. I'd phone America and get my country some P-47Ns ;). Fly faster, further and carry more.
  5. P-38 should climb, accelerate and roll faster than the P-51. Its going to have the best aileron authority in the game, but what will make or break this plane is its elevator authority. P-47 holds its own very well on the arena server and in theory the P-38 should do even better.
  6. Does anyone else think its crazy that we don't have a single 56FG skin by default?
  7. Exactly. Why go for a fuel guzzling Griffon when you could have a 2200hp V-1650-9 with water methanol injection.
  8. I flew against a G-14 at around 7km and my only issue was the 5 minute limit on the engine.
  9. I'm going to try this against a D9 when I get home.
  10. So how does the D9 fly? This will be my weapon of choice against the Tempest and hopefully soon to come Spitfire Mk. 14.
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