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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't have this on my YT lists of favorites.
  2. Cool finds. Will have to check these out from home when I have the time. Thanks
  3. Did I see that correctly? Il2 Cliffs of Dover is $2.50 for a download version. Looks like a day left on this promotion so I hope I remember to buy this when i get home from work. With the all the talk of the Team Fusion (name?) mods, this may be the deal of the year. Thanks for the link, Khan. Derek
  4. That ought to be ridiculously funny. Perhaps make a drinking game out of it? Each time they say "Nazi", everyone yells 'dragon' and the last one to do so takes a drink. (Just saw Amazon has it both on disc and instant video for rent/purchase). Thanks for posting. Derek
  5. He (and his band mates) made such an impact on the music of the late 60's and early 70's. It may not be their most popular song but I always liked "Tales of Brave Ulysses". I first heard it when I was real young and my oldest brother was telling me about the the Odyssey by Homer, while he played this song on his stereo. Mixing up classic Greek mythology with psychedelic rock...Groovy!
  6. And this weird little beast happens to be the inspiration for my nickname. This is beautifully shot with some great footage of this rather ugly salamander. Informative too, in that while I knew that lost of run off from farms, deforestation was altering stream beds. But I didn't really know how it was impacting hellbenders by filling in their 'homes' between the rocks. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I have also been guilty in the past of moving rocks in stream beds when my kids and I used to play in our river. I had no idea the impact that may be having. http://vimeo.com/wemayfly/thelastdragons Fun to watch and if you live here in these mountains, please pass along the lessons about how disturbing the rocks in a stream bed may impact mudpuppies and other critters. Regards, Derek
  7. First off, my preference would be for this to also be compatible with Android. The designer's site is listed below: http://florianborn.com/projects/modulares_interface/ A tech write-up on this "haptic feedback" system explains the concept so much better than I: After I got over the "Oh, how cool...." reaction, I wondered if this could somehow be a multi-function controller for flight (or racing) sims? Except for considerations of cost, I thought these may be some pertinent questions and issues to determine if it could have that use: The software running on the tablet would have to be recognized as a game controller by the PC....somehow. I know that Il2 BoS doesn't support Device2Link(name?) like the old Il2 did, but something similar to that maybe/possibly/could allow a networked tablet to be recognized as a game controller. Thoughts??? With the ability to modify the types of controls (sliders, buttons, rotary), is it possible to define multiple controller profiles and what may be involved in mapping different configurations for different applications? Meaning that, if this is possible, could you have different profiles for single engine and multi-engine craft or a fighter profile and then another one for a two engine level bomber? You could open a saved profile and place the controllers in their assigned locations but would this mean the sim software would have to be able to recognize this profile as a new controller with specific functions mapped? Makes me think of a product out for several years now with buttons you pace in ares you select on a touchscreen but I can't recall the name. Also the controls are rather small and the ease of 'attachment' to the frame/tablet seems like they could also be easily displaced. It may really only be useful as a midi controller, at least i think that's what it is being used as in the example of an audio interface. Like I said the 'cool' factor is quite high on this little toy...but could there also be be an "A-Ha!" moment if it could be a new controller for sims? Plus, I thought some other might find this as neat as I did. Derek
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this video. I'll check it out this evening.
  9. Congratulations! I do hope it gets an English translation and be sure to post if it does. Derek
  10. Wow, agreed; that is a very nice drawing. Do you know the artist?
  11. I'd like to see that happen. Not sure how they'd manage that that but it does seem possible.
  12. This obviously was a lot of work and very much appreciated. Thanks, indiaciki..!!!!! Derek
  13. Very cool build, LOstSOul. Simple, clean construction that looks very functional. Does the game controller on the left in the first pic serve as your keyboard, assuming it has a full keypad? Derek
  14. Lordy, the sound of that V-12! Thanks for posting.
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