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  1. Sokol1, Thank you for the reply. As it is, I'd been away from Cliffs to fly the BoM campaign and had forgotten (until I remembered) the 1cSoftClub file in my Documents folder. So, there I've found the mission I was looking for. I guess I gave up too soon; the Flyby who cried wolf". Thanks again, have a great weekend Flyby out
  2. Hello all. I'm used to making single missions for personal practice. Before 4.56 when I used the FMB to create, and save them, they showed up in the Missions/Single folder. Now I create one and it's in the FMB, inside the game, but not in the "Single" folder. Did it not save? Is there a new destination? Or some sort of bug? My old missions are still there from previous versions of Cliffs, though some seem to have the mission names slightly mispelled for some reason. thank you, Flyby out
  3. Jacko, please excuse me for being ridiculously late in replying to you. In fact I've been given the wife's old 24 inch monitor, and found it to suit my needs for the moment. thank you for replying. Flyby out
  4. hi lefuneste, Thanks for replying. I will try to wrap my brain around what I'm looking at, but your solution certainly seems to fit my 2d desire for map viewing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I take a screen shot of the intended map (saved as a jpeg), I can import it into my cockpit for my online usage in campaign missions? thank you again, Flyby out
  5. into the cockpit during flight (but it doesn't take up the whole screen)? Or who can direct me to such a tool/app? thank you, Flyby out
  6. Hello Mod peoples of Earth! Take me to your...OK time to get a bit serious. I have a problem with flying and also trying to view the (full screen) map at the same time. On the ACG server, the minimap is disabled, so full screen it is. I also practice single missions with the full screen map. It would be nice to be able to import the IL2 mission-planner map into the cockpit as a small-ish screen that would also allow me to see the world outside the cockpit. I've found a video that loosely represents what I'm speaking of. Its probably apples-to-oranges, but the idea seems to show the end result I'd like to see. Here's the link to that video (may is stir your creative juices): thank you, Flyby out
  7. hello guys, Sorry to be late in acknowledging your replies. I was wondering why I received no email notifications. I will check my settings. I don't have the Steam variant of the sim. I bought my copy from the 1C store. So I take it any Steam adjustment is out of the question? I'll look into exploring possibilities within the server. Do I understand that the full-screen map can (or cannot) be made a bit translucent? thank you again for replying. Flyby out
  8. Is there any chance (or interest) is reducing the size of the map so it leaves the pilot a view of the outside world he's flying in? I've found the full screen map to be a bit of a hindrance, and akin to raising a map up to one's face while driving a car. Some guys are using tablets or other monitors to display the map, but not everyone has that setup. Maybe make the mini-map available in expert mode? Need a bit more convenience in navigating the front. thank you, Flyby out
  9. I don't know if this aspect of Boden Platte has been brought up, but will the weather modeling reflect the Northern European weather of the period? I believe the winter weather is a given, based on the actual operation, but as the map is presented here the lead-up to the operation takes place a few months earlier. d'oh! Mission planner!😁 thank you, Flyby out
  10. Yes, good point, Seafireliv. I think the S is definitely within my sights, and for all the right reasons too. First I will move my PC to my finished basement. I have a large desk holding my gear right now,but I'm looking to buy a flight sim chair and frame so I can place my HOTAS and rudder pedals in a better position. I've located one on Amazon and reviews look OK. https://www.nextlevelracing.com/products/next-level-flight-stand/ Flyby out
  11. You guys have been very helpful. I too came to the conclusion that the Valve Index is not $600.00.USD better than the Rift S. Your advice should make my transition to VR a lot smoother than without it. Also, the difference in price will afford me a great new set of headphones. Top Shelf! 😄 thanks again (if you can think of anything else relating to BoS and VR, let me know!). Flyby out
  12. Hi Luriael, I've been on several servers where the plane's icon is present. The icon certainly is appreciated on those servers. That is not the case in flying the ACG server campaign missions (held on Sundays). Flying on the server (I'm using TIR atm), only the full-screen map is present. One can usually tell when someone is consulting the map because his plane begins to depart it's course and altitude because the map is his entire screen. The idea of having a screen not blot out a pilot's view (in VR) is what I'm after. I'd like for the server to allow a mini-map, but currently it is what it is. As it is, one must be prepared to nav his way home from "anywhere". Look out the window. Look at the map. Look out the window. Look at the map. almost like real life VFR (in VR would be great!). thank you, Flyby out
  13. Thanks for all the replies, guys. I fly ACG campaigns, and there is no mini map enabled, but the large map is. SO when I use it, it's all I see. So it's difficult to try to compare my current location with the map. Difficult, but doable. I have wondered how using a map in VR. I'm leaning towards the Rift-S as the best bang for the buck, and am looking ahead to possible issues. SeafireLiv, when you bring up the map does it cover your whole view? Von_Tom, so you can still see to fly while referring to the map? True? TG, that seems a good option, a knee map I could look at while flying (over the frozen wasteland of the Ostfront, Moscow campaign) Thanks again, all! Flyby out
  14. Hello all, I've noted that the Rift-S is within m budget, and seems to review well, regarding flight sims. But how does one navigate in BoS? The one owner of the S that I know says he plans his routes ahead, then goes VFR. Is there no way to show a map within Rift S? If not, is VFR the only solution? Getting lost and trying to find one's way back without a map to reference seems daunting. What can I do? Flyby out
  15. +1 I've stopped using Tank Crew until I can take the time to go in and remap the controls for the tank, making sure they don't conflict with my aircraft mapping. I'd like to use my joystick to sew the turret left or right (aileron axis) while raising/lowering the gunsite (elevator axis). I have a Cougar, and I'd like to program the various tank crew functions to my HOTAS. I use my throttle for forward and reverse, and use my rudder pedals for l/r turns. Works fine. Just wish the devs hadn't stopped short of full HOTA implementation for the tanks. Flyby out
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