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  1. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    Thank you Taro. I'm trying to get some of my squadies interested in firing the old girl up, and rejoining on Hyperlobby. Flyby out
  2. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    hello Fenice, I've been flying full real for some years, but sometimes its good to mix the flying up with slightly relaxed settings. That way the sim has a different feel to it, and breaks the routine. I may drop in sometimes. Thank you! Flyby out
  3. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    Saladin, I saw several servers when I checked back. Oh Happy days! I also saw AcesoverPacific too. Good thing I didn't install the patches for 4.13.x, as those servers run 4.12.2 (M?). Thank you for replying. Long live IL2-Sturmovik_1946. Remarkable! Flyby out PS I looked at your page, and found it of similar intent to the one I fly with, the Air Combat Group or ACG. It too flies history-based missions. Now it is flying on the Eastern Front. I just wanted to get reacquainted with the old girl, '1946.
  4. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    I and a few others are trying to get back in to 1946, and would like a steer or two directing me (us) to any online servers. Hyperlobby seems to have died. thank you, Flyby out
  5. Hello all, Sorry to be late to the party. Great thread here. I've downloaded TV 1.71, and wonder if terrain mods can be enabled in this alpha version? I have d/l'd lefuneste's terrain mods but they are not working with 1.7.1. What can be done? thank you, Flyby out
  6. Can someone steer me straight on the subject of attaining server numbers in excess of 100 members? What is needed to attain this? I'm a noob and need it spelled out plainly. Do I go to my ISP? Can BoS support 100+ fliers at one time? thank you, Flyby out
  7. Thank you curiousGamblerr!!! Much obliged! Flyby out
  8. Hello all, I've searched for a mission planner for the Battle of Moscow map, but I'm not certain of the results. So I wanted to ask here if anyone has a link to a BoM map/mission planner? tia, Flyby out
  9. 5./JG26_Flyby

    Unable to set external view using mouse pan

    Mouse is not working in cockpit (109). Can't operate magneto or fuel or canopy. Help me! Also in Options/Realism the selections are unclickable as well. This before and after the big Win10 update. Flyby out
  10. Can someone link me to the reply within this thread where owners of the original RoF can see where that version stands regarding the Circus upgrade? thanks, Flyby out
  11. I support any decision the Devs make that would increase the spotting distance beyond 10k. The engine was moved up to DX11-spec, so maybe with the new reserve of rendering power we all received, a little tweak to the spotting distance might squeeze just a bit more immersion out of the sim? Obviously I'm speaking my wishes, and desires. I make no claim to them being rooted in code-writing reality. I just wish it were so. If I could tweak CLiffs of Dover, maybe the Devs can make the sim respond to similar tweaks? Flyby out
  12. Seems like there are many roads to Stalingrad. Thank you all again for your input. Relative to BoS, I think, I'll have to do as many have suggested, and try various settings to see what works best for me. I'll keep in mind that I'm trying to clarify the contacts at 10m. I hope it's an agenda item for the Devs. Flyby out
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to know my monitor's native rez is fine. I'll try turning off the HDR and SSAO too. I'd already checked contrast (increased) and brightness (dimmed it). I'll see what " I can see" after a test, preferably online. I want to get deeper into the sim as a slight change of pace from hitting Cliffs hard and heavy for so long (though I'll still fly the ACG Sunday campaigns). Can anyone recommend Nvidia settings for BoS? thanks again, Flyby out
  14. As the tile says, what to do? In Cliffs I use 12x7 rez and it improves spotting contacts tremendously. I'm told that was the native resolution for the sim anyway, though I can't confirm it. Also, a bunch of tweaks in the Nvidia control panel and a few in the conf.ini. Does or can any of this apply to BoS/Bom/Kuban contact spotting? I haven't experimented, but I think my monitor's native rez of 2560x1440 is a handicap for spotting EA at distance. I did a search but still I thought I'd ask. thank you, Flyby out