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  1. same issue. subscribed. very frustrating. Flyby out
  2. 5./JG26_Flyby

    about the rain effect

    this is a better representation of what I thought the rain might look like at higher speeds. As was said, maybe one day BoS will improve the effect. It's not bad overall. I like the streaming on side panes. Maybe I just need to fly faster? Flyby out
  3. 5./JG26_Flyby

    about the rain effect

    I can't be certain, but I believe the speed of an aircraft has a lot to do with the dispersion rate of the water on the windscreen. If it seems a slow dispersion in the Cessna's windscreen, then perhaps things happen a bit faster as airspeed increases (and someone explain to me how it should be, please)? After all, the force of the air on the windscreen as the speed increases would seem to have a greater effect on in moving the rain on the windscreen. I think? The video of the Cessna was just an example. I think aircraft speed matters. Maybe the effect of the rain on the windscreen could be modeled for aircraft speed? Flyby out
  4. 5./JG26_Flyby

    about the rain effect

    Nothing like flying a low-alt strike in a driving rain. The effect of rain streaming along the side cockpit panes is very nice, close to realistic, and so very immersive. Rain on the windshield does not seem to benefit as much from that "streaming" effect. With wind screens being generally slanted away from the plane's nose , is it possible to consider altering the rain drops which strike the windscreen so that they stream upward or to the sides and at a quicker rate (since the air speed is literally blasting/streaming them from the windscreen? A car with a rain repellent (such as RainX) makes the rain stream away at highway speeds over 60mph/100kph on the highway. This video shows what I'm speaking of (notice the drops hitting the windshield do not spread so much as in the sim: thank you, Flyby out D'oh! Actually the splatters in the sim are very close to RL. So, in stead, notice the droplets stream upward (probably as much from the speed of flying as from the propeller blast, in this case) Flyby out
  5. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    Thank you Taro. I'm trying to get some of my squadies interested in firing the old girl up, and rejoining on Hyperlobby. Flyby out
  6. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    hello Fenice, I've been flying full real for some years, but sometimes its good to mix the flying up with slightly relaxed settings. That way the sim has a different feel to it, and breaks the routine. I may drop in sometimes. Thank you! Flyby out
  7. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    Saladin, I saw several servers when I checked back. Oh Happy days! I also saw AcesoverPacific too. Good thing I didn't install the patches for 4.13.x, as those servers run 4.12.2 (M?). Thank you for replying. Long live IL2-Sturmovik_1946. Remarkable! Flyby out PS I looked at your page, and found it of similar intent to the one I fly with, the Air Combat Group or ACG. It too flies history-based missions. Now it is flying on the Eastern Front. I just wanted to get reacquainted with the old girl, '1946.
  8. 5./JG26_Flyby

    looking for a server running '46

    I and a few others are trying to get back in to 1946, and would like a steer or two directing me (us) to any online servers. Hyperlobby seems to have died. thank you, Flyby out
  9. Hello all, Sorry to be late to the party. Great thread here. I've downloaded TV 1.71, and wonder if terrain mods can be enabled in this alpha version? I have d/l'd lefuneste's terrain mods but they are not working with 1.7.1. What can be done? thank you, Flyby out
  10. Can someone steer me straight on the subject of attaining server numbers in excess of 100 members? What is needed to attain this? I'm a noob and need it spelled out plainly. Do I go to my ISP? Can BoS support 100+ fliers at one time? thank you, Flyby out
  11. Thank you curiousGamblerr!!! Much obliged! Flyby out
  12. Hello all, I've searched for a mission planner for the Battle of Moscow map, but I'm not certain of the results. So I wanted to ask here if anyone has a link to a BoM map/mission planner? tia, Flyby out
  13. 5./JG26_Flyby

    Unable to set external view using mouse pan

    Mouse is not working in cockpit (109). Can't operate magneto or fuel or canopy. Help me! Also in Options/Realism the selections are unclickable as well. This before and after the big Win10 update. Flyby out
  14. Can someone link me to the reply within this thread where owners of the original RoF can see where that version stands regarding the Circus upgrade? thanks, Flyby out