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  1. Great little update! I noticed the new cockpit ram air sounds, very good feedback in VR. NIce touches with the smoke and fires too.
  2. Used to have a G940, but gave it away a few years ago. Recently got Il2:GB and borrowed a Warthog HOTAS. I was hoping to get by with the throttle ministick for yaw, but it is all but unusable. All the "cheap" pedals are out of stock or overpriced, and I've been spoiled by what I'm borrowing, so I started looking around. Virpil and VKS both make some great looking pedals but I have a small space and the price point of the VKB pedals seemed excellent given the apparent quality. They arrived in about a week after ordering through VKBSim N.A. Shipped through DHL. At first I was concer
  3. Very true! I have done some collaborative fiction with it though. The reason I suggested it was that it allows the repo owner (reference player?) to merge in changes from branches and forks, as I'm sure you know. This can be used as a form of permission control to prevent multiple users from overwriting the same data. It's probably a bad idea , as you point out there are much simpler solutions such as Dropbox.
  4. I was thinking using github or a similar version control site might work well for sharing the files.
  5. PWCG coop is awesome, but my friend and I have trouble getting together regularly. We hope to fly MP when possible. but we may try playing a bunch of the missions single player and handing the files back and forth. If we have only one player in our coop group flying a mission, is there a way to get PWCG to export a single player offline mission instead of a multiplayer online mission? I realize the player can just run a local MP server with one player, but anecdotally the sim can handle more AI units if it is run as an SP mission.
  6. I ended up trying this utility and PWCG and was able to get something that was close enough to what I needed. thanks!
  7. For sure. Fortunately the one friend who expressed continuing interest was willing to spend an hour with me today on Discord. We had the same issues with finding which buttons he had mapped, but we got enough figured out to get going. I used the single example dogfight server as a warm up. Oddly, it's a great training environment. The AI flights are entirely passive. I had to explain _again_ how to chose an MP start point and plane (not obvious) and what to do after he crashed. All easy enough once you've done it a few times... With that out of the way we got to the actual sim
  8. I'm setting up an intro MP server for some friends and I'd like to leave aim assist on for those who want it. I personally don't, so I bound a button to the "aim assist' toggle in my Key Mapper. However, when I press it the aim assist still appears. This problem occurs in both MP and SP. I have verified that the button works with other function. Is it not possible to to turn off aim assist?
  9. I'm hoping to host a simple infinite intercept "coop" MP game for some friends I am trying to get interested in Il2. I've gotten a server running and all that (took a while to find out which port to open) but could use some pointers on the mission. I'm pretty sure I can figure out the mission editor to do some customizations, but if you can suggest an existing one I can start with, that'd be great. What I'm hoping for: Allow players to respawn and join midgame in the air. Does this mean it has to be a dogfight mission? Enemy AI bombers or dive bombers that fly a looping course
  10. Thanks. To be clear, my complaint isn't that the resources aren't there. They are and they are good. It's that for a new player not stepped in the simming tradition, searching the publishers forum for guides isn't the first or even the second thing they'd do when playing the game. At least a basic set need to be available in game. And it's a fair point that their lack of interest may be at the root of the issue. I happen to know one is a history buff, the other two not so much. But I still contend that the initial experience is daunting enough that you have to have inordinate enthu
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm aware of a lot of the resources mentioned and sent the same links to them weeks ago. I'll pass along the new one too. I appreciate the hard work that the devs, publisher and community have put into the game. I also appreciate that Il2:GB is it's arguably unique in being a flight sim that is both realistic and playable, . That's why I want my friends to play too. The problem I saw is in the first few hours a new player has the game. Problems with the UI and the access to learning resources, not with the sim itself. Those hours can change an $8 impulse
  12. Hello Folks, I'm another of the old dogs new to IL2:GBs. It's a great game, and I want to emphasize that, but it has a serious problem. I played Il2 Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters when they were current and for some time after. Spent a lot of time in Rise Of Flight, then went to DCS, where I enjoyed the F5 and the Huey, though I didn't do much gaming at the time. It's been a few years since then and haven't played sims. Gave away a lot of my old, tired gear, only keeping some odds and ends. However, I recently bought an old nVidia 980, borrowed a Gen. 1 Rift and a TM Warthog a
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