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  1. It's a sticky problem. Is it the AI using CPU cycles that causes the issue? If so, do rookie AI planes use as much CPU as ace AI? This is an excellent solution.
  2. AI fighters are critical. They represent the rookies and average pilots (they constituted 95% of active pilots) and provide a chance for successful combat for those online players who don't have the time to devote to becoming virtual aces.
  3. I had quite a lot of communication with Rick and he was beset by significant issues in his personal life. I recall he walked away from TfT, returned and then walked away again, never to be heard of any more. I remember the biggest issue we worried about was players turning up/down their gamma to cheat away the darkness of night.
  4. Alternatively the devs can make them work the same as in other games, no need for fiddling around with extraneous stuff.
  5. None of the nine guys in our gruppe have CTDs. Or anything else going wrong. Your hardware maybe? And one of the guys has only just taken delivery of his TrackIR yesterday; until then his hat-switch has been working fine and we have 'gun-cam' clips to prove it. Graphics...better than BoS generally, but the difference isn't so great as to make one ugly. Where BoS falls way behind is in the DM. The amount of stuff that happens to planes when they're hit in CloD is incredible. Do the wheels come out of their bays in BoS? Not seen it yet. Hit sounds...yeah. In CloD, superb. In BoS, nada. And that point alone is very important, because the lack of them particulary divorces the player from a sense of 'being there'. But WiP. We'll see.
  6. Puh, my bad (or the game's), my stick wasn't registering properly. I tested the Yak, La5 and 109F back-to-back and while the Yak and La5 are stable as rocks the 109 can black the pilot out in a horizontal turn without flipping out. Just seems a bit wobbly overall compared to the Yak and La5. Gunnery is vastly better, no more insta-hit at any range and deflection.
  7. Well oh my gawd, what happened to the 109's FM?! Just had a go on MP and it's like flying a barge on marbles. Yes, the rudder's been fixed but at what cost?
  8. Why is this thread still in general discussion? If it was titled "Reasons to stay with WT (or CloD) vs moving to BoS" it would be gone.
  9. I did do a fresh install on the last update before this current one. I test the hit sounds after every update and did notice a sound like .22 air-gun pellets hitting my plane and a loud bang on my left wing after last fortnight's update, but today there is nothing again.
  10. Just...wut? Engine management in CloD is spot-on and it is not "buggy and under-populated" (so far as niche sims go). It's highly stable and everything works 100%. Have you played it recently? Our guys play it every day/night and have an absolute blast because it's so stable and free of bugs. It is also head & shoulders above BoS in terms of graphics, FM and DM. That's not to say BoS is bad, just that CloD is eons ahead in the incredible detail and complexity of its under-the-hood functionality.
  11. Really? Since the multitudes of posts complaining about the lack of them I've not seen multitudes crying "yay, hit sounds fixed!".
  12. Lol, wut? My in-game sound setting is at 100% How and why would reducing my sound elsewhere improve the situation? Sounds a bit like being told to press the accelerator and brake at the same time in a car to make it go faster.
  13. Can't really give a fair/objective 'review' over there until we have the full game on our PCs. We still have a lot of issues with BoS that we don't know for sure will be resolved. That's my objective input.
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