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  1. Thank you for this review! And can you tell something about overheating of Index? One reviewer on YouTube told, that temperature of the HMD was very high so even his eyeballs felt it.
  2. Hello, i met some troubles with the mod Yesterday i tried to use 3Dmigoto mod (3.1 and 3.1.1) with the steam version of il-2. First of all i tried to setup zoom manually. it did not work - pressing of setup keys did not change anything. Then i took my “User_settings” folder from non-steam version and copied to proper directory of steam version. Zoom settings was broken (looked like default settings) and still no response from setup keys. After this i pasted my user_keymapping_zoom.ini file from 12.1 version of the mod, and everything was fine but this red warnings while loading. What am i doing wrong? Any ideas any why my “user_keymapping_zoom.ini” from non-sream version does not work with steam? And why setup keys does not work? I had the same problem. Try RIGHT ctrl instead of left. It worked by me.
  3. WoL hat seinen eigenen TS : ts.aviaskins.com und ist immer voll.
  4. Sie kommt heute http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18456-game-version-1103-discussion-p-40e-1-early-access/?p=289635
  5. Wie ich weiß, gibt es momentan keine andere Statistik.
  6. Mit der Taste "O" sollte es eigentlich gehen.
  7. Bitteschön http://il2.info/wlpvp
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