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  1. un envio de dinero, via Paypal tambien tendra ese recargo ?????
  2. Cuando seleccionas los 2 cañones del 20mm en el MiG 3, no se ven o no tiene trazadoras, hay alguna explicacion, o es simplemente un bug.
  3. not enough whit trucks, panzer limits has no effect too Tanks 667 / 650 Trucks 2246 / 2000 If better chance for VVS (ground attacking) has no efect in map results, there's few options left for us. BTW reds has no human option attacks for conquer (parachutes), we only got IA tanks option, who sometimes try to take noman lands, instead conquer AF, over and over, wasting resources
  4. German loose Trucks 2109 / 2000 how can german lose 109 more trucks than he has.... BTW german side still creating attacking convoys, whit AAA = gun+truck
  5. Thx LG for campaign. DRAW, tastes like victory
  6. Don't whine, i never flies as LW remember it........ I'm prepared for another TAW "blues must win" edition
  7. I see from 4-5 days to now, German Depots always at 100% damage, yesterday aircraft limit for LW has increased by 60 planes, now is 1360. How can this be posible? BTW for VVS side depots are about 50% damaged in those days, and the aircraft limit is only 1340 (1300+40) which target counts for the increase of limits ?????
  8. Hi Kathon, can you check this, from mission log, i see german panzer destroyed, but they advance, and close the near AF by proximity
  9. Discrepo y mucho, sobre la precision, dispersion y caida de la municion tiene mucho que ver tambien la longitud del cañon. Los franco tiradores llevan un fusil de metro y pico, por que no tienen la misma precision que con un Colt 45 Un simple ejemplo: Cañon VYA 23 mm ruso https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkov-Yartsev_VYa-23#/media/File:VYa-23_cannon_Keski-Suomen_ilmailumuseo.JPG media 2 metros, solo el cañon del arma ya media 1,6 m. Cañon MK 108 aleman https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/me163/images/large/weapon10.jpg el arma completa mide 1,07 m si a esto le añadimos la velocidad de salida, que por norma general es superior en los cañones rusos. Ya te digo yo, que el tiro no es igual de tenso, ni por asomo.
  10. i was flying more than 10 minutes after the "incident" don't know why, i was counted as shot down. Thx anyway.
  11. don't understand this stats..... http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=4214&name=RedEye_Miji Friendly fire by an I-16, sometimes a P40 was confused whit BF, (shit happens) but i managed to fly away, heavy damaged, this counts as +1 CM but my new P40 was lost.
  12. Hi mates, great editon of TAW. I got a question for admins: can you check Mc.202 allowed for gunpods in all maps, when only 1 prototype was made, never in production, and it was be in '43 spring more info: http://www.alieuomini.it/AJAX/catalogo/dettaglio2_catalogo/16/ Thx for your job&time.....
  13. Landing AF was Dyatlovo Didn't read, if its a bug, enough explanation for me, Thanks for info. But can't repair AF bombed is not fair at all, when Germans con close it, whit her H bombs ......
  14. Landing transport plane in red AF whit 100% damage, counted as DITCHED and no repair in AF in next mission. What is wrong??? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=5960&name=RedEye_Miji
  15. ya lo he encontrado, solo esta en version 4k
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