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  1. I sign up for this tomorrow with Unit SCG The 2nd event will be for Sunday, from 3-5 PM EST. This event will be a tank event, practicing tank maneuvers, and combat tactics. Hope to see yo all there! This event will be lead by Major Neun. Just join the Discord Channelan an have some fun
  2. Our first night mission was fun 3 tiger with voice channel to seek enemy
  3. Only to help each other here in the beginning ,to learn the Tank and have fun it's easy with a voice channel just join it ....Discord https://discord.gg/9r9tBdW
  4. Thanks Thad I just bought the Tank.....Now i just have to learn to drive with it
  5. Just join or Discord channel Hames123 you will find more there about os when we meet up https://bencollins8194.wixsite.com/kg-4/comms an we us BOS Teamspeak + KG4 Teamspeak KG4 Link http://kg4.freeforums.net/thread/3/kg4-teamspeak-server-details have already done so Ben_C Hames123 .If we can not find a service we would like to join some days . then i host one up time to time like COOP mission or target training
  6. Cocount He 111 H-16 More aircraft on the air base so more can join a larger group
  7. Good holiday Cocount hope you are back after summer
  8. I enjoyed it. I tried to attack He111 but run fast dry With my ammo
  9. We hit these Target Tip ..... Me an Prody ...Sorry i was late to sign up but fun it was
  10. I'm not that far away 1 hour with airline cya on Discord ( but i fly 110 + Ju52 time to time when my He111 Is in the workshop after a bombe run )
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