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  1. The worst thing about the P 40 is cockpit textures. Abysmal IMHO. Many others are either great or amazing but this one needs to be reworked. The perspective is all wrong and looks elongated! Desperately needs to be fixed but I am not holding my breath.
  2. Another great one. Much thanks!
  3. Nice to hear from you. And that scheduled completion date would be ...?
  4. Great vid bud! Would have been even better in no cockpit mode like good ole IL2. Wish you guys could pull that off since i think many of us would really appreciate it.
  5. Love the Spitfire with desert air intake and all the updates!!!
  6. If you want to re-assign new key in what control section can you find [ AND ] ?
  7. Honestly, both games have a lot to offer and both are owned by Jason and company so it’s all good
  8. I am a casual SP player and that is why I find IL-2 so frustrating. Like my post said, I think the graphics are far superior, the AI is better. FMs are better and DMs are way better!!! The sense of flight is more immersive the water looks amazing. The cons are it’s an older game and feels a some interfaces feel bit dated. Also, no VR support. If I had 10 minutes to fly either in SP mode I would pick Cliffs
  9. Totally with you on this. Actually, I’ve been playing more Cliffs because it feel so much more realistic… The sense of flying, the photo realistic graphics and far superior AI. With Cliffs I actually feel like I’m fighting a person, not a super human AI bot that can out fly me no matter what planes we’re in and where bomber gunners shoot me down from 2 miles out. I have to fly with invulnerable checked which does not do much to promote realism. There are some inherent flaw’s with my L2 that I believe will never go away, the overly twitchy flight controls and poor AI I believe are here to stay. They can add as many planes and maps as they want but I guess it’s too hard / too expensive to fix some of the fundamental issues with the game ... overly twitchy flight controls and poor ai simulation. However, I will keep supporting until someone else comes out with a better product. I am really hoping Microsoft gets back into the combat flight Sim business!
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