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  1. Don Gentile back in the saddle again! THANK YOU!!!
  2. What I’m really hoping for is a better FM. I can’t do anything with the current version.
  3. This is my favorite P51B. My father had some classes with Don Gentile at the U of Maryland.
  4. Here’s how I see things… I purchased BON because I’m a big fan of Combat Flight Sims in general and the P51B in particular. I also want to send Jason and company some money so they will stay in business. I am guessing that the architecture IL2 is built on is getting a bit old and limited in terms of what it can do and how far you can take it. That may be one reason Pacific Theater is a nonstarter. I would guess Jason wishes he never mentioned it since he has a very good track record of saying what he is going to do and then doing it. Unlike some other combat flight Sim developers that will remain nameless. I don’t see a significant difference from one map to the next. I’m concentrating more on shooting down the guy in front of me. I don’t think we will see a significant difference Bodenplatte and BON. My hot buttons are the planes, flight models, AI, clouds, engine sounds and how well the game runs. 777 has done a very good job with most of those things and I think they will continue to do so. I will also continue to send them my money until I feel they no longer have any more planes I want or someone else like Microsoft gets in the game.
  5. Simulating accurate, believable combat maneuvers are way more important to me than simulating blackouts when pulling Gs. Have not had much time to experience the tweaked AI but if the monotonous NASCAR turning has been toned down, my sincere thanks to the dev team!!!
  6. These are quite fantastico. Thanks for sharing!!!
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