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  1. Squadron Leader Canfield approves this message!
  2. Looks amazing! Jason, why oh why can’t we have this in Great Battles!
  3. Having a great time with Cliffs. It has come so far since CloD release and I thank the dev team and Jason for its continued viability and success. Hope it continues to get love and support!
  4. Thanks. Can you assign a key to toggle on / off like IL2?
  5. Any way to remove or toggle on / off? Thanks
  6. Hey Jason, nice to hear from you and glad all is well with my favorite combat flight sim!
  7. Seems like a long time without a DD or much from Jason. Just sayin.
  8. When I start the game all my key / axis assignments are gone. When I re-assign everything for keyboard and joystick and exit game, nothing is saved. Anyone else having this issue? Any fix would be appreciated.
  9. The dim and increase illumination does not work in the spit. I have assigned keys and it does not work
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