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  1. Squadron leader Canfield approves!
  2. The AI is the worst part of this game. I enjoy the eye candy, sightseeing, and updates. I enjoy the community. But I only play SP and after five minutes I am out. Why? Total boredom. No fun fighting NASCAR, sharp shooting, bots!
  3. Again, no mention of the hurricane??? Whoops, missed the Hurricane mention. How embarrassing!
  4. Again, no mention of the hurricane???
  5. Great update and much appreciated. It’s great to buy something that gets better and better over time.
  6. This is the reason I Purchased Normandy!
  7. Thanks for the update! A lot of great stuff here. Did I miss the release of the Hurricane? If it’s still WIP I’m surprised the update did not include an update!
  8. The short answer is yes. Some will say it has been improved and if so it’s negligible. AI pilots are super human who get more out of their plane than you ever could and they never miss. Bomber gunners use sniper rifles. IMHO it’s the game’s biggest flaw. It needs a total rework which I think the developers can not afford. Have a nice and safe day. Out!
  9. Not even for P 51B, Shangri-La?
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