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  1. A veritable cornucopia - many thanks Pattle and the team
  2. I see there are now 7 pages of comment in the above forum, following Nick Greys' pledge to make a WWII version of the Marianas map
  3. A great improvement with both FXAA and SMAA. Thanks again for your good work
  4. It's becoming clear that the Tomahawk, Macchi and, in particular, the Martlet as completely new types, are benchmarks in the evolution of COD. To the developers - Bravo - this is really good work.
  5. I know this phrase is used a lot, but that does look photo-realistic - great work
  6. It's a while since I used the Pimax FFR (Fixed Foveated Rendering), but it definitely used to work and gave a very sharp image, although it was not to my liking as it seemed to defeat the point of the wide field of view and the distortion outside of the foveated render area was somewhat immersion sapping. Maybe the Steam VR update has something to do with it no longer working. Since the Steam update, I get a hideous psychedelic flickering and a blue IL2 name-box on the mission loading screen, though everything else seems ok. I would be interested to hear what kind of performance other Pimax users are getting. With the Pimax 5K-Plus, using an RTX 2080Ti and Core i7-6700K, I personally cannot get beyond about 38 to 48 fps (very rarely 50fps), Significant settings are; Smart-Smoothing = On (on or off - doesn't make much difference?) Field of View = "Normal" Render Quality = 2 (very little improvement in fps at 1.5) Gameplay at these settings is quite smooth, though spotting aircraft at more than a couple of kilometres is very difficult unless labels are used. Even with the current shortcomings of VR, it is hard to go back to using a monitor for gameplay. With Pimax and some other contempory headsets now being considered as 2nd generation, it makes me look forward in slight amazement to what the next generation of VR headsets will be like.
  7. I am eagerly awaiting the release of this superb looking game. On graphics quality alone, it looks like a paradigm shift for strategy sims and for me personally you couldn't have chosen a more interesting theatre and campaign group. Please keep up the good work.
  8. A welcome sight for expectant eyes - sometimes less is more
  9. Sounds like the perfect balance - and a very absorbing and unique player experience too. Looking forward to the updates
  10. Thanks Buzzsaw and the whole team for this incredible dedication. Is there a chance you will be doing something similar for the ships and naval units in the future ? - if so, this would, in my opinion, make it the leader of all the top flight sims and offer unrivalled player experience, which would not be available elsewhere.
  11. The SH4 mega mod "Fall of the Rising Sun" massively expands the stock IJN and USN surface forces, and there are also a huge number of player-controlled surface ships in the SH4 download section at SubSim. It is quite easy to build reconstructions of almost any Pacific surface actions using the mission editor. I currently have a WIP of Savo Island and the other three Guadalcanal naval battles. Using the player controlled ships you can choose whatever command you want - BB, CA, CL, DD - either IJN or USN. Both main and secondary armaments are enabled plus torpedoes. Player can take control of main turrets or remain on the bridge with gunfire directed by AI. There are a wealth of camera angles and functions available which make surface battles extremely playable. Agreed the graphics are somewhat dated in SH4 compared to SH5, but nevertheless they are very good and very detailed. I also particularly like the way the crew members on the surface ships are animated. For SH5, I echo what has been said above, the WOS mod is essential and it is very flexible with regard to difficulty settings. Nice to see the guys at SubSim working so hard to keep the SH series evolving.
  12. I get game freeze whenever I press keys for the following key bindings - Show/Hide entire HUD Show/Hide Instrument Panel Aiming Help Tested in SP (QMB & Scripted Campaign) From the screen freeze I have to exit via Windows Task-Manager and restart game. I have graphic settings at near maximum but have tried turning all graphics settings way, way down - No difference! I have tried Administrator + compatibility mode (for my system - Windows 7) - No difference! My PC specs are; Nvidia 1080, 16 Gb RAM, i7 4.8Gb, Liquid cooling etc - so it should be able to handle the load. The freezes happen both with VR (Oculus Rift CV1) and with Trackir. I also get screen-freeze when not using any head tracking or VR, but just using pan-view from the stick hat. All settings are Ultra + max Frame rates are high throughout at Target rate - ie. steady 60+ Gameplay is good quality and smooth, until I press one of the above mentioned keys - then complete freeze. Edit All the above occurs with HUD selected to be shown as default - if I de-select HUD as default, the game plays normally and I can switch the above mentioned service commands on and off without getting the screen freeze. Don't know if this is normal or a bug - hope this information helps. Il-2_exe_5236.dmp.zip
  13. HUD was already enabled by default - BUT, I tried DISABLING it by default, and this appears to be a fix. Not tested extensively yet but so far so good. I think there must be a bug though, because with default HUD I still get freeze when switching it off etc. in game Thanks Nop51.
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