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  1. Ran the test: 4790k - 4.4 ghz CPU Mark: 12381 Vr test: Avg: 62.833 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 Screen test: Avg: 144.817 - Min: 117 - Max: 192 System specs are in signature.
  2. You can't compare the two, they are different things.. Track IR is about spotting, planning and excecution.. VR is about reacting and emotion. I could imagine that each one suits different personality types. I have been flying in VR for a little while now, first has to upgrade from a GTX 970 to a 1080 (970 works amazing for 2d with trackir) and also upgrade my RAM. I was getting really agitated by how difficult it is to see if a plane is a friendly or not with the lower resolution in vr, so I tried a few flights with Trackir again after a long break. Well let me just say that I'm totally hooked on vr again after going back to try trackir last night again. If you can't afford all the necessary upgrades for vr (card, processor, ram) then trackir is great. It blows away vr for spotting, plane recognition etc. But VR has me sold again, even at the cost of resolution. Would basically say it's like playing 2 different games which is how it should really be thought of and the "Trackir vs VR" debate should be put to bed. Track IR is about improving your target tracking around your plane and above/front with a quick check six. It's best employed for those who like to calculate, formulate a plan and execute and are very patient fliers. In a boom and zoom scenario I would take track ir. I also think it's better for stalking, sneaking up on someone. VR is about experiencing more feelings and emotions of combat, ie immersion. VR is superior in a turn fight to me as it's better for reacting, spherical awareness and gauging distance. If you're a risk taking, seat of your pants flyer who enjoys close calls, VR is for you! Track ir feelings: 1.Looking out the window as an object goes past you which is awesome compared to no track ir. Your first flight with it really will blow you away and it's for sure worth the money. 2.easily scope sectors of sky and spot objects coming a long way out to help avoid getting bounced. VR feelings: 1. Somebody is chasing me paranoia, turning around to frantically see where they are rather than a quick, less emotional check. 2. When the aircraft stops on the runway you move your head forward just like the g force from brakes, it just happens and it will trip you out and bring you back to reality a bit. 3. Extreme guilt when you've flamed a friendly because you totally blew the id on target due to your poorer resolution. 4. Getting bounced a lot more, less chance to see people coming (see paranoia feeling described in 1) cursing poor resolution and distance spotting, wishing to go back to track ir momentarily. 5. Getting shot down while staring at targets in a swarm trying to id. Wishing to go to track ir momentarily 6. Reversing on an enemy in close quarters with a series of s-turns or a snap roll (you can almost feel how close they are on your 6) 7. The feeling of pulling up under and flaming an FW190 in your YAK1 who's trying to hammerhead you but you avoid the stall because you have a much better sense of an impeding stall and know just when to drop your flaps. 8. The crushing knowledge of how much debt you will be in to support your newly found VR habit to chase better resolution and haptics that will come to simulate movement and g-force (please lord while I am still alive!) That's where I feel like things are at, but this is just an opinion, not a fact! Everyone's going to have their own but I'm curious to see if anyone else experiences a heightened sense of emotion and feeling in VR like I do?
  3. Took a cruise in the new Kuban map on an empty multiplayer server in VR and WOW!! Was flying around just looking at everything and doing banked turns and passes. Even though my 970 pumps out below 45fps I still enjoyed it despite the nausea for quite some time. I feel like the handling in the aircraft seems way better and gunnery is far more accurate especially when using the rudder. This might be the straw that breaks my credit card and debts back and puts me behind the 8 ball for the next year as I may have to shell out for a 1080ti, buy the Cuban edition and see the full effect available in VR. The direction you guys are heading is awesome! Here's to an increasing waistline, burning eyeballs and an empty bank account!!
  4. In saying that, if CLOD team fusion 5 gets VR implementation with a way to look at the instruments in cockpit and select or flick them, then just take my money!!
  5. Finally got my settings and hardware tweaked enough to enjoy a dogfight in VR. The VR experience: The feeling of immersion and spacial awareness in VR makes a big difference to your capabilities when flying In a dogfight. You really understand the size of the aircraft a lot more, get paranoid when searching for fighters, feel much more like you are flying and occasionally even get a little nausea with frame rate drops (if you have a lower end gpu like I do. The good: Improved in VR: Spatial awareness- It feels to me like I can locate another fighter much better in the 3 dimensional space in VR. You have a much better concept of where somebody is when you glance at them and also where they are looping back to when they are on your tail. You are much more capable of orientation between your fighter and theirs which leaves you able to pick them up, turn your head, then turn your head back to the space where you have anticipated them to move to. I can say there's almost a bit of a 6th sense when you're on someone's tail about to squeeze the trigger. You can tell that someone is coming up behind you, there's a slight paranoia that I don't find exists as much with track ir. If you ignore it, you get flamed and the feeling is a little more sickening and realistic when it happens due to the immersion level. Gunnery Accuracy- You're more aware of how far away a plane is which makes leading a target slightly easier. The need to often close one eye and use your sighting eye eliminates the awareness a little, but makes aiming feel much more realistic. Sort of like looking down old gun cam footage (With the decreased resolution of VR). That feeling alone makes it a bit more realistic. You feel like you are aiming from inside something, rather than pointing a sight at something. Ground attack- It's much easier to tell the distance to the ground and trees when in vr. You're not likely to pull up as late when fixated on a target on a strafing run. You can really tell how far away it is and also what your rate of closure is. I haven't tried flying bombers yet, but I can see that being a tail gunner is probably pretty fun in VR and dive bombing might be super fun as well. The Bad: -The Graphics It's blurry... there's a big downgrade from 1080p and if you're a 4K gamer, you're not going to be happy about the image quality. I don't have a high end GPU, but things like screen door effect, god rays, and pixelation do cut back on the immersion. I don't feel like the narrower field of view is an issue as you flew with goggles on anyway back then, so if anything, it helps with the immersion. -Lower FPS Can be an issue that causes nausea especially if there's a dip below 45fps. If you've got anything less than a 980ti, I would say you'll be experiencing this. VR requires higher rendering capabilities and Il2 seems to spread the load over the CPU, RAM and GPU so you'll need to have RAM speed over 2000mhz. I had to upgrade mine from 1330mhz as it was the cheapest way to get more fps for me (without dropping another $800-$1000!). I have a GTX 970 and sorely wish I had at least a 1070 to make things look clearer. Gauges are harder to read (I have 20/10 vision which is much better than 20/20 so I pick up every little graphic bug and stutter). The main reason to have the higher end graphics card is to super sample and improve the ability to make out these details. You'll be spending endless amounts of time tinkering with settings, overclocking, chasing bugs all hoping to improve your graphics and frame rate. This has for sure cut back on my ability to just enjoy it at the moment, so you'd be better to make sure you have the hardware to keep the FPS up. Aircraft ID- Much more difficult. You'll be more aware of where planes are, but not know who they are until you're up close about to fire. It's also very hard to find them at distance (not sure if this is the case with a better graphics card, but it's not going to compare to even 1080p. This may improve with the next generation, but you'll be dropping a lot of money to get the components to run it. Overview: VR is undoubtably the future for Flight Sims. As haptics improve things are going to get even better. There's a Japanese scientist who has figure out how to simulate inversion via electrode pulses through temples/necks. I would predict that the next gen of VR is going to include more than a graphical update. Think of current gen VR as basic flight training before that next generation brings on the real combat. If you like ultra realistic graphics, stick with track ir. If you're more interested in feeling a bit more like you're there and bring on more feelings like a pilot would get, start moving to vr. Don't fee like it's absolutely necessary yet though, especially if you currently have a lot of hardware for perfect graphics. If you're already coming from low res, then for sure go for it (less than 720p already, or you haven't been in flight sims for the last 7 years). Now I love me some good graphics, but I haven't plugged my trackir back in yet I feel like the act of heated combat is better in vr, cruising and enjoying the view are better in track ir. Oh, there's also a lot of other experiences and games in VR that are game changers as well, first person shooters are great!
  6. Yes all turned off. It only does this on the balapan track. I tried playing in a 3 on 3 dogfight in quick mission and I'm getting significantly more FPS up to 80-90 and almost all above 45fps. It's just in Balapan Track this is being forced on for some reason. When the screen shows up in pause mode it instantly drops to below or at 45fps and won't go above 47. Very strange... I can confirm there is a huge performance upgrade with the RAM upgrade! My FPS has gone up a lot in il2 to the point where I can finally play without too many harshe effects. Will do a review soon on my thoughts for someone with a Gtx970 plus vr 1.7 seems to actually work ok in VR for some reason. I fee like good CPU and good RAM can perhaps overcome some of the issues of not having a 980ti, 1070/80/ti series GPU as it seems like il2 does a good job of spreading everything around the system. Would love to try one out, but will just start saving for my own.
  7. Could Fraps itself be the issue? I found this post suggesting that fraps may only be reporting the windowed frame rate? https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/248513-Can-someone-help-me-understand-how-frame-rate-for-a-VR-unit-like-my-HTC-Vive-works
  8. This is just bizarre...Have tried all of these options.. used Oculus tray tool to turn off asw, tried turning off in game using ctrl + num1 Also tried turning off in steamvr settings. No frame rates over 45 in vr test. Much higher rates in menus occasionally up to 90, but all flights are below 45fps. Overclock/no overclock, xmp, no xmp all have the same result. Monitor tests are all 145-152 average, 71-74 min, 187-195 max Vr tests all 35-44 average, 21-29 min, 41-47 max. Something is forcing ASW on and I can't turn it off. It's weird because I was getting up to 87-90 fps in game when flying previously although big drops below the min and nausea as well
  9. Got my RAM upgrade and I can confirm that something strange is happening for sure. Frames seemed to be limited around the 45fps mark. It's like something is limiting them from going up as I ran the monitor test and there's more performance there with the ram upgrade and also with an overclock I now have. I think this is the likely culprit. Where/what should I change here to fix this in steam VR settings?
  10. Done: Passmark Rating CPU mark: 11462 CPU Single Thread: 2651 Also modified in my original post to avoid any confusion. New RAM arrives any day now, will see how it goes.
  11. Finally managed to get this test going today. I thought it would be interesting for you to have a GTX 970 result up in the board, as its recommended as the required GPU for a good experience in VR. This will hopefully help others out there decide if they have the rig to run VR well enough in IL2 before they make the investment. Current setup: Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force Motherboard CPU: i7 4790k set to run at default of 4.0ghz GPU: Gigabyte GEForce Windforce 970 gtx gaming G4 RAM: GSkill Ares 2x8GB DDR3 1300mhz Oculus Rift with touch (all other is in signature) Windows 10 64 Pro My settings are default in BIOS (after the reccomended settings I had found online somewhere had a lower performance in VR and downright abysmal in monitor in this test with hyperthreading disabled etc. *see earlier post with link to be settings in bios and Nvidea control panel) conclusion, don't disable hyper threading for this game (unless someone has a post that disputes this, I would be happy to fire it up again) NVidea control panel settings have only "set to maximum performance" wherever it was an option in global settings. No overclocks of CPU, GPU or RAM Passmark Rating CPU mark: 11462 CPU Single Thread: 2651 VR Test Results Balapan Track: (this explains my nausea in VR and screen freezes) Frames: 2647 - Avg 44.117 - Min: 26 - Max: 46 Monitor Test Results: Frames: 8215 - Avg: 136.917 - Min: 72 - Max: 182 I have new DDR3 2400 RAM on the way and will try the test after installing that to compare and see if RAM speed makes a noticeable difference. Then I will try overclocking CPU, GPU, new RAM and post those results as well to see what I can get from what I have.
  12. First of all, thanks for the help with dealing with my grey screen issues! I'm looking to max out my settings and get a few more food to help me avoid motion sickness in VR. Based on this thread and your findings, with my current setup I figure the cheapest way to do that is by upgrading my RAM as it seems to be the weaker part of my setup. Looks like my motherboard doesn't support ddr4, so I'm looking at ddr3 RAM. Is size a consideration? I figure speed is the most important, when I look at both Speed ie upgrading to something in the mid to high 2000s MHz, should I worry about getting more than 16GBs of RAM? Would I be better to get 4x4GB sticks? 2x8GB sticks? 4x8GB sticks? Or should I just be trying to get a couple of sticks of the fastest RAM I can find.. I'm thinking about getting these as it seems like others with my motherboard have given them good reviews: G.SKILL TridentX Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200) Desktop Memory Model F3-2400C10D-16GTX I want to start saving up for either the next gen of Nvidea GPUs or wait until they are released and the prices drop of the current 1080s/ti so I figure the RAM update is the best way to improve my setup without spending a lot. Would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts! Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm not sure what the problem was, but I wiped everything and ran a clean install of windows. Combined with all the tweaks above (which there is no way I would have figured out without the forum help) I am up and running again, with very few freezes now, other than mainly in loading screens. I have nausea again but that's just due to the frame drops and stuttering. Thanks everyone for your help! Now onwards in the quest for an increase in fps!!
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