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  1. Bauer try war thunder, you might enjoy it.
  2. Damn cybernet, I was trying to be your friend... What do you guys mean cheer up?! Im not depressed, i am disappointed... Thought we would be rocking 200 player MP by now... What you mean its not out in March was it not scheduled for Spring 2014?
  3. Denounce, dismiss and if all else fails attack his mental health!
  4. Well the way i see it is its over, i can marry some young girl that can slowley turn into an old crow, get a job and live my life in misery like most of your guys... Golden age of games seems over... Now all i have to look forward to is a Mad max style ordeal of some kind of Armageddon...
  5. Like all games now released... Don't blame us its not finished yet... Give me a break. Stop hiding behind the % complete excuse. Is it not due out in March? Arma 3, DayZ standalone... Anything interesting is alpha or beta... i remember a time when games were finished on release and we didnt have to pre order to secure the release.... and not so long ago pre order "for fans" was substantially cheaper... Fan boy attack, lock, ban and subterfuge in 3... 2... 1...
  6. As the title says, I cant see this beating IL2: Clod for Multiplayer and to be honest i would be better of with the cash than this game... Appreciate what your trying to do but with less content, less players and this kind of development censorship I think I'd rather get married than play this... Its 2014... We need 200 players a server for MP... All the games coming out now are broken and support less and less... is the golden age of gaming dead? - Probably.
  7. Mostly Multiplayer stuff from campaigns, some tutorials for clod 109. http://www.youtube.com/user/5jg27farber
  8. Not really as its not physically possible is it... So either I would only look from a fixed point or it would look all wrong with angles going up hill... unless you could reproduce that that looked the same from all angles...
  9. A CFS by Van Gogh would be terrible, the land scape would look like an extreme close up of an old carpet and the clouds would look like ink dropped in fresh water. Perhaps Picasso could be res-erected at the same time so he could model the aircraft... They could have all their features on one side... Raaaid could do the FM's and DM's... It would be quite a spectacle.
  10. Ahh Revi C 12 / D manual here from 42... I dont know then... Really have no idea. Take care of your piece of history.
  11. Nice, good condition. Would you like a manual to go with it? Ill see if I've got one.... Send me your email via PM. Im really not an expert but these manuals seem to date it at ~1940...
  12. Is not the purpose of early access to report bugs and criticism? Or is it just to praise the devs?
  13. O this one: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2777-gun-sounds-and-tracers-are-stupid/ Nevermined that. Should the tracers be greater than 1 m across from the Bf109 machine guns? In my conclusion that is the best case scenario? What about this evidence?
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