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  1. Players need agency to really enjoy a game. That means your actions must have tangible consequences in the game world. That's why the successful multiplayer servers (TAW, Finnish) provide a dynamic environment: take out those tanks and you get to keep that airfield, or you advance the frontline. Player fights to try to win the battle. There is a starting point and a possible outcome: tactical victory or tactical defeat. That's a dynamic campaign. Very black and white, in my view. Unfortunately not possible for single player at the moment.
  2. Few months ago spent many hours with those. Certainly better than most of the single player offerings, in my view. However ground targets are all static, and the AI has no strategy at all. They just rect to the presence of your flights by sending up interceptors. Also the AI of your wingmen is problematic. Most times they can't attack ground targets and SEAD flights are very poor. In conclusion the original effort by Mbot to code DCE is great, but the tool used (DCS) is inadequate.
  3. It's very inexpensive and a true simulator. Make sure you have a largish play area, so you can use some footwork as one would in a ring. Just take it easy at first and don't go overboard as I did. I'm in reasonable good shape but did almost 2 hours the first day and am still hurting 😄 i hit 166 heart rate, which is amazing for me at my ripe old age. Never thougth that what amounts really to shadow boxing could be so taxing. Damage model is great, opponents get bruises and cuts where you hit them, and make faces 😁
  4. Anyone tired of sitting down in VR ought to try this. Fun as hell and an amazing workout.
  5. Sorry for opening a new thread, but could not find any mention of this. Already happened a couple of times. Moscow mig 3 career, ground attack mission, as my flight approaches the target area, the ground targets and their red icon disappear, just minutes after the flight is in range, and before we can set up an attack run. Could it be some clean up routine that kicks off too soon?
  6. Really enjoying 9.0 in single player, just wanted to thank Pat for the great work!
  7. Much respect Wildbill. I want to be like you when I grow up.
  8. My thoughts exactly. In the meantime you can use OperVR advanced settings and bind a 180 snap view to a touch controller button. Well Chili, just don't use the feature (if and when we will ever have it...)
  9. Jokkr assuming you use steamvr, download openvr advanced settings and you can have a 180 degrees rotation snap view bound to a touch controller button. It's easy and fast. Place the touch controller close to your throttle and you have an accessible 6oclock snap view in vr.
  10. 1. no fisheye 2. Oculus Rift S 3. No 4. Unnecessary, no issues Thanks for the good work with the new VR zoom
  11. I wish to thank Jason and the team for the good work and the new VR zoom. It's not as powerful as the mod, but I can certainly live with it. Everything is working as intended with my Rift S, so maybe I won't have to change my hobby after all 😊 Cheers.
  12. Yeah I hope he finds a girlfriend soon
  13. My IPD, as measured by an optometrist, is 66 mm. Scale might be right as it is, however I'm a large man, and watching the 66 IPD cockpit of a 109, it seems I could reach the rudder pedals with my hands, and the sides of the cockpit would cut right into my shoulders. If I there's a way to simulate being a small undernourished fighter pilot grown up in the 30s, i'm gonna use it 😉
  14. hmmm strange. I use a Rift S, and I have 180 degrees rotation bound to a touch controller button. I keep the touch controller close by the throttle and just hit the button for quick checksix. Hitting it again, or the VR recenter button, brings back the 12 o'clock view. Really I have no idea why you would end up outside the cockpit...
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