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  1. still works for me after changing from CV1 to Rift S
  2. in the words of Walter Krupinski (The German Aces Speak):
  3. I think the ideal would be a 5X zoom. The current VR zoom is about 2X, IMHO Having both options would be awesome.
  4. I don't think developers have coded the zoom we have in VR. It must come pre-packaged in the VR API and likely the devs don't even know how to change it
  5. I'm guessing you need to push the nose down during take off while accelerating to take off speed
  6. Maybe using a couple of fires to mark ground targets like at the airfields? Also would be nice to have some soft targets in the convoys, so far I've seen only tanks.
  7. Very nice server, tried it today for a couple of sorties. First time I play online in many months, used to be very fond of Coconut server, this could be a suitable replacement. Many thanks!! p.s. - the craters over the targets appear only when very close, therefore don't help with visibility, and are floating some 10/20 meters above ground. - the static tanks at the depot also appear only when very close (500 meters, I think)
  8. Interesting. However I run an I7 8700k @ 5Ghz with a GTX 1080 TI, and it drives an Oculus Rift S at a satisfactory frame rate in IL2 (60/80 fps without ASW) and barely satisfactory in DCS (40 fps with ASW, but it seems a VR optimization is coming ). So I might consider the Reverb next year when I upgrade my GPU to an RTX 2080 TI. With my current system it would be only an exercise in frustration.
  9. I used the KSC75 earbuds with a little modification, like this guy is showing here. Works pretty well and costs around 20 euro. https://imgur.com/gallery/V7zKoN9
  10. No, apart form the imgur link in the post above, but it seems rather straightforward. Just pop the earbuds out, straighten up the steel wires, then bend them in place, replace the earbuds. Amazon will send my KSC75 tomorrow and we'll see what I can do. I've already managed to fix the CV1 prescription lenses to the Rift S with some double-sided tape so I have no doubt that the resulting contraption will be perfectly workable. Love these little redneck mods 😎
  11. Oculus Rift S audio solution, seems cheap and effective. https://imgur.com/gallery/V7zKoN9
  12. Just got the Rift S. Even if something better should come out in the next 6 months (which I doubt) I must say getting it was a very good choice 😎 Coming from a CV1 the crisp and clear display just blows me away. It's also very comfortable, nose gap is there, and you can lift it over your head momentarily just like the CV1. Sound of course is what it is, will get some good earbuds.
  13. My Rift S arrived today. Apart from the fact that the first USB port I tried gave me a black screen, it's been working fine the last 2 hours. Sweet sweet upgrade. So much clearer that CV1!
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