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  1. it was update 3.201: "102. A workaround added for VR HMDs without hardware IPD adjustment - LShift-NumPad+ and LShift-NumpadEnter directly move the images on the VR screen farther or closer." Does it work for you both in Open Composite and SteamVR? I remember trying it once, but with no effect
  2. ...is a dynamic campaign (Falcon 4 style please, 2 ice cubes and 1 olive)
  3. Yeah just love them. Earlier this year I bought one for each of my kids (and one for me of course) at the Manhattan showroom of Cockpit USA. High quality stuff.
  4. have you actually tried it? Works for me with 1,5 eyes, but a monocular friend of mine was blown away by the experience.
  5. CV1 wasn't bad at all in this game. Tried it first in 2017 and never looked back. Moved to a Rift S in June 2019 and the experience is vastly improved. I think anyone still on the fence is definitely missing out.
  6. What makes you think you can speak about something you clearly don't know? Please try VR in this game, then you will realize how far from the truth your statements are. Zoom levels are in fact comparable, and the VR zoom level that closely approximates 2D zoom is 5x 3dmigoto zoom. The VR zoom provided by the game is 2x, so not even close. This is the general consensus of all players who actually know what they are talking about.
  7. This nonsense clearly proves you have never even tried VR. Therefore your contribution to this discussion is nihil.
  8. I agree, but the improvement is not nearly enough. Let me give you an example: while in the standard career the level of friendly and enemy AI is always the same, and depends only on the difficulty level you choose, in Pat Wilson career your wingmen's experience and AI level increases for each mission they survive, so it is in your interest to keep them alive. This is what I mean with agency, it is a simple feature but it creates an engaging mechanic that makes you care for the virtual lives of your pixel wingmen. In my view there has been virtually no effort spent by devs in creating this sort of thing. Masterful computer games only have to create the plausible illusion of complex and massive engagements. The approach is not to absolutely simulate every nut and bolt, but to give a very convincing appearance of reality to the player, who is a single pilot in a cockpit. I'm sure there are clever ways to do it without spending a fortune to create an engine that no reasonable PC of the early 21st century could ever run 🙂
  9. Devs built a very good simulation, which can be quite engaging in multiplayer, if you care about that sort of thing, but there's almost no single player game, with the exception of the career mode, which feels like an afterthought. New scenarios and new planes are not going to cut it. It's probably necessary to churn out this stuff to keep the company afloat, since many of us will buy new planes and maps regardless, but it does not address the fundamental flaw: THERE IS PRECIOUS LITTLE GAME TO KEEP SINGLE PLAYERS INTERESTED AND ENGAGED. The capability of the engine, as in number of planes in the air, is mostly irrelevant. Air armadas of bombers and escorts would not make an ounce of difference if SP missions always follow the same boring pattern. Fly to point A, strafe or bomb or dogfight, return to base chased by brain dead and suicidal enemies, land, rinse, repeat. This project needs a leap of creativity, some good ideas to allow the players to do something interesting with these beautiful planes, give players the feeling that the missions are useful to reach an objective, give players agency, a sense that their efforts are meaningful. As a bare minimum career mission variety should be increased, whereas at the moment it seems the career is largely a forgotten backwater.
  10. Late to the party, but I confirm, very significant boost. Enough to convince me to give up the exorcist view and world scale adjustment. Goodbye SteamVR.
  11. well I couldn never make it work in DCS, even when running in SteamVR mode (have an Oculus Rift). Maybe I should try again...
  12. It's not a problem of alternate visibility, it's the way zoom view is implemented. When using 3dmigoto zoom, targets never disappear.
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