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  1. It's not a problem of alternate visibility, it's the way zoom view is implemented. When using 3dmigoto zoom, targets never disappear.
  2. Only VR controllers, unfortunately. No keyboard, no game controllers.
  3. this still works, with Rift S and SteamVR. Gives you a 180 degrees snapview at the touch of a controller button.
  4. Check the mod section in the forum, name is 3dmigoto mod
  5. AFAIK Lefuneste zoom can be used in 2D mode. I use 5X zoom, similar to deafult 2D zoom, and 10X zoom, which is probably more than enough. The beauty is that using Lefuneste zoom does not change LOD models, so you don't see targets actually shrinking in size when zooming, unlike the default zoom view. Default zoom in VR is 2X, almost useless.
  6. Regarding the contacts getting smaller with zoom: it happens only when using the default zoom mode. With the zoom provided by Lefuneste mod, which can be used in VR or 2D regardless, and is MP compatible, there are no inconsistencies whatsoever. In other words LOD doesn't change while using Lefuneste zoom.
  7. Never even heard of this. Been using Rift S since June, never used my phone for the setup. However I am using my old Oculus account since 2017, maybe things have changed in the meantime?
  8. lefuneste I must say your zoom is excellent. With the enhanced visibility option enabled, while with regular zoom sometimes distant planes get smaller, with your zoom everything remains perfectly consistent. I really don't understand what prevents the developers to adopt your system...
  9. This is the key. I would like to know more on these differences. Care to elaborate? Some examples?
  10. Well tried a couple of career missions in VR, and the enhanced visibility is a marked improvement, really really good, at least flying in VR. Ground targets are also much more visible, and I found no jarring inconsistencies even when zooming in, probably due to the fact that zoom in VR is very underpowered compared to 2D pancake zoom.
  11. Yeah, and how about a motion simulator chair that kicks you in the nuts whenever you are shot down? Can't get enough of this wonderful realism 😂
  12. Haven't played in a while, so I missed the brief and apparently exhilarating experience of the new spotting with "size amplification". Went online today for maybe the first time in three months to try out the new planes on Berloga and spotting was just as bad as I remembered. IDing contacts was even worse, since Le Funeste zoom mod is not yet available for the new patch (I play in VR). Churning out new planes and maps is fine and good, but core features of this game still need basic improvements. Spotting, AI, meaningful SP content are all lacking... and how about a decent VR zoom, for heaven's sake? bah...
  13. still works for me after changing from CV1 to Rift S
  14. in the words of Walter Krupinski (The German Aces Speak):
  15. I think the ideal would be a 5X zoom. The current VR zoom is about 2X, IMHO Having both options would be awesome.
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