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  1. Hi All After being dissapointed with the unlock system I decided to give it a go. I'm a SP striving to become a MP. Everday last week I flew multiple missions trying all the planes trying to end this madness. To no avail Im still at it with very little progress to show and at the rate I am going will never succeed to MP. Today I chose the LAGG 3 in an attempt to open all for this plane. I am even more disgrunteled because several sorties were completed safely and I was not given credit and several times only half credit because I crash landed, which I did not, For example, my best
  2. When this unlock system came out I took one look at it and shut the game down. I had no idea this is what the developers were going to do and I admit---Not very happy with it. I'm back again to look at it because I really would like to play this game but on my own terms. Further review shows this ain't going to happen!!!! I haven't figured out how to play this system yet but there are planes I have no interest in flying and possibly missions I'm not interested in. Maybe unlocks would be ok for mp but not sp. Maybe I will change my mind as I plug along. Good luck all. Just needed
  3. With regards to the early access limitations I can only say I for one am very thankful there are talented people who devote their time and money to produce a product that will offer me hours of pure enjoyment and entertainment. This early access I don't imagine will be very exciting and was offered to allow us, the client to work with the developers to make this a more immersive and superior flight simulator that will last for a long long time. There's an old saying "that expectation is greater than realization". For what we are going to be getting the price of this what already look
  4. Appreciate being kept in the loop and not sitting here wondering what's going on. I'm excited with the progress and looking forward to active participation with the development. Reconsideration of the active days might be changed to one weekend day to include those who work during the week. Just a thought. Keep up the good work...
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