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  1. Laugh if you like, but compare to Fairey Swordfish.....
  2. Those are pretty low specs for 2020 but I'm sure that he could run 1946. Peripherals will always be a problem with a laptop, though. If he were my pal I'd urge him to take the plunge and put $1000 into parts for a home-built gaming PC.
  3. I actually sort of like the looks of it, and I'm just guessing about its stability. If it were offered as a premium plane I would buy it. I might even buy the Arsenal VB-10 if it came with a ladder.
  4. I'm no aeronautical engineer but it does appear that it might be spin-prone. It is a fascinating design, though. I wonder how it might do as a single-seater?
  5. Vig

    Miles Master

    I feel the same way about Skuas but this one is new to me. Love it, thanks for posting the video.
  6. Beautiful model, well done! Ironic that the one time she managed to engage other surface vessels she was foiled by a few destroyers, a superbly-handled destroyer escort, and a handful of inadequately-armed aircraft from Taffy 3. I hope you are modeling USS Samuel B. Roberts to the same high standard!
  7. French design - you love it or you hate it. Either way it's interesting.
  8. That little fellow in the cockpit is going to be a monster judging from the size of his feet. I love Maine Coons. I had one that never made a sound but could talk with his eyes.
  9. I keep coming back to Kerbal Space Program. This is a Vostok from Beale's Tantares mod:
  10. I can't read any of the current stuff, but you are right about Carl Barks. Genius in 10 pages.
  11. He looks like a good boy. Beautiful cat, my condolences.
  12. Oh, she's very handy to have around - she also catches alligators and makes cupcakes. I mean "endemic" in the technical sense of maintaining a steady 1-to-1 ratio of transmission throughout the affected population without external inputs over a number of years. This depends to a great extent on the degree of immunity conferred by prior infections. For example, the 1919 Influenza did not return in 1920; this is characteristic of particularly virulent infections.
  13. I had thought that this virus was too virulent to become endemic after the initial contagion, so I checked with my microbiologist daughter, who said you are most likely correct.
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