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  1. That little fellow in the cockpit is going to be a monster judging from the size of his feet. I love Maine Coons. I had one that never made a sound but could talk with his eyes.
  2. I keep coming back to Kerbal Space Program. This is a Vostok from Beale's Tantares mod:
  3. I can't read any of the current stuff, but you are right about Carl Barks. Genius in 10 pages.
  4. He looks like a good boy. Beautiful cat, my condolences.
  5. Oh, she's very handy to have around - she also catches alligators and makes cupcakes. I mean "endemic" in the technical sense of maintaining a steady 1-to-1 ratio of transmission throughout the affected population without external inputs over a number of years. This depends to a great extent on the degree of immunity conferred by prior infections. For example, the 1919 Influenza did not return in 1920; this is characteristic of particularly virulent infections.
  6. I had thought that this virus was too virulent to become endemic after the initial contagion, so I checked with my microbiologist daughter, who said you are most likely correct.
  7. Beautiful plane. Take a deep breath, you almost got it!
  8. Thank you Rap! Testing with a photo of my cat, she is much better looking than I am:
  9. Take a deep breath and don't let the small stuff irritate you. This is only the beginning of a very long haul. I hope that you are right about your government being able to take care of all your needs. It is too soon to tell.
  10. What are y'all using to post larger pics? Hotlink from someplace? How do you do that?
  11. I see awful CGI and Forrest Gump without Captain Dan. Horribly tired and stale. That screams failure to me! By way of comparison, this is my favorite movie submarine scene in recent memory: Hail Caesar sub scene
  12. Love for the TBD! I can't believe it! 😍
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