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  1. Outstanding video, that's the sort of thing I want to be doing in a WW2 flight simulator. I'm sold on that game. What do I need to buy? Any mods needed?
  2. Vig

    USMC DH-4s

    Colors and markings on DH-4 aircraft by U.S. Marine Day Wing in World War I Magnificent reference that I cannot locate anywhere. I am impressed.
  3. Vig

    USMC DH-4s

    Oh, great research! I had no idea that they were any Marines in the Army pursuit squadrons. I did a USMC D4 skin for Rise of Flight but never did get around to posting it. My reference, taken October 1918, shows that there were a pretty fair number of Marine bomber pilots before war's end. And, as long as I am *completely* OT at this point, here is a Hanriot I saw a few years back at the US Naval Air Museum Pensacola:
  4. As I said months ago, these Rise of Flight successors are the only product I will continue to support. I just supported it with a preorder. Give me a Hansa-Brandenburg D.1 in Vol.3 and I will love you again.
  5. Bah. We had the Pacific "not enough info" meme, then no reply to scores of requests for the Med in IL2 - then we find out why. If we get more WWI development I will follow that, but I'm done with WW2 no matter how it is packaged by 1C. Just done.
  6. Was anyone else hoping that all of the airplanes and maps for the Ubi WW2 sims would be released on a single platform? I like to compare things like FW-190 v. Hellcat, etc. I am so incredibly disappointed.
  7. OK, I'm confused. The Med was suggested 100 times for IL2-BOX development, and now it appears over there. With Wildcats, even. Is all the further development that is not Russia or post-invasion Europe going to come from that team? What is left for the IL2-BoX team? Can we go back to WWI development now?
  8. I just got murdered by malware at Mediafire trying to download a skin, and skins were my last reason for coming here.
  9. Laugh if you like, but compare to Fairey Swordfish.....
  10. Those are pretty low specs for 2020 but I'm sure that he could run 1946. Peripherals will always be a problem with a laptop, though. If he were my pal I'd urge him to take the plunge and put $1000 into parts for a home-built gaming PC.
  11. I actually sort of like the looks of it, and I'm just guessing about its stability. If it were offered as a premium plane I would buy it. I might even buy the Arsenal VB-10 if it came with a ladder.
  12. I'm no aeronautical engineer but it does appear that it might be spin-prone. It is a fascinating design, though. I wonder how it might do as a single-seater?
  13. Vig

    Miles Master

    I feel the same way about Skuas but this one is new to me. Love it, thanks for posting the video.
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