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  1. Korea, eh? There have been about two Korean Air War sims and only one was any good. Even the good one wasn't a top seller; very much a niche even back when flight sims were the thing. Don't get me wrong; I would enjoy playing crack & burn with the F-84 as much as anyone. I would buy the thing. But only after some Pacific theater aircraft and maps start coming our way. Can't figure out the Japanese tech manuals? OK, I'll settle for Wildcats and a Torch theme. RN Hellcats. Finnish Buffaloes.
  2. Closing replies to the forum posts and failing to answer straight questions about the Pacific theater requires me to conclude that it is off, at least for the foreseeable future. I am disappointed about that, but even more disappointed that we don't seem to rate a straight answer.
  3. That was my feeling exactly. And I never credited the technical difficulties explanation. If carriers were too hard, then start at Guadalcanal where the overwhelming majority of the ops were ground based. If it was necessary to seed additional income streams before proceeding, I can accept that. But why not throw up a Finnish Buffalo as a sign of good faith? It has soured me to the point that I haven't even booted it up to try the Spitfire.
  4. I'm happy you have made such impressive progress but, with tanks and a new WWI game thrown in the mix, the Pacific is pushed back out of sight. Well, cheers to those who enjoy it and best of luck in your new endeavors.
  5. Ah. Aujourd'hui maman est morte?
  6. The Breguet 17 was my favorite RoF aircraft, hands down.
  7. I absolutely love that thing. Would love to fly it in a sim.
  8. I didn't expect it to be there, either, I just started fishing after I couldn't find the airframe manual that I have somewhere for the Folgore. :)
  9. This is what Wikipedia says, for what it's worth: The Macchi C.202 Folgore was an Italian fighter aircraft, developed from the earlier C.200 Saetta; its principal difference was its use of an Italian-built version of the German Daimler-Benz DB 601Aa engine and the adoption of a revised streamlined fuselage. Both the wing and fuselage structures were of a conventional metal design, having a single vertical tail with two elevators, and a wing of relatively conventional design with two main spars and 23 ribs. The ailerons, elevators and rudder were metal structures with fabric covering. Apart from the ailerons, the entire trailing edge of the wing was dominated by a pair of all metal split flaps.
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    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

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    The Paleontology Thread

    I know little about paleontology, but one thing that stuck in my head is the idea that whales descended from a very large land predator with alligator-like jaws and hooves. Andrewsarchus, I think. But it seems that they deduced the details from a partial skull. How can a skull allow one to infer hooves with a reasonable degree of reliability?
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    The Paleontology Thread

    You bet I do. Scroll to the top of this screen; you will see your user name on the upper right. There is a small down arrow just to the right of your user name. Click on that. Select "ignored users." Fill the box up with names.
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    There has been a lot of interesting content coming out lately concerning different wars and types of warfare. It has served to lessen my interest in 777/1C's offerings because all of it is a detour from the Pacific.. I bought it all and have played none of it. I want to hear some Pacific noise from the devs real soon.
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    Post something positive for a change?

    Yes, my point was not to criticize the movie but to say that I find our game graphics to be excellent and seamless.