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    B-25 or B-26

    What plane are you looking more forward? No idea how to enable the comment section
  2. 😂 Who cares, armed is armed I can imagine they will open a preorder, step by step, plane by plane B-25 B-26 Im most looking for ward to it C-47 The planes will be succesfull as collector planes, I never was a Fan at the beginning of payable stuff after putchasing the game, but it finance my passion and hobby for the next years, so, why not and im happy to have a new il2
  3. Move the throttel forward a bit and back to 0 before unpause
  4. About the step to reduce the price drasticly in a months, ok, but the comparison with DCS doesn't suit il2. DCS has not big discounts, or any discounted products a few months after release, it has another problem. The modules are not finished, you buy a non discounted, lets say "alpha" staged product / modules for a flight sim world that has many bugs for many many years. Il2 is more complete, not perfect but a nice product that makes alot of fun and provides a full pacage for us simpilots. I'm totaly happy with the development of il2 from BOS to what we have now with BOBP and BON in
  5. I have preordered it, bought as much i could afford and im happy with my descision, why, cause i am supporting the company that provides me with so much fun for so many years .. so paying a few more bucks for "my" entertainment... What are 10$ or 20$ more? Here you are paying the company and not giving a penny to Steam!!
  6. I'm expecting following planes Yak-9 Yak-9B Yak-9T Yak-9K and here is a nice video with eng subs
  7. I can't let this slip to page 2. Let's see what they have for us this week
  8. Hopefully they will build some more LaGG Versions for us, was a big fan of the early one's in the old il2 game. Slow, a bit sluggish but nice firepower
  9. I would say yes, it is an additional airplane for the game and you can support the further development of this series So it is a double yes to purchasae this plane over the il2 Store and not using Steam
  10. Will there be also more Yak-9 versions, similar to the Hurricane?
  11. You can't store anyinformation in the dds files, maybe a type of *.ini file inside the skin folder could be a solution, we did it in other (older)games
  12. We will see what will happen, lets cross the fingers
  13. I had asked it ina topic before, but there was no real answer to it from one of the Developers. Will it be possible in the future to "link" a western skin, with a western pilot and radio voices to an "eastern" plane like the current Spitfire Vb? So you can go to the skin selection option, select the british basic skin and you have the british pilot and voice for the radio, and it will be listed as a british plane. I know you guys are worrking on the Hurricane, will it be implemented with this collector plane? Or do you build 2 seperate planes? One western plane and one eastern? W
  14. We will get a planeset, that was never represented before in an sim.... and the people start complaining about it C6 is the same as A4 but with a solid nose ... mimimi Why the 410 ... i want someting else ... mimimi A6... is the same as the 8.. but i want the 7 mimimi the G6 late .... we have already the G14 .. for what do we need it ... blabla ... really? Are you serious guys? What the hell is wrong with you? that planeset is a dream combined with BOBP, it is the most complete western lineup i can find on the market... if you don't like it.. go back to 46 For me, im so excite
  15. For your entertainment sir (watch it in Youtube with subtitles for the non french people)
  16. I fly planes in my spare time and it doesn't matter where you sit or if you are lefthanded plane ... same with driving a car
  17. Would love to see the Ruhrgebiet on the Bodenplatte Map
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