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  1. The 196 and PBY would be an instant preorder for me. For the Catalyna, it is a more versatile plane cause of the landing gear. You could start on land, fly to a lake or river, pic something up and fly back... would be cool! And more unique to anything that is in DCS now
  2. I ca even imagine an 60's or 70's scenario with this engine, like Vietnam, divided into different "Battles"
  3. The PBY would make the il2 planeset even more unique
  4. in the old il2 days, the Rufe was a nice addition, but we never get the bifloat plane as the Ar196 is or something similar. It opens the gameplay a bit more and even if it is just for sightseeing. Would be great to have it ingame, even the PBY would be great for a similar price as the Ju-52 came out! The He-115 would be outstanding!!!
  5. Would a seaplane suit the il2 enviroment? And if yes, what plane would you like to see for the eastern / european theater?
  6. @Jason_Williams What about simple Trucks after this, Just for fun. When the GAZ is done, we have a nice Truck"FM" 😉
  7. That's new to me, so you have a link? 😃
  8. Visualy it is worth it, you have it in DCS, in Warthunder, Arma 3 and it is a current graphical standart. Im just asking out of curiosity cause it would be cool to have it. I would enhance the gameplay for maritime patrol flights, more realistic crashing near lakes, rivers and beaches, good for Island maps in futher titles.
  9. I would like to ask the Dev's and discuss the possibility of transparent Water. As i have crashed near a lake or a river, the plane just vanished in the endless deep of the russian countryside. You can drive with a tank to the shore of a river, than you simply vanish in the deep. So I thoug about the possibility to implement transparent water to il2. Would make Sub hunting interesting, sinking ships next to the coast line and when you crash land on water, you can see the plane sinking down. Each water should have different a translucent level, so the river Rhine is different than a
  10. Is it to soon or to late? Or is it a bird? 😃
  11. That Option is still missing in qmb, that would be great if they could implement it
  12. i would expect a Hurrican or Spitfire update
  13. As DBS Browning described it. Il2 Series is one single install with all content already included in your Steam Il2 BOS. When you now buy BOM or any other BO"X" and you have linked accounts, you will have the new maps, campaings and planes "unlocked" and visible in your Il2 BOS game. Check your QMB for the new maps and planes, if you have done it right, they will be there
  14. Would be ok for me to select from external tanks to internal and than drop the external load
  15. The 215 would be another great unique choice in this Series. Would be great to have it one day, also as a 40€ plane
  16. And it is a more unique aircraft in flight Sims 😋 Read it carefully, it is writen by Jaws2002 You have quoted my own quote 😉
  17. Then i apologize, maybe i have missread your post
  18. Imagine, just for a second, maybe 2 seconds .. there are people out there, new to this game series and starting with Battle for Normandi Yeah you are right .. who needs some german planes
  19. Had reported it several times during beta testing, so far there was nö answer or Reaktion to it
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