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  1. Der Ramsi, hatte immer Spass gemacht gegen euch zu fliegen, am liebsten waren mir aber die Italiener ... die starben wie die Fliegen
  2. Hi guys, im from the old il2 crowd since 2001. I couldn`t find this topic with the search function, so i am asking directly. - Is this il2 affected in any way with the old il2 Grumman naming problem? - So far i understood it in the past, the Grumman Problem was, the use of the name "Grumman" the military designation is "free" Sorry if this was already discussed So far, best regards Martin
  3. 76.IAP-Blackbird hier seit il2 ersten Demo 2001 dabei, auch beim VOW1 und 2, da habe ich sehr gute Erinnerungen noch daran, höchster Missionszahl die ich mit einem Streak überlebt hatte, war 12...
  4. Thank you guys for the updates! That makes my friedays more interesting!
  5. Haha, if they tell us, would it be a surprise???? some people are funny
  6. Why not keep it the same as in il2? Just some running soldiers from ground vehicles, looked great in 2001 and still a nice feature in 2013 I would appriciate it.
  7. Sorry to say, am I the only one who likes to buy a complete game?! If there is an expansion, I will buy it too, but paying plane per plane is not the thing im looking for. I liked the way 1C was using during the il2 times.
  8. Its is so quiet around, Im here nearly everyday to check out any possible news, but here is nothing?! I think its a good sign
  9. For me it doesnt matter, I love Il2 and cant wai to see this new series coming alive, so it can start 45 in Berlin and end in 39 in Poland oreven in Spain 36 ... so hey, whats up!
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