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  1. 10 minutes ago, Vortice said:

    Agreed. It always sound the same whatever power setting you are using. Could do with some tweaking IMO.

    Exactly, there is no real difference and sound like a lawnmover rather than a griffon Spitfire

  2. I like the list, when you compare DCS maps, (payed content) with the Il2 Maps, you See a difference.


    The BOBP is the best example of a nice huge Maps, but missing the Ruhrgebiet completly. No infrastructure, many missing cities in that area etc.


    But i believe, it is not the end for this map. There will be some updates in the future

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  3. Would buy it here from the il2 website, they have good sales and the premium Kuban has the most interesting landscape.

    Otherwise, check the planelist, deside what you like and go for it, you will end up buying all modules later or sooner 😛

  4. On 4/7/2021 at 4:00 PM, Bremspropeller said:

    I'd love a P-38J-15 as a collector plane. Should be a simple transition.


    Or even an earlier version.

    This plane cuold be somewhere from a pacific scenario if im not wrong :)

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  5. 11 hours ago, TrueGrey said:


    This is the correct langauge, these planes were lend-leased to USSR and in game are "meant to" be used by Soviets.

    You are mit correct, the other nations skins indicate the use for other nations


    The only way to use the Nation specific pilot and language, is to use the FMB not the QMB. There it is possible to select different nations

  6. 16 minutes ago, =621=Samikatz said:


    MSFS doesn't have to dig up airfields that have been gone for nearly 80 years, they just automatically adapt public and satellite data (and even then, Germany is still missing a few airports etc), and that's with the backing of Microsoft's money and thousands and thousands of employees


    The maps we have are already great for most combat purposes, and considering the small size of the dev team they're extremely impressive imo

    You are right, i even like to fly in Stalingrad. One of the most iconic Maps of il2

  7. In the older il2 i liked the more underdog planes, and this could be interesting to create an early mission pack with early birds.


    I would definatly buy it. Early 109E4, Ju87B and Do-17.


    With the new Normandy map we would have a great early western scenario too.


    Im when the devs decide to create the Il2 "Battle of early Birds" 

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