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  1. Exactly, there is no real difference and sound like a lawnmover rather than a griffon Spitfire
  2. I like the list, when you compare DCS maps, (payed content) with the Il2 Maps, you See a difference. The BOBP is the best example of a nice huge Maps, but missing the Ruhrgebiet completly. No infrastructure, many missing cities in that area etc. But i believe, it is not the end for this map. There will be some updates in the future
  3. Would buy it here from the il2 website, they have good sales and the premium Kuban has the most interesting landscape. Otherwise, check the planelist, deside what you like and go for it, you will end up buying all modules later or sooner 😛
  4. You guys will like the 14!!!
  5. What we were missing since 1946, was a forward firing version!!!
  6. @Jade_Monkey At first, thanks for this great move again. For myself, i have all collector planes already ingame, so good luck and best wishes for all who can participate! Best regards Martin
  7. This plane cuold be somewhere from a pacific scenario if im not wrong
  8. Happy Birthday Jason!!! 1. will there be smaller plane packs to complement different fronts? Like 2 or 4 planes a pack? Early Eastern front and so on? 2. Is the bubbletop Spit in the teams consideration for a collector plane? Best regards Martin
  9. I can imagine, this bird will follow later, as a collector plane, similar to the Yak-9 versions
  10. Aircraft packs, i love the idea! Early planes for the east front, that would be sooo good!
  11. I really love DD's best thing at the end of the week for me, except the weekend
  12. You are mit correct, the other nations skins indicate the use for other nations The only way to use the Nation specific pilot and language, is to use the FMB not the QMB. There it is possible to select different nations
  13. Damn and i was quoted ... i will die stupid
  14. You are right, i even like to fly in Stalingrad. One of the most iconic Maps of il2
  15. Damn i like those moves by the Devs, create a great base and improve it step by step.
  16. In the older il2 i liked the more underdog planes, and this could be interesting to create an early mission pack with early birds. I would definatly buy it. Early 109E4, Ju87B and Do-17. With the new Normandy map we would have a great early western scenario too. Im when the devs decide to create the Il2 "Battle of early Birds"
  17. Thats what i have expected, nice to see steady improvements on the excisting maps.
  18. Pls guys, don't forget the I15
  19. Just paint over the swastika
  20. This will create a need for the I15 /I153 for the russian front
  21. The fuel system needs to be adjusted for droptanks. It also affects Wright and Balance of the planes
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