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  1. We will get a planeset, that was never represented before in an sim.... and the people start complaining about it C6 is the same as A4 but with a solid nose ... mimimi Why the 410 ... i want someting else ... mimimi A6... is the same as the 8.. but i want the 7 mimimi the G6 late .... we have already the G14 .. for what do we need it ... blabla ... really? Are you serious guys? What the hell is wrong with you? that planeset is a dream combined with BOBP, it is the most complete western lineup i can find on the market... if you don't like it.. go back to 46 For me, im so excited about the new planes, to make the collection of the il2 Series more complete. The second jet is coming, the Mossi, the 410!!!! We had so many 110 in any other simulations that the 410 is one of the greates additions. The C6 is a dream in the il2 series ... Why is nobody complaining about the La5,F and FN?! It is the same plane with a different engine or mod... Or the upcoming P-51B/C?! We have already a D we dont need a B/C mimimi .. Really guys? Go find a girl and come back when the work is done ... on both sides ...
  2. For your entertainment sir (watch it in Youtube with subtitles for the non french people)
  3. I fly planes in my spare time and it doesn't matter where you sit or if you are lefthanded plane ... same with driving a car
  4. Would love to see the Ruhrgebiet on the Bodenplatte Map
  5. Long time ago, as the Ju52 was under development, the Devs said, they want to make every plane ingame flyable, time After time and step by step. Lets just wait for the final products. The BON lineup is one of my most wanted planes since years in any flightsim
  6. Landing gear Dow = airbrake / divebrake
  7. I still love you guys!!!! As said before, perfect selection of aircraft ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. For what reason do you think they have choosen BON before Pacific?!!!! you dont need to answer it, just think about it.. just a bit
  9. I have in mind, that there was a statement years ago, that they try to make every plane flyable ... lets cross the fingers for a V1 carreer!!! ๐Ÿค—
  10. BON and BOBO is the best western combo i have ever seen in any flight sim!!!
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