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  1. That Option is still missing in qmb, that would be great if they could implement it
  2. Finaly, it is to late...
  3. i would expect a Hurrican or Spitfire update
  4. As DBS Browning described it. Il2 Series is one single install with all content already included in your Steam Il2 BOS. When you now buy BOM or any other BO"X" and you have linked accounts, you will have the new maps, campaings and planes "unlocked" and visible in your Il2 BOS game. Check your QMB for the new maps and planes, if you have done it right, they will be there
  5. Would be ok for me to select from external tanks to internal and than drop the external load
  6. The 215 would be another great unique choice in this Series. Would be great to have it one day, also as a 40€ plane
  7. And it is a more unique aircraft in flight Sims 😋 Read it carefully, it is writen by Jaws2002 You have quoted my own quote 😉
  8. Then i apologize, maybe i have missread your post
  9. Imagine, just for a second, maybe 2 seconds .. there are people out there, new to this game series and starting with Battle for Normandi Yeah you are right .. who needs some german planes
  10. Had reported it several times during beta testing, so far there was nö answer or Reaktion to it
  11. I would build an A-20G russian version out of the one we have right now and sell it as collector plane. Later i would use the russian version for an all american A-20G in a full GB series PTO or MTO scenario. It would generate money 2 times, safe one time the development cost for the western allied plane and would make many people happy! One of the best choices out there for il2 GB
  12. I can imagine it could be created as a collector plane, specificly the russian version. Would be interesting and would generate some money for the company
  13. I like the maps in il2, and it seems they are very accurate for the game itself. The cities and villages on Kuban are right as they are. Also the cities on the Rheinland map are very nicely done and you can navigate with the landscape pretty easy if you know the area. That's a big pro on this map. I just miss the "landmarks" as the industrial areas and the towns and cities i have marked on the pic. Some ground targets like railyards, depots, and other stuff you could attack ad bomb or defend, are missing and that's a pitty. Would be great to have a way to donate some money for the improvements on the Rheinland map. So far, i like it, i fly there and enjoy Battle of Bodenplatte! And i am hoping for an upgrade in the future And yes the pic is from a later period, but it looked similar, ignore the cars
  14. It is not about a village or two is missing, but the biggest industrial area in germany during WW2 is nonexcistent. It is the most crowded area until today in germany and was heavily bombed during WW2. Check this out And the small missing villages contains small and little industrial areas, made out of 4 pixels this time And thats how the Ruhrgebiet looked all over the place
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