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  1. You should change your medication
  2. You are right, i even like to fly in Stalingrad. One of the most iconic Maps of il2
  3. Damn i like those moves by the Devs, create a great base and improve it step by step.
  4. In the older il2 i liked the more underdog planes, and this could be interesting to create an early mission pack with early birds. I would definatly buy it. Early 109E4, Ju87B and Do-17. With the new Normandy map we would have a great early western scenario too. Im when the devs decide to create the Il2 "Battle of early Birds"
  5. Thats what i have expected, nice to see steady improvements on the excisting maps.
  6. This will create a need for the I15 /I153 for the russian front
  7. The fuel system needs to be adjusted for droptanks. It also affects Wright and Balance of the planes
  8. The only thing il2 1946 and Il2 Great Battles has in common is the name and planeset. That's it and that's great to have more enhanced FM and DM and as Shamrock wrote, in a new and great equal level, compared to the human pilot
  9. I see this game as a constant evolving process, where even the oldest part, Stalingrad, still benefits from the newest improvements made by a small but very talented Team. It is not, perfect and will never be, but it is worth to be played, enjoyed and, shared with this Community. My 2 cents
  10. Best idea ever to implement a floatplane and add a campaign for it. Like supply missions, rescue, spotting and hunting
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