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  1. So far i can see on the list, half the Ruhrgebiet is missing or isnt the list complete yet?
  2. The years i've spend to play il2 1946 where good years and i loved the game. Then arrived the new il2, it had a limited plane set, so 1946 was still an option and for a time it was good... After each module my time in 1946 was more and more limited, but i have played it, waited for updates and celebrated each from team daidalos. And for a time, it was good ... Now we have some western planes, late german planes and the first jet is about to arrive... if the quality is as great and amazing as the rest of the game ... the time will be great! 😁 Salute to the Developers!
  3. It would be great, to have a proper C variant in a sim after so many years. I would even pay for it as collector plane. A C6 or so would be great!
  4. We will buzz the hell out of our neighbourhood 🤣
  5. Can't wait to fire up the engines and fly around the Rhein and Ruhr Area. I life in Essen, studied in Bochum and Duisburg, worked in Düsseldorf and Köln. Now Moving to Mülheim, it will be a pleasure to check out my hometown(s) The Ruhrgebiet is one huge single city area. Thanks to the Il2 Team for this great update and the effort that is put into this project! Best regards from Essen right now
  6. @ Jason, thanks for your answer, im already using the Joystick to drive around. but i was refering to the possibility to use normal key commands instead of mouseaiming for the turret and gun rotation and elevation. The Moderators can move this topic to the right forum and i appologize for posting it here.
  7. The good thing is, the game isn't finished yet and is using the controls from the previous tank test with the T-34 and Pz.3. So we can hope for a change
  8. They can keep the mouse steering for the MG, but funny fact is, as soon as i fire the mg and want to move it, i can't. I can shoot or point at a target, not both at the same time!
  9. After some testing and gameplay of Tank Crew, I would suggest to change the main gun controls to some normal keys, not mouse controled. So you can drive the tank, rotate the turret to a specific position and than aim at the targets. Drive: Joystick or WASD Turret: arrow keys elevation "page up, down" WW2 Tanks doesnt need to point at the target while driving as a modern tank can do it. The Mouse control never feel, as im having the control over the gun. Can you guys remember this game, the control settings were comfortable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzer_Commander
  10. Wow, thank you so much my friend, im really happy 😊 You made my month! Not just the day My honest Thank you
  11. Have a good time if possible, Po-2 would be the one for me.
  12. I love the unpainted me262 version. Very nice Addition for every plane like the prototype skins. Thanks guys, i love ya...
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