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  1. I have suggested a similar little detail for the spitifre but no one answered ... I like your idea and makes the game a little bit more detailed and real! Hope the Devs are reading here and maybe they will see my Spitfire detail suggestion... Would be nice to have such details implemented into the game
  2. The Spitfire has this little side door that opens automaticly when the groundspeed is low enough and the canopy is slided back. We have alreay the key to open and close the armored plate in the view port for the tank drivers or commanders. Can't we use this key to controle this little door. My Suggestion is: You can open the canopy with the standart key, in the air or on the ground. But you can also open the small door additonaly on the ground, manually by key I would be more personal, you can controle it and it wouldn't look as wired as it is now, when the door is opening and closing, triggered by speed ... Would you guys like the idea?
  3. The Idea was like creating new version of Lagg-3 Ju-87 MiG-3 Fw-189 I-15(3) Arado 196 Spitfire And so on, some nice planes, some missing ingame, some interesting ones About BON, is see it as a great move and an interesting scenario, really like it and can't wait to play it. We have many discussions about the next theater of IL-2 GB, they need to go to the pacific in the next step and it will be a huge step if they do it! I hope to see this series grow, and i am promoting it on other websites
  4. I was thinking about a way to safe il2 GB for the future. As reading the forum for the past years, we can see it will be more and more difficult to find a scenario with 8 + 2 planes, if you don't want to go to the MTO and work against il2 Blitz. The idea to create "content" packs with some interesting planes and subversion as the upcoming Hurricane will be, seems to be really interesting and hopefully profitable for 777. I like the idea to have smaller DLC's, less discounts and you can choose what you want. Others like me, will buy everything, just to support the Developers. We could have planes that could fit different already available theaters, and campaigns. what do you think?
  5. Does someone remember the old VOW2 times? I was flying there with the 76.IAP and the 88.IAP together with "Schuetz" damn, where is he, would be great to meet these guys again I miss the VOW times alot .. was such a great time
  6. You can use the P-40 on every map, cause it is a collector plane so you can buy BON and BOBP and fly it there. But as previously said, there is no place for it in any campaign. I expect a BOB player made campaign after BON is released some day... We have the Spitfire Mk V, E7 and F2 and the early A3 and later the Hurricane for that setup
  7. Seaplane modification or Variant is a nice idea! The model itself is already done and build and my suggestion would be 1. Ju 52/3m g10e Seaplane standalone, same price as the normal Ju-52 2. for all Ju-52 users, the new version will cost 10 or 15$ It will be a support for the Dev Crew and a nice new plane to fly and to test seaplanes. Otherwise i would like to see the Arado Ar-196
  8. Maybe you will be able so switch the "nation" for the birds with the upcoming new pilot models, so you "could" load the nation specific ordonance... that would be really cool
  9. Great news and a nice little big step forward!!!
  10. Its Corona time 🤣 They will Post a DD
  11. Who knows what is already planed or in the pipeline
  12. Same here, together with an early Lagg pack!
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