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  1. And the best Thing ist, you Support the developers with 100 percent! There ist no share going to steam
  2. I'm curious to try out the Normandie planeset, it is the first time in flight sim history to have such interesting planes in a Game. Happy to read you guys continue the legacy
  3. Waiting for the next announcement to support you guys with my preorder
  4. Im using a SSD so my loading times are pretty short
  5. I Love the current Overall package, eastfront and westfront to choose from, flying in an incredible nice looking Simulation, geting new content over the year and see the Game and Community grow. It is all i can ask for
  6. I Like the Hurricane, good i had preordered it 😋
  7. they had none, it is histiricly accurate
  8. That was also my idea and they could sell it for lets say 5$ or so as a modification.
  9. We are lucky to setup general controls and Not individualy for wach Pläne the same Buttons again Like in DCS To have the 196 would be great for the beginning. The Catalina ist a plane with maybe 3 Cockpits. The far die the blisters ist Just one room
  10. Im waiting for the announcement for a flying boat / sea plane for the il2 GB series Let's try it and vote for it in the poll section, it worked with the P-40, with the Hurricane and lets see if we can get a seaplane
  11. Hi Guys and il2 Flyers. As i have tried out Clod Blitz a while ago i came across the He-115 that was ingame. I knew this plane for a long time, but never saw it in any game. I was also reading some topics here on the Forum and scrolled through the "Polls". So i decided to create my own poll to see if there is any interest for a seaplane for il2. Im a fan of the Ar-196 and He-115, but the PBY is a very interesting plane. I would like to invite you guys to participate on the poll and discuss the idea of a sea plane here. Best regards Martin Link to the poll:
  12. The 196 and PBY would be an instant preorder for me. For the Catalyna, it is a more versatile plane cause of the landing gear. You could start on land, fly to a lake or river, pic something up and fly back... would be cool! And more unique to anything that is in DCS now
  13. I ca even imagine an 60's or 70's scenario with this engine, like Vietnam, divided into different "Battles"
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