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    Thanks for the update, I look forward to having a play. Would it be possible to update your first post so it has links to your most recent work throughout the thread? Great work, appreciate the efforts, will try tomorrow Cheers, Mysticpuma
  2. It may sound odd but the QMB is great for having some fun and yet there is a weird omission in that you can only choose one skin for your flight of aircraft! So if you flight has 4 aircraft they all have the same custom skin which sadly looks awful! Just wondering if it would be possible to somehow mod the interface so each aircraft could have it's own custom skin? Cheers, Mysticpuma
  3. Just wanted to share the following image of Art Fiedler's aircraft to show how accurate the skin is. Great work Tom BTW, if you should decide to add a wingman to Mary Mac, the wingman would be #63 "Jan's Little Joe", here are some pics Pilot
  4. Understand.....it's just that with After Effects and Premiere some cool stuff can be done and having the possibility to move the camera around allows better composition of shots. That's good to now. The inability to offset the camera position in padlock is a pain though
  5. Trying to get into editing some footage but having a few issues using the cameras. Maybe I am missing something but here's a selection. External of my aircraft, F2, choose to padlock the enemy, zoom in but can't see the enemy as it is blocked by my aircraft. Try to move the camera around. Locked. The only way I can see my aircraft and the enemy is to zoom out.... which defeats the point. Is there any way to offset the camera when zoomed in? Flying along, hit F11, drops a camera in that position. Is it possible from that camera to then padlock the aircraft from that camera dropped position. Still messing around but those two are if possible are questions I could really do with having help for, cheers, Mysticpuma
  6. Just interested to know where to go with dds once skin created thanks, Mysticpuma.
  7. Bringing it back from the grave, the cockpit is effectively an in game overlay that blocks out what is in front of it. Having a switch/kepress that activates and deactivates it, as I mentioned, even if only in replay mode would be a huge benefit to the movie making community and would cause no issues as the mode could only be used when the trk is being played back and to do that they would not be in a game? I miss guncam view
  8. Anyway... still hoping for a no cockpit mod, even if it can only be ACTIVATED in replays. This would be a great asset for movie makers.
  9. Simply put, after shooting an aircraft down a voice comes over the air telling me which direction to head. Is there a way to turn off the radio chatter? Cheers, Mysticpuma
  10. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to getting into the basics over the next couple of weeks πŸ‘
  11. OK, I hope you'll take pity on a newbie on the BoX mission editor, so here's what I am after. Genuinely even now I have never opened the full mission editor in any version of BoX. I have played around with and had reasonable success in the FMB of Clod but I really have no clue (currently) with BoX. So with that in mind I would like to try and create 2-3 very simple missions in BoX as follows. 4xP-51's flying around 8000m in formation, Finger Four layout over an overcast sky. 2: Same as above but now escorting 20 A20 bombers (until we get the B24 ), the bombers around 500m below. 3: Same as 2 but now with Flak 4: Same as 3 but here come the Luftwaffe, a selection of 109's and 190's attack the bombers, the Mustangs engage and the action ensues. ........ I know this is relatively simple in Clod but I hear the FME in BoX is a challenge from the outset and I don't know how easy it is to create any of the above? Can historic formations be created, can specific skins be allocated to each aircraft in the formations, just two of a multitude of questions I need to begin with. Cheers, MP
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    Are you able to edit the effects for explosions and aircraft crashes? I collided with another raircraft and the explosion lacked particles, was very pale and unsaturated, didn't really contain any debris and all in all looked very tame and csrtoonish Visually I find that one of the weakest aspects of the game so far. Would be great to see more detail, richness and debris coming out of explosions and crashes πŸ‘ Cheers, Mysticpuma
  13. These are taken during wartime, I am under the impression in Italy, late 44 or into 45 as the war finally came to an end. I think the aircraft have been destroyed either by retreating troops or Allied action before the bases were overrun. The image with the Ju-52 and Dakotas was most likely at an airfield where troops had been brought in during the advance forward. The image of the (possibly) Ju-88 in the first post though are between 43 and mid 44 as the P-47 was used by the 325th FG during that time. Cheers, Mysticpuma
  14. So I have a few images on my computer of Luftwaffe aircraft, some have markings. I know there are a lot of Luftwaffe experts, so just out of interest, does anyone know the units and aircraft? Cheers, Mysticpuma. Starting with: Then here's another:
  15. Can't tell you how much I waited for this skin pack to come along Tom. Amazing work as always, beautiful craftsmanship, very much appreciated. You know my next question now is......"Mary Mac" Out of interest is the Mustand template less challenging to work with than DCS? I know you had issues with the full tail Mustangs in that software....but hopefully BoX is more forgiving? Not sure if Mary Mac is possible but he also had a regular wingman of Robert Burns who flew "Jans Little Joe". I have images if you fancy a couple of full tail Mustangs? Awesome work, thanks for your time and effort, cheers, MP
  16. Obviously with the news that the 410 is coming to Normandy I am exploring the possibility of gaining access to the cockpit of an Me-410. Should this come to fruition would it be of use to the devs or is most of that detail/research known and of little use? Cheers, Mysticpuma.
  17. Fantastic work as always Bo. Looking forward to taking it for a spin and anything else you create (Particularly like Man O War) πŸ‘
  18. Mysticpuma

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    Would just like an historical markings enabler executable. That way players who want them can have them, those that don't, don't need to download it....... and as a caveat, maybe only available for offline use only.
  19. I am sure a museum near me still has has a Me-410, what issues do you envisage Jason? This is the one near me at Cosford (no longer do engine runs sadly) https://youtu.be/jAcgUPjb16Q https://www.militaryimages.net/media/me-410-a-1-u2-raf-cosford.100641/
  20. Unrelated to the original point but regarding cameras. If I hit F8, it padlocks an aircraft, internal or external (another reason to remove the cockpit). So in external view if I padlock an enemy, then zoom in, it centres on the enemy. My aircraft (apart from the cockpit) drops off the bottom of the screen. I have looked for a way to move the camera position so that my aircraft is more centered but I can see the enemy but I just can move the camera position from the stock position. I have seen options for the A, S, W, D, keys, S, W zoom in or out, A and D though do nothing. Is there a way of recentering the camera, manually moving it to recompose the shot when in Padlock view? I just can't find a camera option? Anyway, not the priority of the thread just adding it to the conversation πŸ‘
  21. I have for years created videos of flights Sims I have and currently I am looking at playing with BoX. One of the great features of virtually every sim I have played is a no cockpit view which makes getting some cool tracking shots, combat action and gun camera footage relatively easy. BoX however is a different kettle of fish! Now I appreciate (having read) that no cockpit is seen as a cheat but that is not the purpose of my question, I simply want a better tool (no cockpit) to be able to create a variety of shots that are not possible with the cockpit on. Simply put, if the concern is that it could be used to cheat online, is there anyway a mod could be created only to work with recordings in playback, so the cockpit can be disabled. This would mean the mod would onky work offline (or if possible only be used in Single Player)? Any help, tips, fixes or workarounds would be greatly appreciated to get a no cockpit view for movie. Cheers, Mysticpuma πŸ‘
  22. I think the main reason I would love to see a B24 or 17 included is just simply to see how amazing it is above an overcast sky, weaving in and out of the bomber stream contrails, looking out for the enemy in the deep blue. Sat in the cage of my Mustang or Razorback.... oh the scale and majesty of what could be 😒
  23. I know some people are complaining about the price but honestly I think it's very fair. 10 aircraft, a map, new effects/coding, vehicles, etc, etc. $80 Γ· 12 aircraft = $6.66 each. I mean for the development, modellling, texturing, FM/DM then bug fixes + all the extra content it's hardly anything for the effort and work that is going to go in to creating it? The only area I am hoping to see some work in is the visual effects so that the explosions, fire and flame along with smoke look a little less cartoonish. I have already pre-ordered mainly to support the developers and wait as progress continues to maybe Italy or the Pacific. (and the hope they can figure out a way of coding a B-17 or b-24 into the Ai engine) Personally I think it's worth every penny of the investment, cheers, Mysticpuma
  24. v4.002. The issue slightly diminished but still there. Very much dependent on time of day
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