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  1. Well, the audio is sadly killed by the commentary over loud speakers. Would be great to be aieside to capture that cleanly. I will post some video with the original audio when I have a chance to edit it Cheers, MP
  2. A few clips of video I captured at this years flying Legends Air Show at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Footage captures re-enactors and aircraft, then cuts to the aircraft flying. All set to audio, as playing aircraft back in flight with slow motion sounds would be painful Will put a full audio with aircraft sounds edit up in the near future, cheers, Mysticpuma
  3. Well, check out this comprehensive list of aircraft coming to v5.00 and consider how many you have seen images or video of in the updates. Now consider ships, vehicles, buildings, static objects, texturing of all the previous, animation, new map/original map textures, weather system, lighting, DM, FM, Ai recoding, bug fixes, alpha testing, beta testing, release candidate, fixes inbetween those releases. Could be a while yet, hopefully we'll get more regular updates and eventually a release date,? Cheers MP
  4. Buzzsaw, is that future releases of updates or after v5. 00? Thanks in advance.
  5. That is a great difference, cloud colour looks impressive too with none of the oversaturated blobs stuck on the cloud balls! So much more natural than what there currently is. Out of interest do you see similar issues with the aircraft disappearing in front of your modded version? Cheers, Mysticpuma
  6. I would love to hear if any work has or can be done on the AA and AF. With such high detail models, finally fixing the saw tooth antenna would be a victory most of us would love to see won.
  7. I would love to hear if any work has or can be done on the AA and AF. With such high detail models, finally fixing the saw tooth antenna would be a victory most of us would love to see won.
  8. They are also going to release a DCG, single player campaigns, are also fixing multiple bugs in the original map.and content, revising an recoding the Ai........ so lots of content all round.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Any chance of a very early morning sortie with spotlights? Also early morning to see the mist over the desert? Nice work, cheers.
  10. Nope, Single Player only, but as someone who has worked in visual media for 30+ years, I like everything sharp and high quality. I do like the immersion of BoX in VR and DCS, but only as a 'that's cool' moment. I just don't find the quality of the Rift good enough to be involved in searching out ground targets and long distance spotting. It's fun but not a necessity until the quality is much better, for me at least.
  11. Got to say I have Oculus and it's enjoyable to fly BoX, but I just can't stand the low resolution compared to my monitor. So I use VR for a bit of fun but just can't see it being competitive until there is 1080p per eye at least. So I get why everyone is keen but I just don't see it as priority at the moment... for me anyway.
  12. Hi Buzzsaw, thanks for the reply. On a related note have the coders been able to fix the conga bounce for vehicles yet? Crossing my fingers here. Cheers, MP
  13. Nice work. Only thing missing is the dust plumes from the desert floor, these were in 1946 and would be great to see in Clod especially when low to the deck too.
  14. It's another great screenshot and much better without the oversaturated colour palette that is currently in use. The last screenshot HH...... I like the subdued, diffused look. Just wondering why the choice of green light for a sundown image rather than warm orange/yellow/golden sunset? Still loving this mod work and looking forward to when you finalise it ๐Ÿ‘
  15. I used Photoshop to desaturate the pools of deep blue and also take the mustard green tint of the sky.
  16. Thanks for the replies so far. Glad it wasn't just me. LizLemon thanks for your reply, I hope that someone with shader knowledge can help with this as the current sky colour in BoX and the awful cartoon casts spoil it so much for me Couple more comments here ๐Ÿ‘ https://aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10885 Crossing my fingers the colours can be made more realistic through this great mod.... Cheers, MP.
  17. Hi HH. I have only just come across your thread and have to say I really appreciate what you are doing with the lighting. The current sky and clouds to my eye is so oversaturated and almost cartoonish that your screenshots really stand out to me. Now, I appreciate these are screenshots from earlier in your mod process but the second, third and fifth images in the set, exemply everything wrong with the colours currently in the sim. I hate the green cast. I honestly have only seen a green tinge to clouds when there was a Tornado forming nearby, yet ox seems to have a propensity to paint weird colours over it's sky formations and your pictures here showcase that bloody awful green bias. I read through the rest of the thread and it looks like the oversaturated cartoon look has been fixed.... But is this crappy green cast still ongoing and if so, are you able to eradicate it? Like I said, love the work as visually BoX looks great.... Apart from the cartoon colours in the bizarre saturated skies๐Ÿ‘ Cheers, MP
  18. Okay, as requested, what can we expect to see in the next update and how long will it be before it appears? Would it be okay to ask, as we must be at least heading towards the prep for v5.0 launch in the next year, that we get regular updates, at least every two weeks rather than the current open ended, maybe we will but probably wont get an update? Thanks, MP
  19. Spiritus, I am embarrassed to say I missed this! Where was that post? I only saw the 109F vs Martlet from May 4th 2019. Link please, cheers, MP
  20. Hi Spiritus, thanks for the post. I think one of the issues regarding this lack of updates is the loss of momentum. I appreciate BoS does large DD updates and they are a preofessional team, but the images/screengrabs/work you mention is exactly what needs to be given to Pattle and Bonkin. Should you create 3-4 screengrabs every week of those changes and the other modellers do the same, then share them with your marketing department, it doesn't mean every image needs to be released but it does mean that they have a choice of things to show the community, no matter how small those changes. The Martlet was showcased in a 'sneak peak'. Personally I would not have used that phrase because it seems like all the updates we have seen for the most recent history have been 'Alpha/brief/sneak peak/early WiP. I would hope by now it could just be "current status" or "texture/import/modelling work" and get rid of sneak and alpha. I would openly suggest the modellers/texturers just take 4-5 screengrabs per week, no matter how small the change and let the marketing team control the flow to the community. I honestly don't feel bitch and moan about CloD as much as you believe, I think it is down to the frustration of knowing there is a great product still in production but with no release date there will only be a few dedicated players left to buy it.....and that means no TFS v6.0. This is a big deal as currently CloD is the only flight sim available to support large formations of 4 engine bombers online and if no-one buys v5.0, there will never be a B-17/B-24 version of CloD. Attached are the steam charts showing the decline of players worldwide since December 2017. The trend is not reversing, player numbers are falling and the only way new players will know about CloD is if there is a marketing and publicity push. Average players online worldwide 28. That's both Single Player and Multiplayer!!! Where are the Twitch streams, where is the Twitter feed, where is the Facebook presence, where are the magazine articles? Without them there is no momentum towards the release, there will be no new players, just the faithful stalwarts who want to see what v5.00 is like. Those few images that the marketing department don't get from the modellers, effects guys, texturers, they are the life blood for your team. The smallest updates keep the interest going....the silence is currently deafening.
  21. Well the chap who made the Ai for Team Daedalos is rewriting the Ai for Clod so there is hope ๐Ÿ‘
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