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  1. Would anyone be interested in creating a couple of 325th FG Mustangs? The first is "Mary Mac" which was Fuselage No.40 flown by Gordon McDaniel. This I think will be very challenging as the tail has the full Checkerboard markings. I have included an image of #40 before the noseart and cockpit text were updated. Also a reference images of the full checkertail pattern. The next is of #35 "Helen" flown by 325th Checkertail Ace, Art Fiedler. It had "Helen" on both sides of the nose, the short Checkertail, Red outer colour to the fuselage numbers and for a short time on top of the wing, above the guns, on the Starboard was written "Hells" and above the Port guns "Bells" in the same font as the noseart. Art had 8 Victory markings on the aircraft. Thanks in advance if anyone can take on the challenge, cheers, Mysticpuma. (Any further info. required, just send me a PM)
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WWIINoseArtFans/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/507101912983205/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/410688552439703/ Just a few examples of groups on FB
  3. Frazer Nash turrets? Are these front or rear? Nice pics, look forward to the video 👍
  4. AN UNOFFICIAL POLL (thought I had better emphasise it as Buzzsaw obviously missed it!) What is your most wanted TFS new flyable v5.00 aircraft. So currently TFS are plugging away at their update and I just wondered what aircraft is on your most wanted list from the new flyables that will be available? Above is the list, please choose only one aircraft, cast your vote and let's see where the interest lies. This is going off the list of aircraft expected with v5. 00 and doesn't include variants of aircraft (109F and P40 for example is the aircraft rather than variant) so I have bulked the aircraft into a group where new variants are available, so if you are interested in one in that group just vote for that aircraft. Going to let the poll run and see where it takes, cheers, Mysticpuma
  5. I did actually mean the E, thanks for the update though, cheers.
  6. Thanks SM. Appreciate the update. My main interest currently is the P40F and the Wellington, hoping to see some news on them soon
  7. Totally agree. I have to assume it was aimed at my question? I see nothing wrong with asking a well intended question? There was no tirade or tantrum, just a request for progress a year on from the last update. Patience is something we as a community are well aware.
  8. Buzzsaw/Pattle. Using the original post in this thread,would you be able to give us a "1-year-on" update on the list so we can see how far along things have come in a year please? Very much appreciate the first post in this thread it was comprehensive and detailed, would it be possible to have an annual update on progress? Cheers, Mysticpuma.
  9. I'm crossing my fingers for a 325th FG template when it comes out where some kind community member creates the Checkertail pattern for rudder/ elevator and then the late war version with fuselage too (just putting it out there )
  10. http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/451/2/0
  11. I know this is a post from a while back but this may work too. A DCG? https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13007&highlight=Barbs
  12. You'd be surprised how far faith and devotion will take you in the search for knowledge.
  13. Please follow the steps in my post in the following thread for those of you losing your key/Axis bindings, should sort it out, cheers, Mysticpuma. https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/3561682879995318093/
  14. Regarding loss of control settings. Please follow the steps in my post (second in thread), here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/3561682879995318093/
  15. The issue is keeping the game fresh while making the quirky aircraft. So the aircraft I mentioned would certainly keep the player base involved especially as they aren't available in any current game, then while these are released every six months the rest of the team can make the unusual types such as the Me 410, a flyable Sunderland (Buzzsaw said it couldn't happen as there is so little reference material to model off) but the possibility of Coastal Command missions in the B24 would be interesting, there would be a FW190 and maybe a Typhoon or Tempest, as you put it, aircraft that aren't popular but would add to Clod being niche. A map of Malta and maybe Italy would give great expansion possibilities, even the Apps region? Initially though it needs that influx of players to be brought in and a 4 engine bomber and combat escort aircraft would be great such as the Razorback Jug and P51B/C which would work well with them especially in large scale online battles. This we know Clod can handle and utilising its core features is where it would be great to see v6.00 focused towards.
  16. Personally I hope they can release just aircraft expansions after v5.00. I would love to see P-47 Razorback, P51B and a 4 engine bomber (B24 would fit perfectly) especially as Clod can handle large formations unlike BoX. I hope they can do this as currently unless we go back to IL2 1946 there is nothing like this available with the fidelity and graphics level of CloD. My understanding is that the next set would be the 1942-1943 era.... But given the timescale getting v5.0 released, it really needs aircraft expansions to keep interest alive and build a player base again. Sadly, unless people have been going round blindfolded, it is obvious to us that the combat flight sim market is waning and while there are the ever faithful, player stats don't lie and Clod needs an injection of players for there to be a v6.00 The work being done on the Tobruk map is exceptional but the timescale (and lack of any progress of a release date) is hurting it. So hopefully once finished the team will negotiate a new contract allowing aircraft expansions to be sold, thus keeping the player interest (like BoX) while the rest of the team work on multiple other features. Cheers, Mysticpuma.
  17. First thing to say, great audio track by Joost, haunting cinematic and perfect for this video. (and v5.00 release). The only problem now is that this shows how poor the original map is in comparison. The texture tiles in this map look much more detailed (even with sand). The footage also looks very, very smooth (very rare stutter), almost looks like filmed at 60-fps? I did notice the objects still popping into view (like the smoke columns) and wonder if there is any way of making the render bubble be less harsh so the objects fade into view rather than pop into view. Maybe use a similar system that allows the extended clouds to blend/fade into existence? Great choice of time of day to show how gorgeous the new map is, texture work is exquisite and the environment/scale impressive too. One suggestion I would make when creating videos, turn off info windows as this takes you out of the cinematic and also hit F10 so the mouse pointer disappears and doesn't activate mouse over text in the cockpit. Great update.....would have been amazing of the video had cut to the Wellington cockpit instead of the Cr. 42....but it'll come 👍 Will be interesting to see this reshot with the new weather/cloud effects and see how the fps holds up, hopefully soon? Really looking forward to the dust effects for this environment, especially the aircraft taking off (prop wash on the ground and water like the original IL2) and tank/truck trails as they drive across the sand. Would it be possible to have a visual representation of wind effects (doesn't have to be physx driven) just visually that may just show dust blowing around at ground level? Just features that make the environment come alive? Anyway, cracking update, cheers, Mysticpuma.
  18. To save filling the release notes thread with bug reports. Post away.
  19. Excellent work as always, can't wait to see your work when the Wellington is ready
  20. In the hope of stimulating some conversation, I'll post what I posted on the FB page. The first image : The work on the ground textures, map relief and detail is really impressive. My 'concern' (not really but no better word') is how it will look with the new weather system? I personally love the detail in the clouds of CloD, the biggest issue is overcast and Thunder layers which have the clouds, particles, some cockpit textures all pop out of existence when overloaded. My understanding is that the clouds can be handled by an individual CPU core using the new system..... but is there any way we can see an image like this with the new cloud system over it? Love this image though, photo quality, almost artwork, as are the rest of this set of images. The rest of the images really showcase the detail and quality still available in the 'old' Game, but if TF can release this in a reasonable timescale from now there will be a lot of interested parties coming back to the table. These images are probably one of the best updates made by TFS in the last year and I hope there is a video of similar quality coming because this deserves to be showcased. Well done TFS. Cheers Mysticpuma
  21. It's a shame it doesn't record like the original IL2, so as soon as you start any mission on or offline it automatically records, then when you finish, you decide whether to keep the trk or discard it.
  22. 1. No 2. TBC 3. No, most use GeForce Experience or Fraps.
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