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  1. I do hope that TFS manage to get to TF6, even if it is to add a US four engine bomber either B-17 or B-24, a P-51B/C and a P-47 Razorback (along with a few others no doubt). One thing that CloD does really well is Multiplayer code and as such the addition of a Bomber could open up a huge new aspect of flight simming especially if an easy access Co-Op interface is added. I say B-24 or B-17 becuase CloD has the possibility of running large bomber streams and if a P-51B/C or P47 Razorback could be created in conjunction with a four engine bomber.....a lot of players would be greatly excited, especially if they could man the turrets, bomb aimer, navigation, engineer,gunners, pilot and co-pilot positions. I imagine a group of Ai bombers and 5-6 human crews among them. One long bomber mission, Ai enemy and flak and getting to the target, being damaged and working as a team to try and get back. Should this be done online, against human players, they would not know which of the bomber stream contained the human crews and this would add a level of cat and mouse to any attack. The thought of a team playing as a bomber crew along with a large formation of Ai almost opens up a huge new window of opportunity for players who want to Co-Op a single bomber playing all parts of the crew together, as a team. With that in mind, which four engine bomber would you prefer if TF6 ever gets greenlit? B-17 or B-24? Cheers, MP
  2. There is a WW2 mod that can be used, I forgot to do it but still loved the shots
  3. After v5. 00 is released and hopefully a success I think TFS need to contemplate considerably shorter periods between releases and a similar strategy as BoX. They have a huge map already, will also have North Africa and people want aircraft! Buzzsaw already pointed out I previous posts that without renegotiation of the current contract the only way we get v5. 00 is as an all or nothing expansion. It isn't ideal but that is the way it has to be. Personally I don't want a v.6.00, I would rather have small expansions (paid for) over much shorter periods. This could be a few vehicles, a couple of ships and 2-4 aircraft, $25-35 at a time. It would be a steady stream of income and reduce considerably the waiting time for a huge v6, 00 expansion. There is little to no Community engagement except for sporadic updates and the latest post from Bonkin has produced barely any feedback across multiple forums. 8, replies here, 5 on Facebook, 53 on the official 1C forum, 37 at the home of TFS and 13 at Sow. I should add this is in no way down to Bonkin, it is just the general apathy from waiting so long with nothing to play with and reignite the community passion. I would suggest too that they consider release of a map tool to the community. The thing is, people do want to be involved and by offering a map tool to the community these could be added to the Sim for everyone to use, once they pass TFS quality control and placed under a GUI tab of "Community Content". There needs to be something to interest the wider community and even the modding community where their roots lie. I will be surprised if they expect the community to wait for years again for a large expansion as simply put there just won't be anyone left when it arrives. I realise BoX will have released it's Bodenplatte update and impressed a large part of the WW2 flying community with so many popular aircraft but TFS need to try and catch big chunk of the market too and I think this can only happen by introducing American aircraft. I understand that they are focused on releasing progressive updates but if you look how long it has taken to get from 1940 to the end of 1941, it will be around 2026 before they get near 1945!!! Personally I hope they reconsider their options and look at building a P-51B/C, P-47 Razorback and maybe a B-25. Something to grab the large untapped American Market which should bring some much needed finances to the table. There is also the decision to create the 190 A4, but with the above aircraft the A5 would be a better strategy? Simply put, without the large American Market getting involved, I don't see them going much further than v5. 00
  4. Hi TFS. I know you are working on the Ai which will no doubt be a great addition for the Single and Multiplayer crowd....but missions, especially vehicles in missions....this is so broken it's heartbreaking. Here is an example of a default Quick Mission in v4.54 (and it's been like this since I can remember) that shows a perfect example of the problem with vehicles at the moment. Also note this mission isn't accessible to play around with unlike Single Missions so if it's broke, it's broke. I know that TFS have also reported that the fix to get vehicles to be able to cross bridges is eluding them....but that is also a huge issue for not only Single Players (quick, single and campaign missions) but also Multiplayer mission builders. I really hope, especially as they now have a full time mission builder onboard (The Oden) that this can be fixed once and for all. Anyway, here's a video of the issue and as everyone has the same mission in their Quick Mission menu, anyone can test it.
  5. Ah, many apologies..... The rest still stands though πŸ‘ My misunderstanding came from here, no mischief intended. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30049&p=324385&viewfull=1#post324385 Cheers, MP
  6. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    Couple of issues/questions I have. Really appreciate the update, especially the removal of default skins in replays :photographer: Really only had a few minutes to run it so I ran the default Black Death trk to see some of the new effects. First thing I see is the white vapour pouring out of the 109, not sure what causes it but it runs through the trk leaking from the aircraft. Interesting effect. What did stand out for me (again just looking briefly at the effects) is the odd looking explosions on the ground. So if anyone runs the Black Death track it's the point when the bombs explode on the runway. They sort of explode, the explosion builds and plumes and then the inertia stops. It's really difficult to explain but they explode and then freeze rather than expand? I honestly don't like the effect. Don't think I don't appreciate the time and effort to remove particles and increase fps, but somewhere in the process the explosions have lost there power/beauty/impressiveness.... they just look wrong. Hopefully there is a way to bring some beauty back to them? One of the features I was really looking forward to, especially as it would allow great tank battle footage is the fix for pop up grass. So I created a quick mission and ran it. Pop up grass isn't fixed by a long shot, here's video I created just. This is a complete fresh install of Blitz with v4.54. Did the fix get included? One point I would hope can be explained is the move to a non Steam patch downloader. The move to Steam was seen as a huge boon for the sim, even as recently as yesterday players were saying how surprised they were to launch Steam and see a new patch downloading. This was the whole point. A unique distribution system which takes away the need for the player to hunt down or proactively try and find a new patch. Should they be unaware that Clod is still being developed, loading Steam will simply update. Simple. So simply put, why the change?
  7. Looking forward to seeing your images guys, cheers, MP
  8. A small detail but something from 1946 that would be great to see again. Just adds a bit of life to the battlefield, similar to being able to crash land the aircraft, pop the canopy and run away from the burning wreck. Any chance of a tiny feature like this coming back to Clod?
  9. Is it a 'simple' act of including an Nvidia Ansel to the install by TFS? The possibilities for screenshots are incredible and include 61k output render and 360 VR output. From 3 minute mark:
  10. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Depth charges sound interesting. Does this mean the water depth issue has been resolved so bombs no longer explode on the surface of water? Also depth charges indicate that submarines will be able to surface and submerge so water depth sounds like it has been resolved? Will this also be fixed in the Channel Map? Finally...as some vehicles are driveable, is there a possibility of simple periscope option to allow players to fire torpedoes from submarines? Cheers, MP
  11. Currently when the game loads, the aircraft is shown in the hangar with the last paintscheme loaded. I really like this screen as the camera pans round it......but it is 'spoiled' by the menu bar down the right hand side. This is just a simple suggestion but I wonder if it would be possible to just have a key to tab the menu bar on and off and that way have the whole screen dedicated to aircraft and the skin? Maybe a second option could be an external area menu screen so the same slow pan around the aircraft could be used in an outdoor environment? Ideally though, as it stands, it would just be great to have an option to tab off and on the menu bar....if possible....please 🀞
  12. Mysticpuma

    WIP P-47D skins

    Exquisite work as always Tom. Looking forward to all your future posts πŸ‘
  13. Mysticpuma

    P-47 D Skins

    Any news/progress on version 2?
  14. Mysticpuma

    RIP FA_Monguse

    I heard the news of Ralph's passing from Gary Bullock shortly after it happened and it truly left me bereft. It is difficult to try and quantify how important Ralph was to my life story but I can honestly say he changed my lifes direction with one sentence, "hey Neil, have you ever heard of the Checkertails?". Ralph and I got in touch around 2004 when I asked if there was anyone in America (we knew each other simply through a love of WW2 combat flight simulations) who would be interested in narrating a short computer generated film about Robert S. Johnson and his epic battle for survival in the skies of Europe during WW2 and Ralph jumped at the chance. In 2007 it was released online and during a chat afterwards he mentioned the now legendary Checkertail sentence. Shortly after Ralph gave me the contact details for Ian Mcdonald and Ian kindly set the wheels in motion by passing on Art Fiedler's contact details and with a flurry of emails between Art and I discussing the history of the 325th FG, I realised this was a story that needed to be told. The seed was planted and in 2008 I flew to California where I met Ralph (who flew in from Florida) and we started our adventure by meeting P-51 Ace Art Fiedler at his home in Oxnard. We both shared a passion for gathering information, preserving the history and memories of Art and from there, Art gave us more contacts who served with the 325th and the game was afoot. The following 10-years saw Ralph and I meeting up when and where time allowed and always there was a friendly banter between us. It was great that he 'got' my ironic British humour, played along with it and batted it back followed by the wry smile of knowing he got it and gave as good as he got. During those years we met some truly superb people of which there are too many to name but Ian Mcdonald shared that passion as did Gary Bullock who offered to narrate the films that were eventually created from the travels we undertook. My endearing memory of Ralph was of having a great sense of humour but being dogged and determined when he found something he had a passion for. The fruition of this has to be the design and creation of the Lesina monument to the fallen of the 325th FG. This is a true memorial to everything that Ralph stood for and his dedication to making sure the men who served for the preservation and freedom that we enjoy today will never be forgotten. I will share something now that happened on the last day of that visit to Lesina. Ralph, Gary Bullock and I went outside while the party in the restaurant continued. We stood there in the cold evening air as the music played in the background, looked at each other and simply said "Can you believe what we have achieved? Just a small group of ordinary guys with an extraordinary passion to capture, create and preserve the memory of a select group of veterans.... and look what we have done...." It was a poignant moment but in that moment we realised that we had created something special, done it all simply because we were lucky enough to possess the skill set to be able to do this. Ralph though was the one who created this simply through one sentence..... and it changed mine and many others lives indelibly. Ralph you were an amazing man, I am pleased to have had the honour of meeting you and the world truly will be a much lonelier place without you to share it with My heart breaks for your family. Neil
  15. Mysticpuma

    WIP P-47D skins

    Cracking work...... are they 4K? Cheers, MP
  16. Mysticpuma

    P-47 D Skins

    Prefer the new version Bugsy but still way too many Checkers on the tail as shown here. Also I don't see the marks on top of the wing or the serial number under the left wing πŸ‘
  17. Just seeing vehicles crossing bridges would give me all the hope I need to believe progress is being made πŸ‘
  18. Mysticpuma

    P-47 D Skins

    Appreciate the work, but agree with Psyrion. Looking at the D5 on Haulin Ass it appears see through as does the nose art.
  19. Mysticpuma

    [MOD] Pilot in cockpit (updated: 4k textures)

    Does this work in the P-47 😎
  20. Mysticpuma

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    Would love to escorts a bomber stream like this in a P-47 as the enemy swoop in 😒
  21. Mysticpuma

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    I think a B-24 or B-17 would be very welcome and even at $20 it would be snapped up. Would love to see bomber streams in BoX