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  1. The V1..... could the Channel and the Battle of Britain be in the planning for the next module..... Also having seen the amazing weather system brought into DCS, I wonder if devs have plans to revamp there system in the coming couple of years?
  2. Well I look forward to trying this with your lighting change, hopefully it corrects the weird colour palette they use 👍 (looks like it does?)
  3. Really like the landscape colours in this one, have you changed anything on the ground?
  4. Who knows apart from TFS? It was the case but as you are aware TFS have shown nothing of Truesky for over a year and a half so the tense relates to what was known. It would be great to see the water simulation included but also the shipping visually react to it.
  5. Will be interesting to read an official reply. One big issue the Channel map had was the depth of the water in some places was about 5 feet in the deep water areas. This could often be seen with ships in water when an explosion took place and the ground tile was illuminated under the ship. I wonder too as to your question about water simulation as this may open up submarine missions?
  6. "Major_Setback has posted on the ATAG Forums: I dont think the Martlet was on the cards for the next release back then, but I may be mistaken.As far as I can see (looking at my records) the last thing we announced regarding templates was that the following templates would be released:Bf109Bf109 tropG50Cr42Bf108Tiger MothSorry for the delay, but other things got in the wayI'm making up for it by creating a small Bf109F skin pack (for free).... and the templates will follow." then "Sorry for hijacking the thread, but while we are on the subject -
  7. Thank you for your work on this, shame TFS aren't supporting their work like you are. We'll done.
  8. Some news but not from Major Setback or TFS. Keefyboy has created an unofficial Martlet template. Seems TFS aren't interested in sharing their templates? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/152-tobruk-skins-templates/ Five and a half months later...... nothing here or on the ATAG downloads. Has Major Setback left TFS and taken his templates with him? I mean two-weeks is the joke from the Banana forums, 5+ months.... appears to be the new one for TFS?
  9. https://youtu.be/VmgecjXac3k?t=618 Video showing the Typhoon 1B car door version in action in a film on how to rescue a trapped pilot
  10. Ah Okay, thanks for the heads-up, I heard there was a car door type being created....must be another sim 🤫
  11. I may have missed this but is the Typhoon the car door type?
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