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  1. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    Looking forward to the night environment getting a makeover...... but.....one of the current real issues that makes the day sky and night sky look so bad is the terrible banding. No matter what is done in its current state stars, moon, lighting etc, etc will suffer terribly unless some form of sky debanding work is considered. These were thoughts of someone regarding possible fixes to make banding less of an issue. A) have a pre-baked sky backdrop that was generated in deep colour and downsampled to 24-bit colour, on top of which everything else lays (clouds, etc.);B) increase the bit depth of the on-the-fly colour filters and weather effects themselves, costing serious performance;C) introduce diffuse noise to the sky surface, costing some performance.I personally prefer option C. And By the way, I know there is deband in Reshade..... But as TFS are the devs they should be able to do something with this?
  2. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    Time will tell😎
  3. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    Thanks for the update. Lots of great info. Sad though that this means it probably won't see the light of day until June as Jason won't want it to clash with Bodenplatte. Also this means it would be released in the flight sim dead zone when most players are out enjoying the great weather. All that can be hoped is that the extra time you now have can be used to refine and perfect the product and maybe by next August it will be ready and raring to go with the vast amount of content worked on completed and polished to within an inch of it's life. Will be worth the wait but hopefully there will be at least more than TFS still around who will be there to buy it 😢
  4. There are currently during prime time UK less than 50 players online across all of the active servers. Whilst this is tragic it is well known that the Single Player community is approximately 4 times larger than multiplayer. Is it time to change the focus to Single Player and where the bulk of the market now lies?
  5. Mysticpuma

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Thanks Buzzsaw. Appreciate the reply and comprehensive detail, good luck to you and the team with the progress. Cheers. MP
  6. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    Okay, so we are getting ready for the October update (hopefully). This will leave 2-months until Christmas. So if there is any hope of seeing this released before then, what stage of import, alpha, beta testing are the following at? It still makes me wonder if there is any chance of a pre-Christmas release and if it doesn't make that time-frame it looks like it wont be out until after Bodenplatte is released because Jason wont want the two products to clash? With that in mind I thought I'd start a thread with a list of features for v5.00 Tobruk that are on the list and mark which ones have been see in updates. Here is the list of flyable aircraft for TF 5.0... please note these are goals... not guarantees. ---- German Bf108 Taifun Advanced Trainer - early modelling of cockpit and FM test with false cockpit Bf109E-7 (DB601Aa) - No Bf109E-7N (DB601N) - No Bf109E-7NZ (DB601N with GM-1 Nitrous Oxide injection) - No (and Tropical versions) - No Me109F-1 with MG/FFM (DB601N) - No Me109F-2 with MG151/15mm (DB601N) - No Me109F-2 with MG151/20mm (DB601N) - No Me109F-2 with MG151/20mm Tropical (DB601N) - No Me109F-4 (DB601E 1.30ata) - No Me109F-4 (DB601E 1.30ata) Tropical - No Me109F-4 (DB601E 1.42ata) - Shown as Alpha in latest update August 26th (as I understand it) Me109F-4 (DB601E 1.42ata) Tropical - No Me109F-4/R1 Flugelgondelbewaffnung mit MG 151/20 (DB601E 1.42ata, underwing 20mm gunpods) - No Me109F-4/R1 Flugelgondelbewaffnung mit MG 151/20 Tropical (DB601E 1.42ata, underwing 20mm gunpods) -No (no we will not have the version with 15mm gunpods... only used on Russian Front) Ju-88A-4 - No Ju-88A-5 - No Ju-88C-2 (possibly) - No Heinkel He-111H-6 Torpedo bomber (possibly) - No Italian Fiat CR-42 - Yes but only with a false cockpit Fiat CR-42 Fighter-Bomber - No Macchi C-202 Series III (hopefully) - Yes but only as an external model Macchi C-202 Series VIII (hopefully) - No French Dewoitine D.520 (Hispano 12Y45 engine)- Yes but only as a 3D render of the external model Dewoitine D.520 (Hispano 12Y49 high altitude) - Yes but only as a 3D render of the cockpit with textures. British Gladiator II (with Tropical filter)- No There is video footage of a Spitfire with Cannons in the September update but no indication of which of the following it is. So 'No' is the default until known which version is shown, although the text does say the Cannon Spitfire is imported. Spitfire IIB (IIA with two 20mm cannon, four .303) - No unless the silhouette image shown here is a IIA with cannons?: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38 ... ent=662275 Spitfire VA (eight .303 +12 boost) - No Spitfire VB (+12 boost) - No Spitfire VB (+16 boost) - No Spitfire VB (Merlin 46 High Altitude) - No Spitfire VB Tropical (+16 boost) - No Spitfire VB Tropical (Merlin 46 High Altitude) - No Hurricane IIA (eight .303)- Screenshot of an early render Hurricane IIB (twelve .303) - No Hurricane IIB Fighter-Bomber - No Hurricane IIC (four 20mm) - No Hurricane IIC Light Fighter (two 2Omm) - No Hurricane IID Tankbuster (possibly)- No (plus Tropical versions of all) - No Beaufighter Mk IF - Late (with Hercules XI) - No Beaufighter Mk IC (with Hercules XI, bombs) - No (and versions with Tropical filters) - No Wellington IA - Cockpit renders of WiP, nothing in-game Wellington IC (with waist gun positions) - Renders of WiP, nothing in-game (and versions with Tropical filters)- No Blenheim IV/IF with Tropical filters - No American P-40C (Tomahawk IIB)- Early model renders nothing since P-40E (Kittyhawk IA) - Early model renders nothing since (Will be early and late versions of both these aircraft... different boost levels.) Martlet IIIB - Early model renders nothing since ------- Tobruk Map - Early renders of old version of the map, also shown in-game, this has since been redone after TF managed to get the 1C map tool working, nothing since except a very dark silhouetted version at dusk in the August 26th update. BoB Map - No news showing bug fixes apart from a few additions to the bug tracker ------- Effects - Audio: 109 F4 audio of engine and maybe a few MG and cannon sounds, also MG of Wellingtons. Nothing else. Effects - Visual: Many have been rewritten since Blitz release , so far no showcasing of them ------- FM/DM - No news on new features or fixes ------- Ai - No news since "working on it" ------- All of the above needs Alpha stages, Beta stages, RC stages and Release, so if it is to make a pre-Christmas release all of the above needs to come together at-least by the beginning of November for any beta testing and fixes and that is two months away. So TF, what stage are you at with the above? Looks like a huge amount to do, especially with Beta testing Ai, all the new aircraft and FM/DM, new effects audio and video, new map and effects (dust for example)... Just wondering if a pre-Christmas release is a pipe dream when all of the above is taken into consideration?
  7. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    Any news on the Ai recoding and Radio Commands would be appreciated (stuff that's been done rather than hope to be done) please.
  8. Mysticpuma

    Black Sheep - VR Highlight reel

    Is this viewable as a VR video in a VR headset?
  9. Mysticpuma

    Nvidia Ansel

    I think this would be amazing to have and a great way to let people be creative and share static 360 VR images with friends who can't really appreciate just what is so good about VR and flight sims? It would be great if BoX devs considered this as not only an early adoption so players may be curious to see what BoX is like. As i understand it the developers have to 'chat' with Nvidia and Nvidia enables it. The possibilities for screenshots are incredible and include 61k output render and 360 VR output.
  10. Mysticpuma

    No cockpit view?

    Yes that's the custom camera I mentioned has to be fiddled around with, trial and error. A simple option in the menu to disable the cockpit only in replays would be such a simple but much appreciated option I don't understand why it isn't already there?
  11. Mysticpuma

    No cockpit view?

    Yes it is. 85% if not 95%........BUT.....there is also a small part of the community who love making cinematic movies and this is a real pain having no access to it. I get that people are concerned it may lead to some possibility of online cheating, I get that the purists think everyone should fly with it on.... and I have no issue with that. I have asked in the past for one simple solution to be enabled. Only have no cockpit view available in replays. SIMPLE! No idea why this can't be done, affects no-one and only helps those who want to have more options to create movies without going into the config to move cameras around. So.... can anyone see an issue with no cockpit view only available when viewing tracks in replay? A heartfelt post for the IL2 movie makers. Cheers MP
  12. Mysticpuma

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Will compressability be modelled? I spoke with Art Fiedler a few years back and captured his memories about an incident with the P-47 during training. This wasn't the D-28 but I think it was still an issue until the D-30? Anyway, here a short audio clip captured while we were eating at his home in 2008:
  13. Mysticpuma

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    It comes from this text I quoted: "On 9/8/2018 at 7:35 PM, -47-Fritz_or_Ivan said: "If I was head of this company I would hire a talent like tiger33 " I haven't said you wanted to be, I have said that there would be issues for the studio if they wanted to make the offer.
  14. Mysticpuma

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    As much as I love a real life sound as the next simmer, the issue isn't the soundpack Tiger has made (in regards to hiring him) but the sources of the audio he has made his mod from. There is no way an official company like 1C can use any audio source without provenance simply because if the copyright holder makes a claim 1C/777 would be totally screwed. There is no way the studio could officially sanction any sound mod without a complete list of the source of every one and proof they are not copyrighted and charge paying customers for them. I am under the impression Tiger's sound mods are all done from real audio files but I have no idea where they came from. So initially if Tiger was offered a position at the studio he would have to prove where every file came from before it would even get near being imported. That said, modding is modding and there is no issue with him supplying it as a mod because the studio would have no onus to prove the source of the files especially as they wouldn't be charging for them. Would be nice to have the option but I can't personally see them ever officially in game without proof of ownership for every single file. Just as an idea of what is on line for the studio and Jason, the fines below are per audio file.....so imagine how many there are in a sound mod! The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits. The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs. The Court can issue an injunction to stop the infringing acts. The Court can impound the illegal works. The infringer can go to jail. Cheers, MP
  15. Mysticpuma

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    And to clarify for Buzzsaw with the question "doesn't everyone use live video records?" ATAG is a closed cockpit server. They have a way of enabling a track viewer so externals can be seen....but skin downloads are off...so it is default markings only. So if it was live records only, there would never be an external view of any aircraft in any video ever? External views in any video created from ATAG combat using trk have no issues as they are all default skins. Trk. files for SP or offline players are useless for videos if any custom skin is used. I mean you can't line a shot up on an aircraft in SP, cut to an outside view, try and fire in the right direction, pause, go back internal view, try again and again and again? Cheers, MP