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  1. Short video showing work in progress by modder Off_Winters on the MODS forum. Currently Off_Winters is changing the textures to emulate a North Africa environment. Here is a side-by-side comparison video, still very much early stages but impressive so-far. Cheers, Mysticpuma.
  2. Hi Off_Winters. I had a play with the Mod and put a side-by-side comparison video together. Here's the video, cheers, Mysticpuma
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Desert-Air-Force-World-War/dp/1844158179
  4. Mysticpuma


    Jason stated a while back they have no one available to work on the effects. Maybe you could send him a message and offer your skills?
  5. Just in case you don't scout around other forums, Pattle has posted the following update:
  6. And there we see the original, beautiful explosions
  7. Mysticpuma


    me planes have you been changing the files and uploading each into the first link? Maybe as you say it is finished, change the total to effects v3 final?
  8. "The explosions you show on those screenshots (4'29'' in the video) may be originally in-game produced" No "may" about it, those were the original explosions and why I posted screenshots of them. Yes the video has extra effects which is why I didn't highlight them in images but those effects were really impressive, plumes of debris and felt powerful. Check this video controlled detonation of a WW2 bomb. And this one:
  9. I'd certainly disagree with you about less eye candy. The explosions from bombs on the ground were significantly more good looking than the current versions. The current version (explosions) has been tweaked to the hilt and a lot of what makes the effects look in older versions has now been replaced with ugly 2d looking sprites. Other effects certainly have improved, engine smoke is beautifully fluid now, fires on aircraft and smoke are noticeably better too. Check out this video by Barfly at the 4m 24sec mark to see what the explosions looked like a few years back 😢
  10. First one, hitting 'i' should toggle the engine off.... I just can't get it to stop the engine? Second question, is there any ammunition that can set a Br.20 or Cr.42 alight? I have tried AP in guns 1 and 4 and incendiary in guns 2 and 3.....I cannot take an engine out, I see a bit of debris and the only time I got close was when there was a tiny flame on the elevator which quickly ended and yet they all bailed out 🤔 Really want to try and fire up either of those aircraft but not seeing anything significant 😢 Cheers, MP
  11. Thanks, appreciate the reply...... wouldn't it be great if you could just click the flag and change the country 🤔 Cheers, Mysticpuma
  12. Set up a quick mission today but flying against Cr.42's in Luftwaffe markings just didn't fit the situation. I clicked on the flag above the player icon but seems as though it is stuck on German markings. Would it be possible to have quick missions so the country can be changed, then at-least Cr.42's could have Italian markings? Cheers, Mysticpuma
  13. Mysticpuma


    Comparison footage between the two versions. One is the modded version by meplanes and the other is the stock effects from BoX. Currently the original effects seem very over the top in comparison to the significantly toned down version by meplanes. Still a work in progress but here's a comparison between the two. Looking at the original fire smoke and meplanes version....I wonder if there is a way to add just a bit more black smoke back and also add the richness of the flame colour? Also...is the coolant now missing from the modded version?
  14. Thanks Falcon. The film was created over a year and made between a group of guys across the world all editing/creating separate parts that were then put into a final edit. I will see if I can contact some of the guys and make the DVD version available as an .iso
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