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  1. Frazer Nash turrets? Are these front or rear? Nice pics, look forward to the video 👍
  2. An unofficial poll - Your most wanted TFS new flyable v5.00 aircraft. So currently TFS are plugging away at their update and I just wondered what aircraft is on your most wanted list from the new flyables that will be available? Above is the list, please choose only one aircraft, cast your vote and let's see where the interest lies. This is going off the list of aircraft expected with v5. 00 and doesn't include variants of aircraft (109F and P40 for example is the aircraft rather than variant) so I have bulked the aircraft into a group where new variants are available, so if you are interested in one in that group just vote for that aircraft. Going to let the poll run and see where it takes, cheers, Mysticpuma
  3. I did actually mean the E, thanks for the update though, cheers.
  4. Thanks SM. Appreciate the update. My main interest currently is the P40F and the Wellington, hoping to see some news on them soon
  5. Totally agree. I have to assume it was aimed at my question? I see nothing wrong with asking a well intended question? There was no tirade or tantrum, just a request for progress a year on from the last update. Patience is something we as a community are well aware.
  6. Buzzsaw/Pattle. Using the original post in this thread,would you be able to give us a "1-year-on" update on the list so we can see how far along things have come in a year please? Very much appreciate the first post in this thread it was comprehensive and detailed, would it be possible to have an annual update on progress? Cheers, Mysticpuma.
  7. I'm crossing my fingers for a 325th FG template when it comes out where some kind community member creates the Checkertail pattern for rudder/ elevator and then the late war version with fuselage too (just putting it out there )
  8. http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/f/451/2/0
  9. I know this is a post from a while back but this may work too. A DCG? https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13007&highlight=Barbs
  10. You'd be surprised how far faith and devotion will take you in the search for knowledge.
  11. Please follow the steps in my post in the following thread for those of you losing your key/Axis bindings, should sort it out, cheers, Mysticpuma. https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/3561682879995318093/
  12. Regarding loss of control settings. Please follow the steps in my post (second in thread), here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/3561682879995318093/
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