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  1. After the book (and yeah the movie) 633 Squadron, I'd do anything to fly the Mosquito Lol! And here's proof: woke this morning and dashed to the IL-2 website to purchase a copy of BON, only to find to my frustration and chagrin that I couldn't - and nothing I tried worked, right until I found out from my profile page I'd already paid up for the item as far back as 2nd December. Shows you, eh...hahaha! After the book (and yeah the movie) 633 Squadron, I'd do anything to fly the Mosquito Lol! And here's proof: woke this morning and dashed to the IL-2 website to purc
  2. Ordered. Now let's see if I'm getting my three bars by my name. See, even we from the provinces can chip in our widows mite to help push the project! Well done, Devs.
  3. Guys, I have some version of Sweetfx downloaded and can spot some of its files but not all. I needed to find and remove them so I can load up with Reshade but cannot because I always skip some in the process of manually deleting them. Can anyone help me on how to identify the old unwanted Sweetfx files and get rid of them, please? Pirabee.
  4. Well, it is on good record the Russians received tons of Hawker Hurricanes from the British, as such it would be perfectly okay to have them in the current game. No need to wait for the Pacific version first. Pirabee
  5. I fly from Nigeria and it don't get worse than that, eh? Well, lately I get knocked off for bad pings and this has happened probably like a whole week now. It's usually anything above 230. You should be okay from Taiwan. Pirabee.
  6. Now you touch a sore spot with air kill stories. For years I struggled to get my mojo going on every online game I tried nearly always being the target others blew out of the skies. Then one day in CLoD after eons of being everyone's potty, I was cruising along in my spitfire when along came a speck that rapidly grew into a twin engined silhouette. I still couldn't tell what it was but I was right over Dover so I assumed it was a sneak Jerry. Gunsights on, fingers trembling like hell and all and in no time I was blazing away like a demented man. I thought I saw a few hits but it couldn't have
  7. Until the last patch I found landing my BF109 quite tricky business and usually would need a quick prayer or two before commencing one. My condition was made a little worse by the twist function rudder on my Logitech joystick which I was far from mastering before the update - oh together with the introduction of my newly acquired Pro Flight Saitek foot rudders. However, and this is the interesting part, I now manage landings far better - umm, though there's still the matter of the float from ground effect and a certain tendency to drift into the grass during the roll out. Blame that on me plea
  8. Thanks a lot Conky, I've thought of that, and right now I'm off MP and doing lots of circuits and bumps on SP. Somehow I'll work up the flair for flying without always peeking at the slip ball or over correcting when I go into a skid or a slip. The pity is that I'd just gotten the hang of using the twist function rudder and on one sortie recently managed to down three Russkies only being shot down once. Ah well, my reasoning is that true Emil fliegers weren't using twist rudders but real foot pedals, so - yeah, sigh - I'll follow suit. Once again thanks, mate and see you anytime soon in t
  9. Hmmm, all of this leaves me feeling stumped cos for a while now my only preoccupation has been with twiddling - dare I say unsuccessfully - with my controller settings. I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and a Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals. My settings began with large numbers for the pitch roll and yaw and I was having great difficulty to stay in a straight line while even taxiing. Take offs were a joke to watch. My centre ball (I forget the name) would be all over the place, meaning I was mostly flying with a skid. So I've now dropped the numbers to virtually zeros on all sub heads a
  10. Gentlemen/ladies, A big hello from Nigeria where my ancestors weren't exactly the air-jousting type, so as you may well imagine I'm pretty lousy at this but then again I love it to bits. Yesterday though - quite magically - I shot a Yak off the tail of a 109 on WOL and didn't believe I was the one who'd managed this so - I can't find the words - so breezily. So now I'm registered on TAW and read the rules though I haven't gone airborne yet. I'm worried about a few things. One is my frequent disconnects. Mostly these are due to pub power cuts which are very common where I live. On WOL
  11. Doesn't affect non Steam CLoD, and non W10 users, does it? Haven't dropped into CLoD for a while now but it's a game I truly enjoy. I wish it well. Pirabee.
  12. I'm using the Saitek Extreme 3D Pro which gives me all sorts of worries. Someone mentioned here something about 'potentiometer' on it being particularly a big drawback and I wonder how. Could anyone elaborate on that, please? For rudders I'm using the Saitek Pro flight Rudders and that's another story on its own. Whenever you spot a 109 F2 barging towards you weaving left and right and spending more time on the grass or snow than on the taxi path - well - that's me. Pirabee.
  13. You guys have no flipping idea about me and my flying skills. I'd very likely peel into a dive, promptly lose control in over speed and yank back on the stick, induce a stall and go into the terrain like a comet. The unwitting Ju52 Medivac crew would go down in history as the first unarmed transport triplane to bring down an enemy fighter aircraft.
  14. Thanks HerrMurf for the tips. I'm gonna watch 550kph lile a hawk from now on. Interestingly, I wearied of my saitek ProFlight rudders and went for the twist function instead but something tells me that realistic flight control can only be attained by foot rudder use. My sensitivities on the Saitek were way overboard and no level of tweaking helped. Ive heard of some modding work that many here have done which involves taking the device apart, but Im afraid Im not that capable with taking things apart and putting them back again. Pirabee.
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