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  1. Very interesting, indeed. My great-grandfather was captured by the Russians in these tunnels (where he worked) when the area was overrun by the Red army. He was supposedly almost beaten to death with a buttstock. He was not even a soldier, but (as far as i understand) was probably recruited in some militia units in the last desperate days. He got back from the Soviet Union 1,5 years later, so he was rather "lucky" compared to many others. About 72 years later, i was walking in some of these tunnels (not the part opened to the public, but the tunnels under the brewery). It's basically unused today for the most part.
  2. Bundesliga logo, Thomas Müller version
  3. Before and after i began simming?... Interesting question. In my case the effect is pretty shocking (OK, 5 years of studying at BME and frequent use of Hungarian public transport services might have contributed) You said meme's are OK
  4. I haven't read the whole thread, but let me explain my opinion on this: There is no reason to say things like "look, i was right" or "so it really wasn't really perfect after all, right?" or "it's a long overdue fix for xy plane". It's not like the devs finally admitted they were wrong, they've just probably found some ways to do it better within the technical limitations. They never said it's 100% like the real thing, let alone 100% like what you expect. Also it won't ever be like that as long as it's a simplified simulation of physics. BTW it seems like a nice update, and thanks for all who provided useful feedback/sources that actually helped the devs, if there were such people.
  5. I don't know, it would be ok i guess if it was the other way around, but i don't think engine damage should automatically mean leakage from the radiator. But i might be totally wrong.
  6. 1.: If it is coming from the radiator, it should be actually oil or coolant (my guess is lighter=coolant, darker=oil), not smoke. And it's caused by radiator damage, engine stopped is just the consequence.
  7. As far as i understand it, you can make it disappear (or appear) by adjusting mixture on Soviet planes. But with auto mixture control in German planes, it gets darker as you give full power, because in that case it's automatically lowering the air to fuel ratio (for maximum performance or more for the cooling effect, i don't really know). Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki Can't help with the rest though. But i think there is a separate Polish section on this forum. Maybe you missed that?
  9. My 2 cents (from actual noob perspective if you are speaking of them): Bf-109 high speed handling is very frustrating for a noob. You can go high and dive on the opponent (if you manage to spot and ID anything from that distance, not the easiest thing in this game), but actually hitting him is not something a noob will manage to do on his first couple (hundred) attempts. Yak-1 is the one that seems to be the much more beginner-friendly plane, when an actual beginner tries it for the first time, sorry.
  10. ^ That's probably my favourite photo of the Folgore. Beautiful lines and camouflage.
  11. I would like to know what can you do with the horrible view from cockpit? Any trick or tip for a player with no trackir or vr (apart from getting rid of it completely)? It's really bad when you've been flying Focke-Wulfs for some time.
  12. They are OK in my book, but they do sound a bit too much like LZ and their clothing is beyond comprehension
  13. Yes, we can agree in that it's an 1941 plane (still introduced later than BF-109F-4 and first series of Spit V) but it was used in Stalingrad campaign and until 1943 in Italy. So, let's say it belongs to both Moscow and Stalingrad-era planesets. I still think that a fighter that was said to be a roughly equal opponent of the Spit V (Volkes filter or not) could compare better to a mid 1942 LaGG (worst reputation of all widespread fighters basically) or Yak or even a later Spitfire than it does in-game. Maybe it's better than the P-40 but as far as i can remember that is another plane that was said to be modelled in a not quite optimistic way in-game. From low skill pilot perspective, i must agree with the OP. Aside from looks and aerobatics over the empty airfield, it feels rather underwhelming after trying F4, Yak1 and FW-190. Edit: But i admittedly have some instinctive disbelief when it comes to the wonders of the Soviet industry, so i might be entirely wrong. it's not a dev bashing post (i love them as always) it's just an opinion.
  14. Only problem with this is that it shouldn't really "belong" to the 1941 planeset (see above). If it was only good against an I-16, i don't see why it was praised because that's not what they were mainly facing.
  15. I used to think that the Macchi is terrible, but then i realized in my case it's probably 90% me, as i'm bad in Bf-109 and FW-190 as well. Anyway, my personal subjective impression is that it should be better than an 1942 LaGG variant. It was mainly used in '42, Africa and Russia, got nothing to do (historically) with Moscow or I-16s. It replaced primarily the MC. 200. It's at least contemporary to 109F-4 and was used along the Gs. I would guess that the most common opponents were the Tomahawks and early Kittyhawks, but also some Hurricanes and more importantly, Spitfire Vs. Not Gladiators etc. Still, from what i can recall, it was generally considered to be a very good fighter, minus the armament. And the 205 was for some reason based on it and was said to be very good while still looking really similar to the 202. So, something might be off a little bit, but we'll never really "know".
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