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  1. More to life than multiplayer...
  2. Very happy with mine. Vitaly will work with you to make the throttle you want, build quality is excellent, and it's a custom piece built just for you.
  3. Bargain, anyone after one should snap it up, Vitalys throttles are brilliant.
  4. Archie

    1943 Berlin Blitz

    It's excellent.
  5. Don are you going with 32 GB ram?
  6. Archie

    DCS news

    What I did forget about, after spending a bit of time in DCS today, was what an utter ballache assigning controls are! And that you can literally go and boil some coffee while waiting for it to load.
  7. Had an update which I assume is this one, then a black screen in the Rift until I'd updated my gfx card drivers.
  8. Archie

    DCS news

    You're probably just a bit burnt out after years of sim flying, I know I am, and certainly don't put the time in that I used to. I regularly take long breaks but always get dragged back to it. After well over a decade of online flying I'm starting to enjoy offline more. I don't 'need' the competition that so many seem to crave. We used to be in the same Cliffs squad flying 110's I think a few years back.
  9. Archie

    DCS news

    DCS for jets and heli's, BoX for props IMO, there's nothing better. Luckily there's no rules that you only have to own one sim.
  10. Archie

    DCS news

    I suspect the F 14 will be the best module release to date, and I'm hoping to really spend some time learning the aircraft.
  11. Archie

    DCS news

    Tomcat is on pre order, looks awesome!
  12. Archie

    DCS news

    Got to admit I'm a bit hyped for the F14. Not that I have time to learn it of course.
  13. This isn't sounding good. If Oculus force a load of crap on me I don't want I shall be moving to another platform before too long.
  14. Archie

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    Those cities are stunning. Can't wait to try that Pfalz, hopefully with a Blue Max skin!
  15. Archie

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    Damn, only just seen that they've discontinued the base Strange decision IMO. Hopefully I'll have no problems with mine, and if I do in future spares will be available.