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  1. Has any work been done on the qmb? The one in Cliffs was appalling but it's been so long since I've had it installed I'm not sure if it's improved or not.
  2. I dislike it, but it's been happening since the early days of the original il2. Certain squads in online wars were well known for it.
  3. Scram it was 2-3 years ago I think, when I lost faith in the game. IIRC a lot of people were getting refunds around the same time.
  4. Backed it years ago, spent a silly amount of money, got everything refunded and now have the cheapest ship possible. Not played it for a long time. Apparently Sq42 is supposed to release some time this decade so I might give it a go if I haven't died of old age waiting. I bet a lot of the big money original backers already have. Some of them spent thousands on pixels and a fantasy.
  5. Had to order another ssd that will just have DCS on it, it really is a ridiculously big programme!
  6. Is it true they have the Isle of Dogs on the map? I've bought it but not had a chance to get on the pc yet. I lived there for a few years in my youth. I quite fancy a tip and run raid on Dover in an A8 lol
  7. $39.99 each, go get em lol
  8. Oh man, now I've got to buy the P-47 and channel map! Wonder if there'll be a bundle deal.
  9. Excellent! Didn't realise the B17s had crew now either!
  10. Bought the L-39 in the sale. Never thought I'd be interested in a small trainer type jet but it's actually a lot of fun!
  11. That's gorgeous, can definitely see myself spending time flying that.
  12. My favourite module to date.Just really wish I had the time to learn the Tomcat properly.
  13. You're supposed to wear the mask to protect others. And yes, I probably will die if I catch it.
  14. Yeah the F14 is the best module to date IMO.Just wish I had more time to learn it.
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