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  1. That Mossie's a day 1 buy for sure. Also, another trailer...
  2. Yeah I would have certainly liked the Zero, probably more than the Corsair.
  3. I think there's a good chance I'll be taking off in a Corsair from a carrier in the pacific in DCS before I am doing it in il2.
  4. Ack, shows how out of touch I am lol, thought it was a new card.
  5. As someone who is overdue a new system I'm looking forward to seeing how they stack up to the 3xxx series. I'm not tied to either manufacturer, but over the years have had less driver issues with nvidea.
  6. Well the Tie's don't even have shields I think, maybe it's defeatist to think that someone is behind you! Maybe the same thought processes as the IJN/IJA not bothering with armoured fuel tanks... It's a fun game to while away some spare moments before RL kicks in again.
  7. People like something you don't, move on with your life.
  8. Yeah I'm just learning the ships, not even started campaign yet! I think it will take me weeks to get through it, which is pretty good value for what I paid.
  9. This is for me, really enjoying it, but then I needed something that was not WW1,WW2, or jets, totally burned out on that currently. I haven't played anything for months until today.
  10. Yeah as long as your having fun.
  11. It does, and how to get it set up (apart from that yaw problem, which I don't have as I am using buttons on my virpil stick currently) To be honest I struggle setting up any game that is not il2, as I am so used to that. Even DCS I find a complete PIA. I'm willing to put some time in for this one though, as so far it's been great fun even with basic controls set.
  12. You keep wasting your time in the thread though...
  13. Check the video I just posted above.
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