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  1. Treated myself to the P47, finally. Not my favourite ww2 aircraft, but that cockpit is gorgeous.
  2. I'm not sure 'inept clown' is the right description for someone who is quite happily living a very nice multi millionaire lifestyle off lots of other peoples money. Quite clever really.
  3. It's British so there should be bits of string and things falling off everywhere.
  4. I put money into it many, many years ago, and got caught up in the hype for a while, had bought a few ships, but got a refund on it all a few years back. I think I still do have the 'cheapest' ship, but it's not been installed for a long time and I've long since written it off. Some people spent 10's of thousands...
  5. Surprised you're not interested in the Mossie, I thought that would be a winner with you.
  6. Ha yes, that pic was taken in a tapas bar in Mainz with Greiff!
  7. 'Voltswagon...' I'd love it if it was an Aprils fools joke, but I'd be very surprised...
  8. Mosquito now delayed until Q2, they want to redo the external model...
  9. Think the Hind cost me about £38 with my .99 cents ED miles discount! 😂
  10. If they'd both been up for order today I would have got the Mossie. Tbh by the time the Hind is released I will have forgotten about the money.
  11. 1-2 years, I could be dead by then so I'll take it now thanks! And done, forgot I had some 'miles' sitting there so even better.
  12. Oh mannnnnn. Another thing I'll buy that will hardly ever get used! Always been my favourite heli.
  13. Well you know, sometimes I press the button...
  14. Yep, that's my plan. In fact I hardly ever shoot or bomb anything in DCS, just love the flying aspect.
  15. When are they due for release. I think those clouds and the Mossie would just about do for me, with the occasional F14 trip.
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