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  1. Yes Farber, there's a name from the past! 9./ZG26. Fun times I like VR, tend not to play DCS in it as my system's not really up to it, hopefully it will be good in this game. It's not the main thing though, I still play in TiR most of the time anyway in BoX. Squadrons is a cheap enough game that it's worth a shot for me, and if it only holds my interest for a few hours then that's ok. Most of my expensive flight sim gear sits gathering dust most of the time.
  2. TBH although I stupidly buy nearly everything that comes out for DCS and BoX, for all their technical brilliance I'm feeling a bit burnt out, not just with flight sims which I've been playing for over 20 years now (I was in a squadron with you at one point I think flying 110's...) but with gaming in general. Obviously I've got older, but nothing is capturing the early days, mid 2000's of flight simming for me, so I want to try something else and see if that helps get me interested again.
  3. Strangely enough this is exactly how I feel about MFS2020! We're all different eh!
  4. Pre ordered yesterday, it's been many years since I've played a Star Wars game, and this one looks like fun.
  5. ... in morse code is S so it's either Spanish civil war or Battle of Saipan 😄
  6. Archie

    Ju 52 flight

    From take off to landing, a lot of work involved in flying the old girl!
  7. Damn Sven, wish you'd said something! Hopefully things aint too tough for you my friend.
  8. I'm so ready for this game.
  9. Oh my aching wallet!
  10. This has been asked a few times, including by me, and to my knowledge no official answer given, so I can only assume they haven't touched them. Shame, it might sound like a small thing but it really puts me off buying.
  11. Has any work been done on the qmb? The one in Cliffs was appalling but it's been so long since I've had it installed I'm not sure if it's improved or not.
  12. I dislike it, but it's been happening since the early days of the original il2. Certain squads in online wars were well known for it.
  13. Scram it was 2-3 years ago I think, when I lost faith in the game. IIRC a lot of people were getting refunds around the same time.
  14. Backed it years ago, spent a silly amount of money, got everything refunded and now have the cheapest ship possible. Not played it for a long time. Apparently Sq42 is supposed to release some time this decade so I might give it a go if I haven't died of old age waiting. I bet a lot of the big money original backers already have. Some of them spent thousands on pixels and a fantasy.
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