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  1. Yup I am having these issues as well. There is a thread in the Bug Report section of the forums.
  2. Me and a buddy are having the exact same issues. Hopefully it will be fixed in a hotfix. Cheers.
  3. Yeah they were. It seems I was just dropping my bombs too low. I needed to be at a higher altitude for them to arm. The more you know. Update- It seems the other load-outs work fine... I was only having issues with load out No.6.
  4. I am having fun with the U2 it is a very quirky aircraft! However it seems my bombs are not detonating.. I have tried all sorts of delays and still no detonations. Any Ideas?
  5. Wolfpack345

    new effects

    These are great! hopefully my Pc can handle it haha. Awesome work!
  6. I am in LOVE! Can't wait to get my hands on this bird 😀
  7. I would Like one:) This is the only aircraft I don't own haha. Love the fact that you are doing giveaways! Pretty awesome stuff😀
  8. I really like the new update! Especially on mobile device!
  9. Hello everyone! I am a long time supporter of this game but I don't really post too much... I am currently doing a play through of the Ten Days of Autumn campaign and just wanted to post here to see if anyone is interested! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuWtbhwQJNQ&list=PLIGYcR_Gx8Auip7i7cRwN1QOgrEiv8HoE Feedback is most welcome! Also i'm not too great at the game so there is that Thanks in advance and fly safe!
  10. I just Pre-Ordered! Can't wait to get my hands on that spitfire!
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