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  1. Hello all, I just started another series on the Spring Offensive Campaign in the Sopwith Camel! Enjoy.
  2. Man I wish I had this much luck in multiplayer... Like others have said, the damage modeling seems to be the same everywhere.
  3. Hello everyone! I have started up a video series in the Kaiserschlacht Campaign for FC. I figured some of you would be interested in it so here it is! Of course any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys for making this! Just started it tonight. A wonderful Christmas gift!! 😊 Once again a big thanks to everyone involved.
  5. Awesome!!! Great plane set! Thank you devs. Time to find my wallet...
  6. I do hope they end up adding them. The cutscenes for BOK were really good. Gave you a great overview of the situation.
  7. As far as we know Flying Circus will receive a career mode with FC Volume 2. However there is Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator that is a great experience.
  8. Yeah the aiming system is probably my biggest issue with TC. I am starting to get used to it however. I found that turning my mouse sensitivity down made it much more bearable and I was not having the erratic movement like the video above.
  9. Yup I am having these issues as well. There is a thread in the Bug Report section of the forums.
  10. Me and a buddy are having the exact same issues. Hopefully it will be fixed in a hotfix. Cheers.
  11. Yeah they were. It seems I was just dropping my bombs too low. I needed to be at a higher altitude for them to arm. The more you know. Update- It seems the other load-outs work fine... I was only having issues with load out No.6.
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