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  1. The great thing about this server is you can STILL fly your aircraft while people who enjoy tanks get to do their thing.
  2. The number of tankers has really been rising on this server recently. Just tonight there were over 30 tankers on! Really great to see. I am sure this has been talked about before but the amount of invisible walls and trees on the Velikiye Luki map is really an issue for tankers. During the last two campaigns on Kuban and Stalingrad I think I hit one of these walls. On Velikiye Luki it happens multiple times every sortie. One guy in our group hit 3 in a 5 minute period. I think it may be worth considering removing this map from rotation. Especially with so many new players coming t
  3. You can play IL-2 Tank Crew through the same launcher you play Battle of Stalingrad or Kuban. You should see Tank Crew listed in the top right.
  4. Pre-Ordered! Everything here is great. I was pleasantly surprised to see Flying Circus III mentioned as well. Very excited and optimistic about the future of FC! Did you see the latest developer diary by chance? Those changes apply to all of the maps.
  5. Fantastic!! Day one pre-order for me! :)
  6. I was not sure I would really enjoy driving tanks but I have to say I have really come to love Tank Crew! Glad to see new features rolling out. The effects look great!
  7. For starters you are asking for a lot more features above than we have in the Career mode for Box as it is. You are wrong in saying little to no work goes into the career mode. Just the newspapers alone I am sure take lots of time! Not to mention the research for units loadouts ect. Regardless, this doesn't matter. Like others have said a career mode was never promised and is not a feature listed when you purchase the sim. You only have yourself to blame for your disappointment. Next time you should do some research before you buy. Edit- Also for the record. " Hist
  8. I said it was sensitive and difficult to get your crosshair on target. I never said it was impossible. Although I had my issues with the previous system I adapted to it. Just like people who liked the old mouse control systems will have to do now.
  9. In my opinion the new mouse settings are a great improvement from what they were. Before it was way too sensitive and difficult to get your crosshair on target. Now you can make those micro adjustments just fine. Maybe you need to adjust your mouse sensitivity? That may help with your issue.
  10. Let me know what you all think! I was inspired to make this while playing the Russian Campaign.
  11. Looks fantastic! Thank you for the updates. I am looking forward to it. 😀
  12. Everyone likes to rag on the Great Battles AI but it honestly is not that bad. Like Shamrock said they are playing by the same rules which is refreshing and impressive! People who complain about the AI love to point to 1946. The AI in 1946 is not that great to be honest... and it cheats! If it were as "Simple as tweaking a few perimeters" then how come all other flight sims have this issue? People are viewing these older games through rose colored glasses.
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