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  1. I shot down 109 over enemy territory and as he bailed out his canopy struck my prop. We parachuted and landed right next to each other. For me plane parts and trees are more dangerous than bullets.
  2. Yes, you can pull 33% more G's and it's strictly for emergency situations only.
  3. Nice. I'm surprised its free. But i' more interested in the Hind, Huey coop and F-15E.
  4. F-18 is limited to 7.5G (even less if carrying weapons and external fuel tanks) and has modern G-suit. WW2 planes have no G limitations so of course it's easier to gloc with WW2 planes.
  5. I use 300m which is 325 yards IIRC and it's working well for me
  6. It would be really great if you could play these missions with your friend in the same tank.
  7. You need to have autopilot enabled in realism settings.
  8. We were flying Pe-2's and one of us shot down 4 fighters with his radar guided gunners in one short sortie. Ridiculous.
  9. I was today introducing my friend to Tank Crew and unfortunately chose this server to play in. Immediately when we spawned, we were spawnraped by Pz.J.St./JG51Zommer flying Hs-129. Where is the AA protection in in these bases? We have low players already and you idiots push away newcomers by blowing them to pieces when they spawn for the first time? Sometimes i like playing on this server when things are balanced and people don't baserape people seconds after they spawn, but mostly it's just pure cancer.
  10. Try to verify your game files. Right click game, properties local files. Or maybe you at some point uninstalled IL-2, then installed it on some other drive and you are now looking at the old folder?
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