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  1. I'm flying P-40 career right now and i always just set my RPM and MAP to max continous (2600 & 37,2), you just need to remember to adjust MAP if you change altitude. I never really use combat or emergency mode. So far haven't died or burned my engine (+10 sorties). It's really nice plane and joy to fly if you can dive on your enemies, but when you lose that speed things get hard. Same thing with P-47 😄
  2. My only regret in this game is that i didn't preorder BoM, now there is that brown stain under my avatar reminding me forever of that mistake
  3. I just read in TC forums that someone solved it by pressing Shift+T
  4. Engines make difference too, but biggest difference is that Hornet has very realistic hook physics modeling, and Tomcat doesn't, at least for now. With Hornet, you need to approach at correct AOA, with Tomcat it doesn't matter. It always catches the wire regardless of the AOA. Because of this, it's pretty unrewarding for me to land on a carrier with Tomcat.
  5. Last time i played with Stuka in career mode few weeks ago, my flight just flew over the target, then maybe 2-3km behind it made a 180 degree turn and then entered a shallow dive and bombed it. In real life i think they flew just a little bit behind the target or above it, rolled over, dived in, dropped the bombs and flew straight at home.
  6. D-5 would be nice as a collector plane, but i would be happy even if we got just the Stuvi sight for our D-3 and Ju-88
  7. From oldest to newest 1. Logitech Attack 3 2. Logitech Extreme 3D pro 3. Saitek X52 Hotas 4. Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas 5. Virpil T-50 with 10cm extension and Warthog grip, Warthog throttle I'm pretty satisfied with my current setup. The more money you use, the better equipment you get. I also have MFG Crosswind pedals, they are my first pedals ever and i couldn't fly without them anymore. But if you don't want to invest too much money on your equipment, i would probably buy the Thrustmaster T.16000M Hotas with pedals. My friend has the stick and he really likes it.
  8. Doesn't feel like it. I'm at the moment playing P-51 career mission and so far i've shot down 4 190's and 1 109 without any problem. If you hit them at converge they are dead meat. With P-38 i shot down 11 Doras and K4's, most with just .50 cals, nose mounted weapons are a lot more accurate than wing mounted. I would like to have those API rounds though.
  9. I used that too, which is good but Requiem's newest profile is even better
  10. I also played Red Orchestra 2 quite a lot and it was nice to spot many familiar places from the air in this game. The grain elevator is maybe the easiest to find. I remember seeing those statues in RO2 too Reggie_Mental posted, they were behind the railway station.
  11. If i understood the changelog correctly, those zoom level bindings aren't meant to work with binoculars at all. Just the zoom outside binoculars.
  12. Yes. I have only BoS bought from Steam, everything else directly from IL-2 store and it works flawlessly.
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