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  1. If i was a dev of this game or any game, i would play with some different username, just because i wouldn't want to be first priority target for all the players and to avoid all the questions.
  2. I shot many trucks upclose and flew right through the explosions and my plane never got damaged.
  3. Thank you very much for the update! BTW have you done anything to the idle sound of the FW190? Because it sounds so different (better) to me now. Or maybe transition from Windows 7 to 10 has done something to my soundcard.
  4. As we are already getting the Gulf of Finland map, i voted for early pacific. Though it would be nice to have a planepack or at least few collector planes for Finland and Soviets.
  5. Tempest has full/closed radioator flaps. You use full only during take off/climb, otherwise you keep it off. In auto engine management mode, you always have full radiator which causes a lot of drag. Manual engine management is pretty easy, i think hardest thing for a newcomer is to get key bindings for all the radiators set up properly
  6. RPM always full on startup. Not sure if mandatory, but i always open ~10% throttle. Works always.
  7. Try listening for them in other directions too. 1946 sounds are all the same no matter what angle you listen them to.
  8. Why have bookmarks, you can always write links down. Why have Youtube favorites, you can always write them down. Why have anything easy, if you can do them in the hard way. Why not just make IL-2 easier for everybody? GUI would be a great place to start. Make it easier and more accesible.
  9. I disagree. In DCS you can just press a button and it shows what it does. In this game you can't. I just recently teached my friend this game, including keymapping. He said there is no way he could have done key binding on his own. It's been a couple weeks since we last flew, and next time we fly i'm sure he doesn't remember the key binds. And he can't check the key binds the way he can in DCS.
  10. I had the same problem in one mission with K4. It just wouldn't go right so i couldn't taxi to the runway no matter how hard i tried and i've played a lot with 109's including K4. Even with autopilot on the AI had a lot of difficulties to turn and taxi. Mission related bug?
  11. What a great plane! Bagged nice amount of jerries on ded normal, last round got 7-1 kills with this beauty, got couple kills with 12x303's too 😄 Very maneuvereable and nice to fly. Not as slow as i thought it would be, and i also love the new G effects.
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