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  1. I remember Red Orchestra tank turrets were controlled with WSAD keys and Red Orchestra 2 had mouse control which felt really stupid and non-realistic.
  2. Bought it and played it for a while, repaired the Tiger Moths carburettor. I really like it, it seems like really detailed and well made sim but instructions are bit buggy but it just got released to early access so bugs were expected. 8,49€ is really good price for this game.
  3. Do you have latest firmware and tried re-calibrating? I've never had such issues with my T-50 with 70mm extension and Warthog grip. If i were you i would reset to factory settings, update firmware and calibrate. If that wouldn't work, i would contact Virpil.
  4. Skip bombing with 190 or 110 G2 works best for me. Stuka is nice too but it's so slow that it's hard to escape the punishing flak after the attack.
  5. But make sure after you have rested that you'll come back with another one liner how DCS is bad.
  6. F-14 should come with 2 campaigns at launch, one for Caucasus and one for Persian Gulf if i remember correctly.
  7. I don't have full screen enabled and i can alt tab out and back into game
  8. It's also bit silly that pilot jumps out of aircraft first when in real life he jumped last.
  9. Can you make a Steam refund and then buy the plane directly from Il2? Not sure how Steam refund works with DLC
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