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  1. Chute killing never really bothered me. The way I see it is on the Eastern Front the hatred was real and there was a lot more of it. I thought the only people who really got pissed by it were stat whores and tbh some of them never crossed over enemy lines or came down low enough to risk it anyway. On the Eastern Front I can applaud it even (on Western Front games flying British I abhor it. Totally bad show...). That said with the new rules it really IS a bad show as you are stopping someone from playing and enjoying what is essentially a game. We all (ahem....we mostly...) all play this because we enjoy it. I think the real killer though will be to low level ground attack. Sometimes low level defences can be a real killer, especially if you are flying at a time of day with reduced numbers in the server. Where is the incentive to do these low level missions which, I am sure most of you will agree, are much more of a killer of pilots than flying CAP somewhere. Even when just considering your chance to bail out, or your chance to get home without the advantage of some altitude. Because of this I really think the life counter will kill these sorts of missions for many pilots who get sick of getting their 24 hour ban trying to win the map whilst watching others flit about at 7k who are laughing at them as they watch them disappear from the maps. Just looking at the forums you can see the reluctance of people to do these missions starting to come through. I don't know the answer, just putting this up as a possibility. Is there a way to not count the death if they were flying a stuka, He-111 or IL2, Pe-2 for example? This might move more people down to attack ground targets when their fighter count is low rather than having people avoid these missions altogether. Just a thought for discussion rather than just saying 'this is bad' Good luck everyone in upcoming TAW.
  2. *sits drumming his fingers on the desk and checking the servers over and over for TAW*
  3. Wait. June 2019? This can't be true...can it? I am fairly new to BoS and was totally new to TAW, only joining towards the end but I am totally addicted. I have been checking if it was back up 2 or 3 times a day. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I AM GOING TO WASTE CHECKING IF TAW IS BACK MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, EVERYDAY, UNTIL JUNE!!! *sob* Thanks to the TAW team for all your work... yet... *sob*
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