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  1. Late European theater? Hell yeah!! Now I'm really going to need a new PC and get VR, that's the sad part
  2. Great video, keep it up!
  3. Wow, the special Christmas update lloks cool, they even gave you themed effects
  4. Awesome guys! Looks great, can't wait to try it, first thing in the morning tomorrow!
  5. I think they just have some trouble they didn't expect, which can happen
  6. Totally agree, I think the majority of us do not mind waiting up until tomorrow to play, so take your time
  7. True that, I also like those moments, even if I like even more when we can fly :D But it's cool seeing everyone being respectful and patient
  8. Wow, now that's really generous of yours! It's great to see this kind of initiatives! :D Count me in, I'd like to give the Ju-52 a try, but can't put your money everywhere, can you?
  9. Yep, the joy of being a engineering student, flight sim comes after exams
  10. Haven't flown in a couple weeks, and now a maintenance, well that's nice Anyways, you guys are doing an awesome job, take your time for it, you've already got a lot of pressure on I guess !
  11. I have the same issue, It asks me to update the game, but I don't know how to do, I'm also pretty sure I've alreday done it
  12. I really hope you're gonna get your problems solved SAG Though I'm very curious about your homemade controllers Because the homemade TrackIR you told me how to do still works great, so I'd love to know more about the rest
  13. But with trims, you can actually trim (Yeah, seriously ), which means change at different altitudes While if you have adjusted fixed compensators, I'd guess they would be optimized at a certain altitude and speed, right? So wouldn't we lose from this ?
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