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  1. Would love a ME410, Dornier 17 and something i know wont happen but still one can dream right? Avro Lancaster
  2. I dont demand anything i just think its weird this game cant handle it thats all
  3. Hold on.... The game engine cant handle four engine bombers? What kind of weird stuff is that.... A world war 2 sim without bombers is nonsense imo
  4. Great progress ! One thing i would like to mention though ; When will the damage model graphics will be improved? Right now the holes and sheers in the places you hit the enemy look like something from a completely different game quality wise. Thanks in advance
  5. I dont know if this is working as intended but when the [edited] hits the fan and the Dogfighting starts the AI turns into the most egoistic selfish [edited] with 0 SA towards his own pilots mates. Today im on the tail of a BF109F4 in my Yak1 putting burst fire into him and i can already hear an AI shoot close to me and i see the tracers. And as you can guess next he come flying past hits my propeller with his tail and cuts me off leaving me to bail far behind enemy lines..... This doesnt happen like once but i notice the AI is very retarted in certain situation.
  6. I asked multiple times and heres one of my post about label size Thats over two years ago....
  7. NVIDIA has this https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/ansel/ Its just released
  8. I would like icon and text size of the labels to be smaller. Something like 50% smaller then what they are now
  9. I have a small request. Could you make version where the only thing that's changed is the icon and text size of the labels. So I would like to reduce the size of the labels and all that comes with it to 50%. Nothing more nothing less. Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you for this mod. Will you make it for the remaining Luftwaffe aircraft aswell? Nvm is just read a few comments above.
  11. So after i spot this post i thought lets give it another try. 1. - I have installed it again. 2. - Made two campaigns as Luftwaffe Fighter BF-109F2 and Luftwaffe Attack BF110E2. 3. - Made my pilots in both campaigns Feldwebel. 4. - Both campaigns i get jumped by the AI like the rest of my flight doesnt exist. 5. - Deleted PWCG again. I dont know but it seems i still cant play this like i think it should be. The randomness of AI behaviour like in the base game code is not there. I like what your doing Pat but its still not for me I hope all your hard work pay off some day and the AI finally doesnt act so retarted.
  12. Hello thank you for the campaign! Could you include a version with historical markings to the skins please? Thank you in advance
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