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  1. Since time compression doesnt exceed 8x i agree. Either this suggestion or 16x
  2. Really love this mod but i had to disable it because i have the exact same problems.
  3. I went from YAY to NAY in 0.5 seconds..... damnit 😭
  4. Yes you are right. The Dornier Do 217 seems to be a better choice with better bomb capacity, engines and range. @Jason_Williams Is the Do 217 an option since it has been on many theatres during the war in many different roles as well.
  5. Hello, Maybe this question has been answered before but I would love to see the Dornier Do 17 or even the 215 in this sim. Why is the Dornier always forgotten in sims. @Jason_Williams is there a reason we don’t have this beautiful aircraft in our hanger. Thank you :)
  6. Will preorder in 2020 but damn the Me-410!!! Great job guys and keep making magical things 😊
  7. When you encountered the crash; In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario); In what mission; What did you do before the crash; What happened in the mission before the crash; Additional info you think is relevant to the crash. 1- At the end of a career mission. Always the same type of crashes. When i fly a career mission and the mission is completed i exit the mission and i CTD's. 2- Campaign 3- Escort Bomber in a Spitfire career. But i happens with different nations as well. 4- End the mission after getting the mission complete message. 5- Nothing. 6- Same story crashes for me always after getting mission complete message i end it and instead of going to mission debriefing et cetera it CTD's.
  8. i really wanna see some bombers as well. Lancasters and B-24''s, B17's et cetera... Kinda feels incomplete without those. Lets hope they can make the necessary changes to the engine to put them in.
  9. Like he explained you can merge this and the other one so it covers all German aircraft on all fronts. Pretty easy and simple. @VBF-12_Stick-95 TThanks for the pack!
  10. I see a video by someone that DOESNT deserve attention and continue on ......
  11. @TG-55Panthercules Will we see a new pack for all the planes in 4k (and 2k) now with BOBP out?
  12. Will we see a new pack for all the planes in 4k (and 2k) ? I personally want 4 k but i dont know about the rest.
  13. Would love a ME410, Dornier 17 and something i know wont happen but still one can dream right? Avro Lancaster
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