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  1. to me it sounds like your engine overheated and died, when this happens your engine sometimes turns on for a bit then back off
  2. To answer the OP, I don't think a new engine is on the cards, but I would certainly love for enough upgrades to be able to fly heavies, not get stutters on the more detailed maps and to be able to have more AI on SP and MP.
  3. You do get "free" maps too. In Multiplayer. if you want to use them is up to you though.
  4. serviceable maybe, perfectly usable? I wouldn't say so.
  5. I have mentioned this issue several times over the years of TC development and apparently it never has got much attention. this problem makes the position as tank commander pretty much unusable in in VR and makes the gunner position terribly inconvenient unless you're always "in the Sight" The problem here is that when you rotate the turret, your "body" doesn't rotate with the tank, it just faces the same position. this problem is very bad in tanks but barely noticeable on plane turrets (since they don't rotate much)
  6. It's a complaint and I'm not talking about zoom at all. I'm talking about the fact that when the turret rotates, your body doesn't rotate with it, so you end up looking at a "wall" or the back of the tank.
  7. Wait... does this mean that the official release date for Tank Crew is coming and they still didn't fix the game so it could be playable in VR? I mean, it's been literally years.
  8. I'd also like to know if this is a joke or not
  9. I think the best thing about this dev diary is the mention of moving towards development of the new fuel system and AI. on a side note, am I the only one who doesm't care about pilot models at all? it's not like we ever get to see them.
  10. There is nothing that I would love more than 4 engine heavies. Since that isn't going to happen any time soon, I'll have to make do with medium bombers which i think need more variety.
  11. I just found this. Thank you so much @SAS_Storebor
  12. I'm pretty sure we are getting something fron the Battle of Normandy announcement page "In addition to the content we plan to create, we will also continue to improve our Digital Warfare Engine and add some ‘in the works’ features that were not ready for BOBP release. This includes such items as, Air Marshal, improved MP Lobby, GUI-based Object Viewer, new rendering techniques and drop-tanks. Of course, this is on top of all the numerous small improvements, tweaks, fixes and enhancements we will continue to work on. We never stop working to improve our products and simulation engine. " The "new rendering techniques" probably refers to what we got with the last patch. If i had to guess, i'd say that we would get those features in this order: 1. New rendering tech (Checked) 2. Object viewer 3. MP lobby 4. Air Marshal 5. Drop-Tanks
  13. I dont remember the poll, what was in it?
  14. I wonder what long awaited features are to be expected. something small like stuka gunner accuracy? something big like air marshal? or something in between! I can't wait
  15. If you're using Steam then you can move the game into the appropriate folder inside the steam directory and when you go to install the game, Steam will 'discover preexisting files'.
  16. Really? ill reintall it tonight an check it out, maybe even take the Huey for a spin
  17. in my experience, Il2 runs way much better than DCS in VR, like way much better. and i also got better frames with my old system than what you are describing. I wonder what made us get such different results. I did get quite a few slowdowns back then but i really didn't mind them much. definetly not enough to go back to using other headtracking solutions. even then I considered Il2 to be the best VR game by a long shot, but then again, flight sims are indeed a niche genre.
  18. Thanks for all your help Kraut, I think that i'm just going to leave it as it is. you helped me solve moost of my problems, I'll just learn to live with the low resolution haha.
  19. Why not try VR? you already have the PC and the CV1 then might as well try it. I used to run it with a 4670k at 4.2Ghz and a 1070, the experience was so good that it made me want to buy a better system 3 years later. I agree with all the people above that say that Il2 VR is amazing. ahh... IDK why my other edit did not post so i'm going to type it again.... Anyway... I would get stalingrad first as it has a good variety of planes that will also let you play on most MP scenarios. If you're on Steam, then you have to buy this module first as it is the "base game" on that platform. If you buy from this store, then you can buy any module as a stand-alone expansion or game. either way, I recommend Stalingrad first. I disagree with this statement, you don't need that as a minimum but I do see where you are coming from. People can discard VR easily if they have a bad first experience but I think the OP has already some VR legs as he has a VR system and headset already and I know il2 VR (with a 1070 at least) is much more than a great experience.
  20. Don't say sorry, you have been very helpful already! 1: I use the IL2 1946 that you can get through "cloud profiles" when i get the problem with the objects not rendering correctly. I have also tried with the "Quake" profile and change the executable to Il2, that fixes the piers that one gives me extreme stutters with headtrcking. I do use Opentrack with Vorpx like you. 2: I have created the resolutions on Nvidia control panel but the game always reverts to 1550x855 no matter if I make Conf.ini read only. 3: I think I can do this if only i can get the custom resolution to work. Seriously, Thank you so much!
  21. I would also like to know. TAW is always what brings me back into the game but I always realize it's started halfway through the campaign 😔
  22. It works well for me too, except from a couple of things and I would like to know if you have the same issues. if you have the time! 1. some ground items only render on one eye at certain distances. do you get this as well? for example:i tried it in the carrierd landing misison 2 for the corsair and the piers and other ground units don't tender correctly. 2. I cant get the higher resolutions to work, the game crashes on startup. How do you set up a custom resultion without changing your entire computers resolution? thats the only way I can get the game to launch is by doing that but then my desktop becomes tiny and i cant read it. 3, Finally, i seemed to be able to make the "screen" cover my FOV horizontally, but I still get the two black lines on the top and bottom of my FOV. Finally, thanks again Kraut! I now have 8 hours put into the game and that has only been practicing carrier landings!
  23. Thanks again Kraut, I have installed BAT mod up until the latest version. i see there is a jsgme (mod enabler) with. Lot of mods, should I just enable them all except the ones that you wrote about on you previous post?
  24. I would love this so much! right now I'm using VorpX for VR but it is lackluster to say the least.
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