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  1. I expect so, since he said that the first Flak Truck would drop mid April!
  2. Speaking of tags, how long do i have to buy FCvol2 and still get the golden tag??
  3. but this year has barely started. You have a lot more than I for my first two. Congratulations and welcome to this hobby! your setup looks great
  4. Yes, agree there. My accuracy instantly doubled once I got into VR all those years ago, depth perception helps a lot. If only spotting, and in the case of my poor computer, fps where better, I'd say we would have a great advantage. As things are now, I think pros & cons balance out. I don't think having a swivel chair works if you don't have your hotas bolted to your seat. What I do is look left, center view, look right and i'm the girl from the ring.
  5. Ahhh, this i what i'll show people when they ask me what my dream closet looks like!
  6. Mine hasn't really evolved much over the years but here it is. It's a 3d printed throttle I've iterated upon for the past few years, a 3d printed extension with a Virpil dtick and VKB pedals. Ah! and the Rift S is relatively new. It doesn't really matter that the screen is to a side since I'm always in VR when flying, I do move the keyboard to the center when playing though.
  7. i guess we could also use this sapce as a discussion section for that post since that one has it disabled- When is FC" available for purchase btw?
  8. Yeah, it seems that we have to go through hoops to find out what to buy. perhaps the devs can think of a better way. There's an old saying in marketing. It is not the costumer's job to know what they want to buy.
  9. funny how we basically have the same pc
  10. That's some good advice right there. does it work for campaigns too? (sorry, can't really check until i get back to my gaming pc)
  11. So I try to buy everything that the devs put out but as time passes and more products are released, it gets increasingly harder to tell what i'm missing. Is there an easy way to do this that I don't know about or do I have to cross-check my ever increasing list of keys with the list of pruducts? (which I believe is devided into sections in the store)
  12. The first link in the OP has the "its close" files in it but it doesn't have the changes that @Off_Winters made to the mod (described in the post above yours)
  13. I second the comment that says that you reaaally should consider getting head tracking (or VR is amazing!) as it takes the game to another level, don't bother with expensive TrackIR as the free alternatives are just as good if set up correctly EDIT: I should've guessed fro your OP that you already have VR. My bad. Anyway, Welcome and hope you enjoy the literally thousands of hours you'll be able to get from this sim.
  14. I bought VR in 2017 because of this title, bought a second headset just before the pandemic because of this title and I see myself buying a third headset in another 3 years because of this title. It is that good.
  15. I don't mind these additions to the sim but I don't understand how they have the time to do this and don't have the time to fix simple things like the rotation of the camera in VR for turrets, or dissapearing objects. I know that i'm in a niche within a niche within another, but I have bought everything they've put out to show support, but I won't be buying any other land stuff (like the AA) guns since I can't really use them.
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