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  1. Maybe it is not so much that the question went under the radar, but that no one with an answer has actually seen it.
  2. i dont know the default keys but you can map them. i have mine mapped to my pov switch on my joystick.
  3. Aaah, I see! The problem is that the actor (lets assume) number 13 has different lines for the Russians than actor number 13 for the Americans, so I just cant replace those Russian lines with the American counterparts because there is no exact American counterparts in the game, they don't exist (or at least I haven't found them, but pretty sure). Does that make sense? XD
  4. i tihnk that would be the best way, I agree that we should wait for air marshall first, and see
  5. as said before on this thread, the tanks sights aren't meant to be used with mouse anymore. use keys!
  6. I want to confirm that, with all the changes stated before, I still get the problem. I only get it a few times in several hours of playtime but it is still there. That being siad, it is a ton better now with the twaks since it happens so much less frequently. Maybe there are more "conflicting" bindings that I need to unbind? who knows...
  7. i didn't quite understand your proposed solution, would you elaborate? The problem is that Russian and German factions have different audio files than the Americans in some cases, so the solution i can see so far, would be to record the remaining actors.
  8. One of the reasons for me not finishing my previous MOD (Voice Pack in English for Radio Chatter) was that the official English and American would have made all that work for nothing. So I made this little mod, that turns all German and Russian Voices into the american voices. Recommend this mod for VR. There is a problem though.... there is still one Russian "actor" and a German one that don't have equivalents in English so they are still in their respective original voices. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/psos23pai7s9j9k/AlvoicesEnglish.rar/file I'm being lazy so look at the instructions on how to install this mod here: I have tested this already but I still recommend using JSGME to check it out...
  9. it seems we are at two bugs with one thread! good!
  10. my thought s excatly, make a mission and leave it on auto-pilot would be best
  11. thanks for the input THOR but what you are describing is not what we are talking about here Like Pict Said, if you had it you'd immediately understand, as it is very noticeable and very different from the usual "drift" we all get with time.
  12. I tried doing this for hours trying to replicate with no success. On the other hand, I also unbound from my mouse "vow pilot head vertically" and "horizontally" and have had zero problems with this bug!
  13. I just finished an hour in WoL with no problems. We might have a solution on our hands! 😄 I'll Play more tonight (i expect for several hours) and report again.
  14. Yes, this is because the image is already created, so its only dropping the file in the correct folder.
  15. Ill add the video as soon as I can, as for the solution, I only tested in a QMB dogfight so i wouldnt call it a solution just yet.
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