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  1. I'm glad it helps you, I made it specifically for use with VR but posted as other people might find it useful. Both voices are there for the sake of variety, and they're not changed from the default ones. unfortunately it is not possibly (at least not without further modding and probably MODS ON mode) to make the call signs the same in the text since the callsigns are different for the different factions in the game.
  2. Ive got an oculus rift and its a pretty sweet experience for me. maybe its a settings thing?
  3. soo, should we just abandon the FB group?
  4. Welcome Back! Enjoy your stay.
  5. I agree that it should be a server-side realism option. To me, having to min/max the controls like this was some kind of MMORPG or MOBA is far more unrealistic than the "engine timers". We should not expect those analogue dials on our 40's aircraft to be 100% accurate. Just try to fly a tiny bit under the recommended "unlimited time" power setting and pretend that you aren't taking a brand new airplane every time you spawn into the game. I also agree that technochat helps new players to get into the game, but that's also true for Auto engine management, GPS and aim assists yet we keep those out of "Full" realistic servers. my 2c.
  6. Well welcome back and and good luck mastering one or two planes in just a winter. If I am any indication, 1400 hours in the sim and i havent mastered my first one....(yet) 😛 Have Fun!
  7. I get what you're trying to communicate with this but sometimes it's good to post here, that way, we may get help before Normandy comes out 😛 As for the OP, i guess the more expensive one gives you more shaky-shaky and is probably more reliable? that is just aguess though.
  8. SAG

    mods with no mods on?

    Yeah, this works on either mods On or Off but thats because the files that are changed aren't even encrypted. I dont think much can be modded for "mods Off" mode.
  9. If someone records their video using fraps and use a video player were you disable headtracking, im pretty sure it would work. but im guessing you would get pretty sick since headmovements wouldnt be your own. EDIT: try playing this old video of mine using your gear VR
  10. What about the FOV on the Rift S vs the CV1? do you notice any improvements there? (mind sharing your IPD with me)
  11. So I've been reading through many threads and posts here on the forum trying to determine if the Pimax 5K +, the Valve Index or the Oculus Rift S is the best VR headset for IL2, and I have only gotten more confused with what I've read; very mixed responses. I would like to ask the wider community (that's why I posted in this sub-forum) which of those headsets would you choose based on the following: 1. Field of view: I remember way back when, I tried the oculus DK2 and it "wowed" me even more than the CV1 that I own. i believe this was because of the FOV that didn't feel like looking through toilet paper rolls. 2. Image Clarity: While I am OK with the CV1's clarity, I would expect sharper images from upgrading. 3. Product quality: I expect the headset to last until I decide to change computer and headset again (4-5) years. 4. Any other considerations I should take? I hope I'm not asking for too much with this long post and thanks for any replies! S!
  12. It works on the sight but not while '''not aiming'', this includes the commander position. why did they not apply the same fix for the other positions and the ''not aiming'' stances? IDK it feels like a half measure to me. I would love to just move my head into the scope and be able to aim, just like with iron sights on the planes.
  13. hello, i've tried getting into tank crew now that the VR has been fixed but i have a problem... after using the command menu to Attack ground targets at will, my gunner doesn't do anything at all! how am i supposed to get my crew to follow orders from the commanders position?? any help is appreciated as i haven't been able to use tank crew so far. also, this part of today's dev diary doesn't work for me "3. Turret aiming in VR is improved (you don't need to physically turn while aiming);"
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