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  1. its a pretty easy mod to create, Just need to make blank audio files. Would work on MP as well.
  2. I don't know how hard it could be, I mean, we have a collider on every single tree! (and that is awesome) perhaps the problem lies in it being dynamic, as you say. but maybe it is just one of those things that the devs haven't gotten around to doing. Perhaps we should ask about it in the next Q&A? or in the next interview by @ShamrockOneFive?
  3. It's OK to not like something just as much as you don't like this thread; as you can see, most of us have expressed ourselves in a polite way. It is not about BAD planes it is about planes we don't have as much fun flying,for any reason.
  4. you'll just clip through them sadly
  5. any of the Yaks, I can't quite put my finger on why. I think that it's the super simple controls, It's just boring to me even if i'm more effective on it that in a Lavochkin
  6. Seems like the potentiometers on your hardware are dying, you can open it up and change the pots, you can try to clean the pots with alcohol after disassembling them, you can buy a new hotas or you can give the in game filtering setting in input devices a try. good luck!
  7. No problem man, happy it works
  8. your jsgme EXE should be in the same folder as your data folder, and your mods folder should have a folder with the name of the mod: Mods>ModName>Data> etc... or you can just unpack the contents from the data folder from the mod, into the data folder for the game
  9. I just wanted to point out that in VR, turret guns are nearly impossible to operate, specially tank turrets, or plane turrets with a lot of traversal. The more the turret can rotate, the more broken they seem. for example, if you're aiming down the sight of a tank, and you move your turret, your virtual head should move with the tank, but it doesnt. Say your turret is 90 degrees to to the right, then you would have to move your body 90 degrees to the right (in real life) in order to be able to aim down the sights, its not hard to imagine how this would become a problem. Now, i was fine with this when in planes since even if inconvenient, planes' turrets' don't generally have so much travel as to consider this problem a gamebraker. but for Tank Crew it is another story as i can't play the pretty tanks that they've made for us. Just making this post to raise awareness of the issue or perhaps to get a reply from a person that knows of a solution. Ps: i know its early access, im just hoping that this problem doesnt slip through the cracks for Tank Crew 1.0
  10. Yes to the question and i dont really know about your assumption. iv'e never tried launching the game without the files.
  11. Sadly, it is all random in multiplayer (also, there are no callsigns in multiplayer) i dont know if you can assign callsigns in SP or coop though
  12. you should use the 3d migoto mod on to get rid of the propeller artifacts, it works in mods off mode (multiplayer)
  13. how do i go about downloading those?
  14. Correct me if im wrong but, do even commercial flight sim rigs move 360 degrees? ive, only seen the models like the ones you speak of.
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