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  1. Hey, just had to download on small 2.9 MB update on Steam. What was it ?
  2. Howdy ! I'd like to know... Is it possible to delete a profile from the server's website ?
  3. He said he was sarcastic, and the .gif is pretty self-explanatory of what he thinks of the game in its current state, so no, I don't think he is Turban, since Turban wouldn't need another account just to say exactly the same kind of... Misunderstandings about Fw-190's performances and history. Maybe it's Han
  4. TWO heavy hands, you mean ?
  5. During your tests, did you notice something wrong with the roll rate ?
  6. I don't mean to come back on an old conflict, but this Fw-190 flight model adjustment is kind of unexpected since two weeks ago, you said: Everything is fine in any case and NO REASON to claim against "undermodelled Fw190" Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see that the "old BoS FM" are still regularly checked by the team, but I can't help to feel bad for the peoples who got banned. If they were so aggressive, it was because they were reporting this issue for some time and feel ignored... Anyway, the Ju-88 looks great, as expected. I wonder how Russian fighters will be able to intercept this one efficiently. Against a slow He-111 it is not too hard, but Ju-88 are way faster and nimbler. It's gonna be interesting. Who said that it has been reported by a Fw 190 fanboy ?
  7. Bivalov posted that on russian forum: кстати, у меня в голове постоянно крутится одна цитата из статьи в АиВ 5-2006, и вчера я чет решил прочитать ее заново - "Участок этот именуется неустановившимся виражом, а его частным случаем и есть вход в вираж из прямолинейного полета. Быстрота входа в неустановившийся вираж зависит от инертности машины, а она в значительной мере от того, есть ли в крыле баки или тяжелые агрегаты. В каждой консоли Ла-5 находился бак на 110 кг бензина, для боевой массы это 83 кг, и добавочный момент инерции, препятствующий энергичному вводу самолета в крен, составлял 249 кг м. У FW 190 все топливо находилось в фюзеляже, зато в крыле располагалось весьма тяжелое вооружение, добавочный момент инерции от которого у FW 190А-3 составлял почти 280 кг-м. а на FW 190А-8 возрос до 405 кг-м. При использовании крыльевых бомбодержателей и подвесных пушечных гондол FW 190 и вовсе становился вялым по крену. Однако строевые летчики сообщали (и это подтвердили испытания трофейного самолета), что на некоторых режимах угловые скорости крена и неустановившегося виража у FW 190А-3 и А-4 лучше, чем у Ла-5. Это объяснялось тем. что у немецкого истребителя были больше относительная площадь элеронов, лучше подобраны передаточные отношения качалок, меньше трение в системе управления. Однако, чтобы выполнить энергичный крен, летчик FW 190 должен был обладать большой физической силой." With google trad it gives: By the way, in my mind constantly turns one quote from an article in the AIV 5-2006, and I even decided to read it again yesterday - "The site is called the unsteady turns, and its special case is the entrance to the turn of the straight flight entry in Speed. transient turn depends on the inertia of the machine, and to a considerable extent on whether there is in the wing tanks or heavy machines. each console La-5 was tank 110 kg of gasoline, to combat weight is 83 kg, and additional moment of inertia that prevents vigorous commissioning of the aircraft in roll, is 249 kg m. at the FW 190 was all the fuel in the fuselage, but it was located in a wing of a very heavy weaponry, an additional moment of inertia that made ​​FW 190A-3 was almost 280 kg-m. and on the FW 190A- 8 had increased to 405 kg-m. When using the wing bomb racks and hanging cannon gondolas FW 190 and does become sluggish roll. However combatant pilots reported (and this was confirmed by tests of captured aircraft) that in some modes of the angular velocity of the roll and transient bend in FW 190A-3 and A-4 is better than La-5. This is due to the fact. that the German fighter was more relative area of the ailerons, better matched gear ratios rocking, less friction in the control system. However, in order to perform an energetic roll, FW 190 pilot had to have great physical strength." ( http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/2786-obrashenie-jaws2002-fw-190-high-speed-handling/page-12?do=findComment&comment=329102 )
  8. If you don't understand Ze_Hairy's reaction to this DD (his "two last phrases"), then you must never have entered into FM discussions or you have never sent any FM report to Han, or you simply know nothing about BoS FMs. Read what people are saying on this thread rather than supporting Han blindly. If Ze_Hairy has taken this DD as a half-joke, there's a good reason.
  9. A dogfight is an aerial combat, not a turnfight, geez ! Like, seriously ? You're trolling me, right ? I dunno, with the current state of FMs in BoS, it might not be a good idea. Well, okay, I guess Believe in what you want. You're only making me sad, now. Yep, and between a Fw-190A with 2 cannons and a Bf-109G with 1 cannon, the choice is fairly easy since one of them is better in many situations even with an extra cannon.
  10. Not if you rely on energy fighting, or even doing some diving attacks. You should revise your definition of "slightly": http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/naca868-rollchart.jpg FYI, the Bf-109 roll rate is worse than a Spitfire at all speeds. A good roll rate allows you to quickly change directions, and by extension, doing effective defensive manoeuvres, and even being quite successful with scissors against many "apparently" nimbler opponents, like a Spitfire (which rolls better and turns tighter than a Bf-109). Well nope. Maybe you should practice your scissors a little more. You may notice that the Fw-190 is very effective in this domain. Except against planes with very low stall speeds, like a Yak-1 with full flaps. The sturdy design of the Fw-190 allows it to dive at higher speeds than Bf-109. (Bf-109 max diving speed was something like 700 or 750 km/h, after that, there was some tiny issues with the plane ) On top of that, the control surfaces were far more responsive than Bf-109 ones, allowing it to eventually redress after a long dive. Unfortunately, this is not as obvious in most situations, since a Force Feedback joystick is necessary to really feel that in game. Nope Ze_Hairy is right, the Fw-190 keeps its energy better at high speed. Quite useful for running away from a disadvantageous fight: high speed climb. Yep, that's why the Bf-109 is better a low speed sustained turnfight. Only above 5000m. Fancy ?! Way better visibility. A thing Bf-109 never managed to get during the entire war... And of course, Fw-190 has an automatic engine management, was way sturdier, has a better armament (one cannon may be enough for you, but from the point of view of real pilots, the more cannons = the better), and was easier to handle. But yeah, Bf-109 is better, right ? Fw-190 is more effective in many situations than the Bf-109 (and, it's kinda normal since it's a newer plane), that's it. Fw-190 is bad at high alt, but since it's the eastern front, the majority of the fights are taking place below 4000m.
  11. Enough. Kwiatek took some of his time by doing tests and sharing the results, with the will of improving this sim. (because nobody do tests for pleasure) He, and other forumers provided in-game facts, as well as some sources about the climb rate of Fw-190A IRL. And instead of thanking them for doing so, some of you just basically said "Han said it's correct so you're wrong" or "He's here to destroy the game". Maybe instead of making useless posts, you should do you own tests if you don't believe him or think he does something wrong. Act like adults for once.
  12. I nearly never spotted anything in BoS unless it is at 2km or less from me. I don't know if it's because of the game itself, if it's because of my crappy "Low" graphical preset, or my screen resolution of 1440*900, or because most of my flights are at 1500m or below (maybe it's harder to spot a plane higher than mine, I dunno), but I just feel like being blind. Always, I'm approaching target from 1500m, more or less. I take a good look at it and its surrounding to avoid getting swarmed just after my first attack, and I never spot nothing. I dive, drop my bomb, and when I watch my 6, at least 2 enemies, sitting there right behind me (and since they can keep up with my plane after a dive, that means they were higher than me). So, these random guys can spot me, but I can't spot them. It is kinda depressing.
  13. In the original Il-2, the Fw-190 isn't underperforming above 1200m, and you have to take in consideration the Yak-1 overspeed at high altitude in BoS winter. That's why it can't work in winter in BoS.
  14. Well, if we admit that both planes are at the same altitude at co-energy, yes, I am serious then. Edit: Since the 190 is more draggy AND climbs worse above 1200m, and even at full power... Above 2600m...
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