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  1. Good morning, Has anyone else noticed an annoying wind effect, as if there was an open cockpit, moving the head towards the left or right?🤔
  2. Obviously it was a provocation. I'm happy to hear this. 🙂 Because I had already had a comprehensive answer and if I could have been naive, your intervention was redundant and probably badly set. If it was sarcasm the message has not passed. Sorry. As you can see, forum posts can always be misinterpreted. Better to spend two more courteous words among friends, right? Without further annoying the other users, if you desire we can continue the clarifications in pm. Cheers
  3. Excuse me if I wrote straight away. I do not have the regulation written in mind. And then I asked politely. let me guess.I bet you are also one who shoots parachutes ...
  4. Yep, but this airfield was operative, with a/c on take off aslo! This is why it seems very strange to me that the statistics do not even show damage... But problably you are right... 😓
  5. Hi gentlemen, Has anyone already had similar problems? I hit with 4 bombs of 500 kg but no result
  6. Good morning, There has been some "ghost plane" episode during some sessions in TAW. Airplanes that appear suddenly or are not seen prorpio. I did a track of the episode I attended. Bomber at high altitude could only be seen from the contrails. Here the track. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ygj5sejmfbv2i3/dogfight.2018-12-30_17-23-56_01.trk?dl=0 On the post dedicated to the TAW there are other reports. Cheers and Happy new year!
  7. Hi all! Tonight I also gave the high-altitude fighter to an invisible bomber.... Mission: 30.12.2018 17:51:52 Stalingrad_Center #376 Here we see firing in the middle of the contrails I also did a track to anyone interested. It will be appropriate to send the whole thing to the developers? 🤔 Best regards and HNY!
  8. Good evening Pilots, Hope it is the right place to write. I let you know about the incongruous discomfort that happened to me during a TAW session with my team. I was waiting to take off with my 110 when a Lion of such a Lyonx opened fire on me. Twice. I wrote here on the forum under the advice of gentleman Kathon. Fortunately, it's the first time that something like that happens to me ... Best regards Simon AKA Mannaia
  9. Has anyone else encountered this bug? Landing near the runway. http://www.mediafire.com/view/pspha60eluvvh5w/graf_bug.jpg Bethesda docet?
  10. Stoppaniiiiii! A rapportooo!!! Vienici a trovare in ts che ogni tanto si fa addestramento e pratica! Poi ci sono queste serate golose... http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21062-wings-italy-italian-challenge-tournament/
  11. Questo è il mio sedile. Sono partito da una sedia dell' Ikea. Un pò ottimizzato per tutte le "stagioni".... Questo è il famoso Switch Panel aggiunto per ultimo
  12. Qualche titolo interessante io l'ho trovato qui. http://associazioneitalia.blogspot.it/
  13. Grazie per le risposte ragazzi. Il problema in se è che il panel switch non fiene vista come una vera e propria periferica a che ho capito. Comunque la soluzione di questo emulatore che ho citato precedentemente mi soddisfa. Tra l'altro si può usate anche per gli altri panels della Saitek! Grazie e buon vento! simone
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