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  1. I am not worried about the unlocks, now I will have to put more time into the game to get them! Which will only help me as even though I have been doing Flight Sims since the 80's I have not done much MP. This one however made(forced) me into getting a proper broadband connection. I been online for years on a mobile dongle... the cost was horrible £15 for 3 gig. So thanks to BOS you have made a great financial impact in my life lol. I out off the dark ages now...
  2. !0005 for me, is steam up to speed?, If I have anymore beer I will miss it!
  3. Without doubt, still I enjoy proper made flight sims not that I get to play online at them rates....
  4. Can any off the devs let me know the size of the steam update? I am on a mobile dongle and its costs £15 just for 3 gig. ETA would be cool to. ...
  5. Will the steam version have a delay? Looking forward to it. Many thanks
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