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  1. To hear all this is from folks on this forum and others is very sad. This game was nothing but awesome during the testing process. I for one don't regret a dime I spent on this sim, it's been a blast so far and continues to be. I also spent a lot of money on ROF, I bought most of the planes and such. I can without a doubt tell you I've spent at least twice as mush time flying BOS for a lot less money. Yes, there are things I don't like about the way BOS has gone since it's release but this will not stop me from flying it. However I can see why others will not take the plunge and buy it. This is what makes it so sad. Let's hope that someone at 777 finally sees the error of their ways with regards to some of these concerns and can regain some or all of that great vibe we had around here during the test process.
  2. Thanks for all the input, I think I'll go with the Lagg 3, it seems to be the most I can learn from. I would think if one can really fly this thing well, then every other plane will be much easier.
  3. I've just finished up unlocking all of the German fighters that I want to, now I'd like to concentrate on one Russian fighter. Which one would you choose if you had to pick one of the fighters in this game to take on the best of the German fighters?
  4. I have the in game sound set at 57% or something like that and my earphones set at Max. I don't really hear the beep's at all, in fact I have to listen real hard to hear them.
  5. Awesome, I never thought to use the "O" key when playing. Makes Expert mode so much less of a pain in the butt when it comes to navigation. Also helps finding the enemy which I find in this game to be very difficult, but I hate having to use icons. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Mine crashes all the time too. Sometimes short sometimes longer. It's to the point I rush to the exit waypoint in order to get the mission points. Don't always make it. This is the worse it has been for me in a long time. It's a shame to cause a couple of updates ago it was rock solid.
  7. Yep, that did it. Thanks. Wonder why the 190 and 109 have separate stabilizer key bindings. Must have worked different in RL.
  8. This would be a major + for this game. Co-op is a blast. Would make this campaign mode much more enjoyable.
  9. How do we check the stabilizer and what is the best setting? Thanks.
  10. Just started flying the 190 in campaign and boy is this thing fast. I'm having a real problem with maintaining a speed at which I can pull up. I find myself unable to pull into a firing solution when diving on bombers. Any ideas what I can do to this thing to help out in a high speed dive.
  11. Same thing here, shot down a Yak and a Pe-2 in campaign only to get a '0' victories score. If the developers are going to insist on this asinine credit system then shouldn't the game work!
  12. After patching on Monday 11/10 I flew the campaign for 3 days without a crash, about 3 or 4 missions a day. Since Friday, it crashes every single time I try to fly a campaign mission. Very frustrated with this game. I thought the CTD's were gone only to see them get worse.
  13. Excellent vid Indiaciki, thanks! Knocked out two bombers last mission without a hit on my plane. Heck, haven't come close to making these attacks very good yet.
  14. Almost at level 4, just a few points short. All I've been flying is the 109F4 and intercept missions. I have no desire to fly bombers.
  15. Doing a little better. However today I was nailed by a shot where both of us where maneuvering like crazy, he (the Pe-2) was turning and twisting and I was turning into him from underneath. I was hit and killed. Couldn't believe it, crazy shot. Slugging through the campaign and with CTD's, and such it's a real pain in the butt. I really want to like this game but it's making it real hard to. Wish there were better online options. Also, tried to set up a quick mission to practice taking out Pe-2's but they fly much different. Maybe because I can't give the AI bombs because they are not unlocked yet.
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