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  1. That's a pretty big assumption about where things are in the development cycle.
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking about doing some VVS ones, even if it might not be realistic.
  3. I would be so happy to get a Finland campaign. Il-2 Forgotten Battles made me love that war, as someone who at that point in high school probably couldn't have found Finland on a map.
  4. Honestly surprised it took them a war to sort that one out. Seems like you'd need some impressive air cover to prevent someone from blasting a hole in your expensive and likely hard to repair bridge.
  5. I was kind of thinking something similar. First flight in the P-39 and I managed to down a few 109's and some 110's and thought to myself "I figured this would be a little tougher to fly..." That said, I've baked the engine a few times, so I'm still learning that side of things.
  6. I'm pretty excited to try it out. Someday I'll have to get TrackIR and start online flying. I've never actually learned a plane (Complex Engine Management, etc) but the P-39 has always been a favorite, so maybe I'll take a deep dive on it.
  7. I jumped back into Il-2 1946 and hooooo weeee...I forgot how ugly the Razorback cockpits were in Il-2.
  8. But that's exactly what it will do. I'm not a huge fan of late-war scenarios. I'm a way bigger fan of the PTO. That said, I'm still going to buy it and support the team. It's not like they've got an account labeled "PTO Money" that is untouched unless it's working on PTO research. The team has money, and that goes towards their current projects. As they move forward, I'm sure they're going to research further, and continue to look at finding ways to improve things, likely testing new ideas. But the reason a PTO Kickstarter isn't fair to the company or the fans is that it implies that the money they give can only be used specifically for that.
  9. It was marketed as a separate entity that could have some technology advancements that could be used for PTO. That's not at all the same as saying "Pay for this, it's the PTO".
  10. A Continuation War could be a ton of fun. I've always liked the planeset from Finland vs Russia.
  11. Soooooo...we won't be needing my "Rain and Planes" thread in the Developer Assistance forums?
  12. Yeah, sometimes you've got to upgrade. That said, my computer is pretty damn old, and BoX still runs and looks pretty great on it.
  13. I don't know why, but ever since they got included in the original Il-2, I've always loved the Finnish Air Force. Something about that group of planes from all around the world and the camo just made it oddly appealing. I always thought it would make a cool map/planeset addition to the Il-2 BoX line. Battle of Finland! Now with more water and snow!
  14. I love the idea of Carrier Ops in the game. I re-installed Il-2 1946 just so I could play with the carriers again. It was always a lot of fun to practice landing in a storm...granted I never got good at it...or landing in general. But, win some, lose some, right?
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